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  1. Kick Off Mat

    From what I've heard they've run out.
  2. Good episode. I was one of the lucky people who got more enjoyment for every "Brisket!"
  3. Pintpot

    Sorry to hear this. No chance you'd try another guild?
  4. Back to the Shadows

    Yes to both, I'd say, I'm too lazy to find rule book references or whatnot though. As long as its a freeball and said player didn't unsnap it earlier.
  5. Team(s) England WTC

    The Guild Ball World Team Championships
  6. Double Dodge Episode 13 - Talladega Nights

    Inspired by the cast I put Fillet on the table and had an absolute blast. Can't remember anything you said about her though so will have to listen again.
  7. Maurice's Brewers @ Games & Stuff 2/18

    Interesting read, both for player analysis and match reports. Definitely gets me itching to get Veteran Spigot and Pint Pot on the board! Tapper and Hooper looking similar + fatigue maybe helped create the -1 dice situation?
  8. Player Name Suggestions

    For the fabled Lamplighter's Guild: Wick
  9. Interview with Sherwin Matthews

    Enjoyable read, thanks!
  10. Games play per week.

    Usually try to get one game and one demo per week, would like loads more but the game is not that widespread here yet, which is why I try to demo. Aiming to demo twice a week if I can.
  11. Vengeance 2017! Dates and ticket availabillity

    Might have to break the piggy bank for this...
  12. steamcon blues

    Feel bad that you were left hanging. I enjoyed getting to play a great number of games and meeting awesome people. Buying way too many tokens was also fun. Best thing was probably the keynote.
  13. Harry the Hat

    I've played a game or two with him. Having both him and Stoker in the team means you'll be rather low on influence, which is quite frustrating. Rising anger is a good ability, but I feel like there are better options for setting people on fire in the current rules set than using an unpredictable Molotov. His heroic is decent, but his playbook is what it is. If I am to play Harry I am more likely to do it in a Vet Rage team.
  14. Stoker

    Agreed, 4/7 will be a very good boost to his capabilities. That one inch is worth a lot. With Esters I usually play him instead of Spigot, leaving Friday, Hooper and Mash. Works alright but will definitely be better with the new card (depending on other changes of course).
  15. Stoker

    I like to take Stoker vs condition-heavy opponents already, so this seems like a good way to get him in more matchups. Looking forward to learning more about the season 3 tweaks.