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  1. Hey there, wanted to clarify who would get snared in the case of Theron attacking a model (not vet Harmony) and then vet Harmony using team player to take the damage instead. At the moment I think vet Harmony suffers snare as she is suffering damage from Theron. Cheers in advance
  2. Hey, Pretty self explainatory, can you get a momentum for going 2nd when the ball is behind your goal line? Thought I saw it before but can't see it anymore. Thanks
  3. Hi there, Played a game on the weekend and i might've got a rule wrong. The situation is that Vet Katalyst is knocked down and clears conditions. He then makes an attack against compound triggering gluttonous mass and is knocked down again in the counter attack. Vet Katalyst then forfeits movement to stand up again to continue making attacks. I assumed that you had to forfeit movement at the start of your activation to stand up. So the question is: Can you forfeit movement to standup anytime in your activation or does it have to be at the start. Cheers, and sorry to the dude if I got this one wrong.
  4. Chaska, trap, and reanimate

    Reanimate states that when the model is reduced to zero HP, it gains 3HP and removes all conditions. This is before suffering the taken out condition. I read that as the model never reaches the taken out stage as it triggers on zero HP reached. Not the actual taken out stage. Which, in my opinion, would mean that if you resolve damage first, they reach zero (reanimate triggers) then you can push (they can suffer snared). I might be wrong cause I'm not super cluey about some of the timing mechanics but my main argument I guess is that reanimate triggers on zero HP rather than the taken out condition being applied.
  5. If Tower makes an attack and selects a push result how does this interact with his knockback trait? Does it: A. Allow him to make two separate 1 inch pushes, one in any direction and one directly away, because the knockback trait is separate from the playbook result. Or B. It allow Tower to only do a single push up to two inches directly away. Knockback trait says "in addition to" any successful playbook result and to benefit from it it needs to be directly away which leads me to believe it the same as getting multiple pushes with a playbook result where you can only push in one direction. I have heard different things though so was wondering. Thanks
  6. I and some of my group thought that it wouldn't because the play triggers bleed to occur and the damage is said to come from the condition itself on fillet's card. And conditions don't trigger loved creature. Also if damage is from the play and not the condition does that mean tough hide would also trigger?
  7. Hey there, If Fillet uses her legendary play which causes marbles to die, does the damage count as bleed damage therefore not triggering loved creature or does it trigger loved creature due to her using her play (sorta like getting momentum when players are swallowed by the crowd)? Thanks
  8. Hi, would gluttonous mass ignore the other effects of an attack such as mallet's forceful blow trait?
  9. Hi, In the cover rules it says that "An active model targeting a model that is benefiting from Cover with an action, suffers [-1] TAC to that action." and earlier in the rule book it states that "During a model’s activation; if any other model performs an action it temporarily becomes the active model for the duration of that action." Does that mean that you get the cover bonus for parting blows and counter attacks? or am I missing something? Thanks