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  1. ClickClickDeath

    Cape Town Guild Ball

    Hi everyone, To those of you who are in the Cape Town area - here are some details on where you could find a local Guild Ball game: I'm currently the only Pundit in this area - if you are interested in a demo game feel free to PM me so I can add arrange a game or two with you I can then also add you to our WhatApp group. Northern Suburbs On Wednesdays, you will be able to find some Guild Ball players at Battle Bunker Tygervalley. Southern Suburbs Once a week, Pandemodium Games hosts a 'Skirmish Thursdays' evening at the Quantum Gaming store. 6:30pm - 11pm Quantum Gaming: 23 Rotherfield Road Plumstead, 7800 Cape Town
  2. ClickClickDeath

    Meathook revealed

    Had to stop myself from playing her S3 card yesterday, was quite sad i couldn't play her yet.
  3. ClickClickDeath

    Butcher List w/ Fillet - Thoughts after 12 games

    I suspect it's just me, as I've been jumping around a lot between different guilds of late; but i generally find that the Brewers matchup is quite difficult for the Butcher's. I'm considering playing a more goal scoring, AOE(control) type of game style against them. Beating their face in can work, but i feel like the momentum can turn very quickly and then it's game over. Has anyone else got similar opinions on this? Top of my head I would field Fillet, Meathook, Brisket, Shank, Princess and Boiler. The idea being to get bleed on them ASAP, considering how that ignores tough hide. You won't see the immediate benefit; but after 2/3 turns of bleed it will pay dividends if you could keep their momentum generation to a minimum... anyway, just some musings on my end.
  4. ClickClickDeath

    WIP Ox

    Was in a rush this morning, applied a clear coat to the model, so the photo could have been better... Hope it ends up looking less glossy than what it seems at present Basically added some shading and highlights since the last post.
  5. ClickClickDeath

    WIP Ox

    Finally started painting my butchers team - starting with the Captain! Feels like it's taking forever thus far, but then again I'm no expert. The base coat is almost done - want to add some blood spatter to the pristine apron he is wearing. Was also thinking about adding some grey to his hairline and beard. Using Army Painter paints and some P3 ones i have lying around
  6. ClickClickDeath

    Tenderiser Assembly

    Thanks for the advise everyone. In the end I used a hobby knife to carve bits away until it fit snugly in the socket.
  7. ClickClickDeath

    Tenderiser Assembly

    Hi everyone, After almost 2 months of waiting on our useless postal service, all of my butchers arrived safely in South Africa. Needless to say, I dived into assembling them right away. Busy with Tenderiser, just wanted to know if anyone else struggled a bit with getting his arms attached to the model; it seems to be a bit of a tight squeeze to get it set into his right armpit, might be a bit of a casting issue in my case? The leg is the way of slotting it in there :| Thanks!
  8. Figured I'd take a chance and post this on here. As much as I love the fluff and lore of IKRPG and I'm pretty sure I can just hold onto this and eventually find some time for this; I don't think that's going to happen. The books are brand spanking new, been lying on my shelf. I also have the Iron Kingdoms Adventure Kit that I did actually use on 1 occasion. Mint condition. I also have the Game Master Toolkit - brand new. Perfect for any aspiring GM.
  9. ClickClickDeath

    Team Selection

    Awesome write-up and comments guys...so much so that I just ordered my butchers too! Bitter-sweet not to be able to eat for the rest of the month.
  10. ClickClickDeath

    The Figo Cup!

    LOL! I'm assuming you are in JHB/PTA?
  11. ClickClickDeath

    The Figo Cup!

    I just started a Vassal League for some of the South African players. I totally agree with the smaller divisions approach. If anyone wanted to see how I'm going about it or would like to provide some feedback here is a link to the PDF. I drew quite a bit of inspiration from the other leagues that are being run on the forums. https://www.dropbox.com/s/gpqru5u3jqsw83n/Vassal Guild Ball League.pdf?dl=0 VagrasantPoetVagrant
  12. ClickClickDeath

    Hi, joining in from Cape Town, South Africa

    Yo Total Gee, sorry I can't play against your engineers tonight!
  13. ClickClickDeath

    Playing without brisket

    Thanks doc, excited to try it out!
  14. ClickClickDeath

    Playing without brisket

    @Ratty, firstly, love your work on the Vassal module! I just picked up butchers, wanted to know if you still rate this lineup with the errata in mind. I know the nerfed decimate a bit by bringing her Melee range down to 1". Can't remember if they adjusted anyone else in this lineup...
  15. ClickClickDeath

    Greeting from South Africa

    Hello from sunny South Africa! Also took up Guild Ball quite recently, loving the game thus far! Very keen to help grow our local meta I'm based in Cape Town, there are a couple of us that recently started so feel free to ping me if anyone happened to be in the area and wanted to join in! Cheers