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  1. Kickoff Stolen

    God damn you guys are the best. DM me and I'll chip in as well.
  2. Took the Farmers to a couple of events lately and found many people's answer to Thresher was to bring all their strikers and run them down the wings. You know the kind of game, high pressure football, probably ending before I can really get the Farmers cranked up. So far Jackstraw has been most useful in killing the ball but I still can't hold on to it long enough to grind them out. Perhaps I should bring Grange in those games? Grange has game, but I've been neglecting him in favour of Thresher to make the most if him before he gets the nerf hammer... What do you guys do against Midas, Shark, Honour/Mist/Flint, Pin Vice etc? I'm guessing vet Honour will help this
  3. Kickoff Stolen

    I disagree with them.. the parcel was not delivered as you don't have it. If they didn't pay for a signed delivery with insurance then it's their loss and they need to suck it up. Assuming you can't afford a lawyer to get involved, so name and shame them on FB/Twitter, post to your gaming groups and also to their official pages and accounts.
  4. Kickoff Stolen

    Surely it's up to store you bought it from to replace it and claim from their postage insurance?
  5. Potters Guild May 27th

    I don't think I can make this one, was fun last time though, will go again.
  6. Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    See, I played a lot of Scalpel in season 2 when she was ignored because of Obs. At this time, the player losing the roll off had no mp and she could go first with no fear of being pushed out of melee, cause huge disruption, and Second Wind to safety. Team generated almost Butchers levels of mp so first turn was likely every turn. What I'm getting at is that when Scalpel fears no counter attacks, she is really strong and flexible. Nowadays she has to pick her targets carefully, and perhaps too carefully. Could do with a change definitely, but I feel a kd on 3 might be a bit to easy for her. 4 would put her at 50/50 against 4/1. edit - ignor me, I completely misread your chart, it is on the 4. Curly Approves
  7. Clock Questions

    Yeah clocking out us normally the nail in the coffin, but still a chance to win if the board is in your favour! Had some legendary games that have gone to clock, I really love the pressure or creates.
  8. Bonesaw

    Well no, I don't think I've ever successfully retrieved the ball with Bonesaw. For me, he hangs around a wing and waits to be fed the ball, which was easy with Obulus and/or Mist on the pitch. With Mist gone, I am seriously going to have to reconsider my Morts game plan.
  9. Clock Questions

    When your main 45 mins runs out and you hit zero for the first time, you immediately get 1 more min to finish your activation. At the end of that minute, if you are mid action, you can finish that action. If you have 12 vp, you win. If you don't, your opponent gains 1 vp and play continues. From now on you only have 1 minute for each activation, giving up one point at the end of each one. As per before, any mid flight action can be completed. Hope this helps
  10. Bonesaw

    He's been a staple of my Morts teams since I was released! He's only Devirshing once per game, so the risk is reasonably low, after that he's smashing scrums apart and scoring whenever he gets the ball. I've not tried him in Rats yet, but I bet he's getting 8 points per game.
  11. I wouldn't have thought so yet, normally a few days after the entire guild us revealed. I was hoping to resist buying these, but I do think they look fun to play.
  12. Season 4

    So am I the only who activates Decimate first? The team has a bunch of models who will deal massive damage once buffed and Gang Ups in place, but few players who can go first, do something impactful to the game, and reliably get momentum. @Fish-in-a-Beer I agree it's quite worrying... I think ball killing is in a decent place now, it's possible to hold the striker back for a turn, but it's not easy. If they tip the balance towards the scoring teams, I think they'll have to rework teams like Butchers and Brewers quite a bit to keep them competitive. I like both these teams, don't want them to change!
  13. Why Butchers

    I'm seriously thinking of adding Butchers to my collection. I always tend towards the killing game anyway, and always play the glass cannons in my other teams, so not sure what's took me so long tbh as Butchers seem like the perfect fit. I've played a handful of games with them before, but played my mate last week and really enjoyed it. May take them to a tournament in a couple of weeks.
  14. Season 4

    I remember Mat (or was it Perkins?) talking about the Brewers in a pod cast... GICs were fresh out and it was stated that the cards were made with Brewers in mind. The problem is that if you make any one character better, they become an auto pick (hello Decimate!), but the cards made it possible to buff the entire team without making any model a pain to play into. It's a real shame for Brewers that the cards didn't work out. I'm not sure what I would change, @Fish-in-a-Beer suggestion of lower double pushes is a nice one, and I'd vote for losing Acrobatic from Decimate simply because it doesn't fit the theme, although I've not used it yet so might not make that much difference to the game. It does provide a silent benefit of opponents choosing not to counter as i can just re-engage, but given her Heroic, I don't think it matters that much.
  15. We do seem to be in a weird transition period for the game, and I agree the rules are inconsistent at the miniyte. Don't forget that painting rules have always been at the TOs discretion. I frequent the Heroics and they chose not to allow unpainted plastics, and ask for a charity donation to play any pre-release models you may happen to have. Which was what they did before the current OPD anyway.
  16. Resin Spooks

    Assuming they are the same quality as the old resins, I think this is a very good deal. I won't be re-buying Morts, but I'll be expanding on the teams I don't have when they arrive.
  17. V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Coolio. 3 put me at the max anyway so didn't alter anything. Anybody else tried her out yet?
  18. V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Agreed, she made it pretty trivial to keep markers safe and where I needed then. Ploughman also added a lot of value, which he never has before. I'm not sure I can fit them in my 10 but I'll def return to them in friendlies to explore further. I did come away with a question though... Ploughman had 2 Furrows out, and with a HM in each if them, Honour had chance to Fields of Wheat into both of them. Would I have ended up with 4 markers or 3 at the end of that?
  19. Vet Honour?

    Tried this line up last night... very interesting! Ploughman and Honour made hm placement trivial lol. Inf was plentiful so found it easy to bunch up and take control with a nice meat grinder. Ultimately lost because I gambled and used Honours inf on an unlikely take out and failed to set myself up for next turn. Strong team though, will explore further.
  20. Veteran Decimate

    Its a healthy sign isn't it? Even in a Guild where most of us agree Friday and Spigot are essential, the other 8 are completely flexible and viable:)
  21. Veteran Decimate

    The problem with Scum is that Tapper really really wants to hold 6 inf, but Scum doesn't do anything on an Esters team because of the lack of inf. I'm experimenting with double captain double mascot lately, and I think it's working for me.
  22. A New Brew

    Sounds like a plan, be wary of letting Spigot get to close to the enemy, a wily opponent will focus on him if given the chance. I generally keep him behind the lines, but on the look out for chances to swoop in for the kill - he can do a shocking amount of damage once CA and Floored are active.
  23. Veteran Decimate

    Tried them out.. Was against Smith's and Cinder just ruined any chance of playing ball, but the team worked well together, including Lucky. Mom2 is awesome.
  24. Veteran Decimate

    Tapper, Esters, Scum, Quaff, Friday, Spigot, Stoker, Decimate, Pintpot and Mash. I guess I'd be dropping Quaff for Lucky, I do like Second Wind for the faster players though.
  25. Veteran Decimate

    As my Honour didn't show up in the post today, I think I will try him. He is competing with some tough characters for the last spot in the 10, but I'm long overdue giving him a run out.