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  1. Optimal Thresher Turn 1?

    Depends a lot on the board position, but if Thresher has chance to steal the ball first activation he should. Otherwise, Harrow should be trying to drop a marker near Tater, and Tooling up Thresher. It's difficult to give hard advice because it does depend so much on exactly where everyone is and what you think the opponent will be doing. If you think they are going to score, and you can't get the ball, sure Millstone, put goal defense up and push anyone you can
  2. GB resolution for –18?

    More tournaments, and all fully painted! I'm also leaving Brewers behind for a bit to play Farmer's for a while.
  3. New PVC Teams

    I'd like a fresh Brewers team, I'm a far better painter now and I reckon it would be cool to compare the two. I reckon given Brewers already had a rerelease in Kick Off that they will be lower priority. Still, I'm tempted by an instant Fish team too.
  4. Skulk

    Got a game with him last night. Unfortunately my opponent got wind of what was happening and promptly killed the ball as fast as possible. So even though he had quite a big influence on the game, I didn't really get to flex him out. I guess that's normally the strength of the existing Goalies though, they change the way the opponent plays. Key is to capitalise on the time it buys you. Btw, game was against Smith's, who had all there footballers out, as did I. Game turned into a drawn out scrum, which I just about stole at 12-10. I think next time I field him I need to get some more beaters in the 6 to speed it up.
  5. Talk to me about dat ass

    I like this idea a lot. If the table is crowded with scenery it should be easy to control where the fight happens.
  6. Talk to me about dat ass

    Thing is Sic Em on Peck is pretty good too. I've cone to like both mascots as they both bring something worthwhile. My choice normally burns down whether or not I can spare an inf, but I'm looking for more specific reasons and not really finding many... Peck brings more inf, dials up the condition management. Buckwheat is a goal threat and has a free attack. I feel Buckwheat will bring something useful to more turns than Peck will, so Buckwheat is the default, unless I'm low on inf, or playing Smoke/Condition heavy teams
  7. What about Bolt?

    Gentle reminder to play nice guys.
  8. Farmers 10.

    Same as most people, I settled on leaving out Windle and Ploughman, but it wasn't an easy choice. Still need to give Ploughman a try, he doesn't appear as awful as some would say, just so hard to fit models into this line up. Not over the moon about losing Windle either to be honest, as I do like him. I'm going to be looking closely at the spots filled by Harrow and Bushel, there might be some shake up coming! @malladin.ben it can be hard to squeeze in time to use Cocky, I don't use it often. For me, Pecks main draw is his multiwrap charge and inf generation. Buckwheat can get things done more reliably than Peck, but doesn't produce quite the same damage spikes or any influence. For me, the mascots are a hard choice and I think I'm going to have go for a double mascot roster for the first time.
  9. Fallow is up

    Yeah that line up makes sense, but puts her in direct competition with Tater. Gonna need more games to decide if she can fill that role, reckon it's gonna be a tough choice.
  10. Fallow is up

    Has anybody been running her with Thresher? I find Thresher's lists to be lacking in HM's and inf, so finding it hard to go her Into a functional list with him.
  11. Using Brewers,

    Yeah I'm not a fan of Launching into the other team unaided, that usually costs me the game. Still surprises me how many people forget Pass and Move is a thing.
  12. Steamcon UK venue feedback

    Noise levels were high. I didn't compete, but I think I would have found the noise too much if I did. That room seemed loudest, and had a lot of traffic. This is all meant in a constructive manner though, had a great weekend and really enjoyed it.
  13. Using Brewers,

    Yeah Scum is my favoured ball retriever due to his speed. I'll sometimes use Harry as nobody wants to hit him turn 1 due to Rising Anger. Redmaw is right, apart from turn 1, Tapper usually wants to activate as early as possible to get the most out of Commanding Aura. So first turn tactics.. this part of the game is fairly weak for Brewers but it's not impossible to get a good start. Receiving would be my choice. Get the ball with Scum, unsnap near Spigot, Spigot picks it up, passes it to anyone but Friday, pops Times Called. Then, keep passing it around until Friday gets the ball, if there are loads of opponents in the way, use the pass to dodge Friday up the pitch. With Shadow Like, Times Called, and I Shoot Better all in play Friday should be able to shoot from anywhere. Receiving is a bit tougher as unless the opponent feeds you somebody to punch. There are things that can be done though, best explained with this video imo
  14. Steamcon UK venue feedback

    I really liked the aesthetics as well, and equally as disgusted at the price of a cold hot dog or a beer. Don't expect it to be cheep tbh, was I was hoping the food would be warm. Didn't ruin weekend or anything though.
  15. Fallow is up

    Got one or two games in with her, lost them all but Fallow was a great addition to the line up. Protective Instinct was useful for stopping Seenah being able to disengage herself, and as tehlon suggests above, mid turn activation will be fine. Waiting until the very end is probably overkill in most situations.