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  1. Farmers union?

    I use Grace from time to time. Usually with Grange, Buckwheat, Harrow, Tater, Millstone. Going for Football here as Quick Foot turns Buckwheat up to 11. I find I get a lot out of Grace, healing, speed buffs, and occasionally stack her up to 5 for a first activation goal - tackle dodge is always funny.
  2. Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Tappers strength is that he can activate whenever he can punch someone, knock them over, Commanding Aura, bit of damage, Old Jakes onto Scum. Esters isn't much use in combat herself, and normally has to activate early because Empowered Voice is needed. This often seems to lead to a gap for the opponent, but Tapper would have left the opponent incapacitated. That's the main reason I take him anyway, Brewers are always waiting on a teammate to activate to use their buffs, very few of them want to activate first and provide both a buff for their team and a kicking for the opponent.
  3. Morticians post rat catchers

    Just had a sneaky game, took Skulk, Pelage, Obs, Dirge, Bonesaw, and Graves. Opponent was playing sBrisket, who was new to him. Impressed with the nuisance that Skulk made of himself, Pelage didn't get to do too much.. although when she did she took an enourmous chunk out of Fangtooth when she finally did. It's been a while since I've played Morts regularly, but new players have sparked my interest
  4. Game Plan deck discussion

    I'm not sure if I can think of a fair way to time the card picking.. the second player to choose will always be at a big advantage. Looking forward to trying these out
  5. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers v Farmers

    Yeah that was some cool janky tech from Piper with Haunting Melody and Swarms Obedience. I planning on getting them to keep my Morticians with a full choice, but I'm seriously excited to get these guys on the pitch. Hopefully Squeak's card will be next and I can give them a try.
  6. All praise the plastic!

    I'm finding I'm getting increasingly frustrated with my inability to clean the PVC to a standard I'm happy with, but that said, I'm looking forward to picking my Ratcatchers and playing a game with them there and then... swings and roundabouts for me. I'm fairly clumsy and often play drunk so bouncability is a big factor for me. Knocked a few Farmers off the table the other day. Grace was trailing out for the 10 and took a dive too, guess who survived and who broke into tiny peices? And not for the first time either.
  7. I know! Although I recognise it as the theme for the tv show, and obsessed over the books more than the other forms it took. Didn't know the name of the track though, will have to see if i can buy it from somewhere.
  8. I freakin love the outro track you use dude. Great how it builds up and then bursts out, fantastic stuff. Looking forward to listening to this, not had chance to play the team myself yet.
  9. Farmer Errata has landed

    So now I've had a while to think it over, I've been replaying important parts of the last few games and apart from one time where I used a HM to get Don't Fear on the most off the opposition... I don't think any of the changes would have made much actual difference to my games. Would have made things harder to achieve, and maybe an influence or two down, but I can still play them the way I want. Changes are good imo.
  10. Hello from Tamworth

    Is this the Tamworth in Birmingham UK?
  11. Defending against Striker Pincer attacks

    Yeah I have beat Shark with Murder Ball before. Jackstraw is pretty good at moving the ball great distances and not a bad place to keep it. Tater can possibly be positioned to Counter Charge ball holders as well... it's not like there aren't options, but the problem I see is with pacing. Beater teams take time to win, any team that can score 3 goals before turn 2 is going to be tough. I'm really hoping Honour fixes is this for us, but who to take from my 10!
  12. Took the Farmers to a couple of events lately and found many people's answer to Thresher was to bring all their strikers and run them down the wings. You know the kind of game, high pressure football, probably ending before I can really get the Farmers cranked up. So far Jackstraw has been most useful in killing the ball but I still can't hold on to it long enough to grind them out. Perhaps I should bring Grange in those games? Grange has game, but I've been neglecting him in favour of Thresher to make the most if him before he gets the nerf hammer... What do you guys do against Midas, Shark, Honour/Mist/Flint, Pin Vice etc? I'm guessing vet Honour will help this
  13. Future of the (UK) Masters

    I concur it would be sad to see it go, it was something else that I could aim for. Was also a fan of the Guild Masters classes as well, although with the increasing number of Guilds it would be hard to do with 16 players. Maybe if it increased to 32. Also, I don't think I would mind paying for a ticket to an event I'd been invited to. 20 quid doesn't go far these days, and is a small price to pay for a long days worth of entertainment. This would more than likely attract controversy, which needs to be considered.
  14. What was your first Guild and why?

    First guild was Brewers. I like beer, so seemed an obvious choice! I've stuck with them since the start, but lately my main team us Thresher. Tapper will always be my favourite though, always feels good to go back and throw out an Old Jakes
  15. It depends entirely on whether you want to play a particular game competitively or not! Randomness is the enemy of competitive play, but does add a lot to casual relaxed games. Guild Ball is a dice game though, so sure, expect the dice to occasionally do random things. Imo Guild Ball does offer enough ways for a player to influence the odds - I can't think of many games that were entirely one or lost on a series of extreme dice spikes, although they obviously can swing a game severely, it not normally to the point that an evenly matched opponent has no chance of return. All of this takes experience though, I can understand how new players would struggle in all of this.