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  1. Farmers

    I played one game against Farmers and they ran rings around me, or rather Jay Clare ran rings around me. He opted for football and went for some early YOLO goals. I'd been wondering how these teams get on in a fight, @S_A_T_S thanks for confirming what I thought. Grange can command a fighty team but it's inefficient compared to the Drunk's finely tuned beat sticks. Thresher and his mass armour stripping ability might be enough to tip that balance though.
  2. Beginners tips for Farmers?

    Yeah I suffer from early goal runs as well, so far I've just sucked it up and put a fort around the ball. Biggest adjustment I found was the lack if an aggressive opening play. The new GIC that hands us 2 markers to start with should balance that out though.
  3. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    I would say so, although I'd still consider it if it were 2. If I'm expecting to concede a lot of goals, I don't really expect to be dying to often.
  4. For a while it was a loaded question, and answering with just the mov + sprint, when I had a trick to extend that could result in a salty opponent. I think most have realised that expecting you to spell out your entire plan for the turn isn't really fair, despite the open information policy. As long as you group are on the same page for this, it's all good though
  5. If I need to check threats ranges, I will ask what the players movement attribute is, not the threat range. It's up to me to check for Where'd They Go or whatever but I can normally remember who has those kinds of things, and it avoids the awkwardness of the threat range question. If the opponent seems new, or is asking, I'll reel off the players with UM, GM or any other gotcha at deployment time. I'll generally warn people once during the game as well, but that depends on their apparent experience as well as how sporting they are. Maybe it does cost me, but I'd rather lose than beat a respected opponent because they forgot to flip to the clock
  6. Curly's Brief Battle Reports

    I'm sure I've missed a few, but whatever.. Game 9 Matt Cook Blacksmiths 12-10 Win First game for both of us with Smiths, in preperation for tournament play I restricted myself to Honest Land plus Tater, and predicatbly left Windle on the bench. Was originally planning on going for football, but despite having control of the ball for most of the game, Bushel didn't quite have the reach to get through, ended up running backwards to keep hold of it. Had to kick, which is a pain, but did give me the choice of board edge and got a good advantage with a whole bunch of cover in easy reach, so set up a fort and started a murder ball. Was going well until Anvil got in the way, he took so long to kill I was being overrun by the time he was gone. Sledge throws out a stupid amount of damage, easily wrapping against poor old Grange. Discovered that Peck is a damage and momentum machine. I couldn't really see what he did, or why I would take him over BuckWheat, but set him up with a couple of crowd outs and he'll turn 1 inf into 2 MP, which swung at least 2 important intiative rolls Farmers seem to have 2 really strong mascots.
  7. Swapping bushel for grace

    Yeah it slick but needs some luck with the passes, but then I think goal runs from that far away ought to carry some risk really
  8. Swapping bushel for grace

    I tend to keep it on Buckwheat or Jack, and then use I'm Open to get it off them when I'm ready. Ball control is a problem though.
  9. @Nykolae have you a regular opponent? I would suggest asking them a "think out loud" training game or two. Recently started this and it's been a huge help to us, really started to see where the holes in my defence are, and how to capitalise on my opponents errors. It's a good path to improvement and a nice reminder to all that it's not all about crushing the other player. We still play those games though, when the clocks come out the gloves come off!
  10. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    Chaska has the Mud Concealer trait giving him +1 arm when in rough ground. Having him stood in a forest is slightly preferable to just rough ground because, as th say it also provides cover.
  11. Swapping bushel for grace

    Not tried it yet, but keen to. May as well take one of them while there is still lots if empty space in the tournament roster! Interested to see how she pans out, she has the speed to grab a goal herself.
  12. An idea to "fix" Vileswarm

    I like it, and really thematic! Only slight problem is the practical one of needing 5 or 5 Vileswarm models.
  13. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    This seems really strong to me, especially games where I'm flat out losing to the mp race. All we need to start the snow ball rolling is one measly momentum.
  14. Engineer GIC Theory Thread

    Oh I'd missed that, thought it was one model each turn. Stronger than I thought
  15. Brewer GIC Theory Thread

    Curly approves of this card! The games I struggle hardest with are teams that can out generate MP on me. This certainly helps, especially turn 1 goal runs, I can activate Time's Called for effectively free!