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  1. CurlyPaul

    Inquiry question

    They are probably are yes, I imagine there are a lot of questions about the mistake with the cards. Please just try and be patient, and if your enquiry is about the Guild ball cards the official advice is just wait, they will send the replacements to everyone.
  2. CurlyPaul

    S4 Ploughman

    Ah, I'd not noticed the once per turn of Fertile Soil
  3. CurlyPaul

    S4 Ploughman

    Well the team build I tried with Honour and Ploughman standing at the back generating markers, just got a whole lot better. Between them they generate 4 markers for no influence, for a perma stacked squad every turn. Nice. From the hints they've dropped Against the Grain and Honest Labour are gone. Intrigued about S4 Grange as it's his most uses play.
  4. CurlyPaul

    S4 Granite

    Yeah that's a good point about Chisel, they mention Masons had the least changes, but surely Chisel must be the exception to this. Granite seems like a good set if changes though. As a Brewer she gets dropped into me quite often, paired up with Brick she's a horrible time sink for even Tapper and Vecimate. She's looks more effective at that now.
  5. CurlyPaul

    The Navigator's Guild

    Yes they are! Faced Fish with the 2 cross over players, no where is safe!
  6. CurlyPaul

    Veteran Decimate

    I don't even think his tokens are that much of a disadvantage either.. most turn 1's he's just moving into position, turn 2 he starts burning as many he can, before running out for turn 4. I can think of only a single game where he activated and had no beer left. Been back playing the Drunks again lately and loving them, but damn, my models need a tidy up - they've been on the road a lot.
  7. CurlyPaul

    Veteran Decimate

    Pintpot makes it for me because of his heroic, his generally solid playbook, and he really wants to be the guy that the other team gets hold of first - Rowdy is so useful against other beater teams. I love him.
  8. CurlyPaul

    Season 4 Changes

    I had never noticed the awkwardness to rule Close Control until I read the article, I guess that's from playing since Season 1 and just having the common rules committed to memory. AOE measurement - brilliant! It's always bugged me a little bit that it's hard to measure an on going effect AOE properly and it's always another me a lot that measuring is different for Smoke, Theron et al, so glad that's all been cleared up. Tap in passes makes more sense and should help keep the ball moving a bit. Now, will not completely explicit, the blog seems to be saying the same rules apply for Tap In, which I think hurts some teams more than others. Will have to wait until I see the player cards that match this rule set really.
  9. CurlyPaul

    Veteran Decimate

    Tapper, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Decimate and the last spot varies wildly, but it prob goes to Pintpot if I'm playing a brawler team and Stoker if I'm playing a football team.
  10. CurlyPaul

    Veteran Decimate

    Problem with not having Scum is the Tapper really really wants him nearby. If you are looking for Union, Harry's hat is personal favourite - stand him near Spigot when receiving for a difficult to block first turn goal. Lately I'm taking double captain double mascot. Friday, Spigs and vDec are my 3 auto picks. I've noticed I'm not taking Hooper very much lately, with Decimate filling the need for 2", he's dropped out my 10.
  11. CurlyPaul


    She looks pretty damn good in theory! @Jedianakinsolo interesting rule that, opponent can easily stop her from dodging by not applying a condition, but that leaves Alchs free from the fear of KD, and thinking about it, Midas could always bring Kat to guarantee a dodge. Seems strong
  12. CurlyPaul

    Veteran Fangtooth

    I like him, it's cool he has a football trick, albeit a bit risky, but on theme. What sized base was he on?
  13. CurlyPaul

    Defending against Striker Pincer attacks

    I do indeed use that 6 from time to time, and yeah it's pretty good tbh! Having a goal threat is pretty essential when playing against Footbally teams, and Bushel is the best we have. It's just so hard to keep control of the ball game long enough to get the kills in that we need
  14. CurlyPaul

    Do you take Disease damage turn one

    Now I did not know that these characters returned condition free! While that definelty works against Kat, I think it works in our favour, assuming you are attempting to contain disease in your game.
  15. CurlyPaul

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Ok so I've still only played that one game with her, which I lost, but only just.. I gambled on a series of dice spikes that didn't pay off, but it proved to me my list was viable. Viable enough to make the 10? Not at all, but it was a fun game and will try again soon. The main problem is Farmer's overall problem with lists, we have an extra resource to plan for and weird inf generation, can't just switch one player for another in the same way that others can.