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    Scholar's Guild Summer Challenge Results

    I'm in a little bit of shock here. I nearly didn't write anything and then when I finally did, I nearly didn't submit. Kind of glad I didn't read the other entries beforehand or I definitely would have been too nervous. Thanks so much. I'm so glad you liked it.
  2. He threw up. Last night he had been so excited. He was finally going to get to play in front of a crowd, in a proper game. The Artificer Queen herself had informed his master and Toolbox had barely been able to contain himself. For years he'd dreamed of playing Guild Ball. The roar of the crowd, the delicate passing technique he'd worked so hard on. One day, of course, he would be leading the Engineers out in the championship game and would score the winner at the last possible moment. Fame, fortune, glory, all to be earned on the field. Wrapped up in the dream, he hadn't understand the master's fury after Pin Vice left. Toolbox had been so busy working he'd missed the last few games and wasn't aware of who the next opponent was to be. He'd checked after dawn, having been sleepless with anticipation, and any joy at achieving the long held dream turned to bitter fury. The Butchers. He was to debut against the Butchers. Looking at the rest of the team was no help in calming the rising panic. Pin Vice had brought her mechanika to the game – Mother, Hoist, Locus and the new Velocity. Toolbox had never felt so alone. Instead of the jokes and gentle ribbing of senior players he'd expected, there was nothing. He fancied Hoist was looking him up and down, in Toolbox's mind measuring his worthiness and finding the young apprentice lacking. There was no pep talk, no encouragement, the Artificer Queen simply explained what she expected of him, trusting her creations to know their purpose. “You are to contain Boar, the one they call the Beast. Keep him away from the team for as long as you can. While he is isolated, we shall control the ball and...” He stopped listening. What did it matter now? Far too late, Toolbox realised his master had irritated someone powerful and was too important to the Guild to be punished directly. His apprentice, however, was very expendable. Unlike other guilds where he might expect to be driven out in shame, or knifed in the back, the Engineers would use him, so even his death might achieve some hidden ambition of the masters. Part of him idly wondered what victory in the game might earn, then he suppressed the thought. He was going to play Guild Ball, once, then he would most likely die. A loud trumpet blast signalled the teams needed to head out to the pitch. He grabbed his bucket and threw up again, deriving some small satisfaction from the distasteful expression of Pin Vice. The crowd roared noisily as the team ran out onto the pitch, a deafening wall of sound. Toolbox paused for an instant, before Locus barged into his back, causing him to stumble and fall. Face turning bright red, he jogged towards the right side of the pitch, where Pin Vice had directed him. Getting used to the noise, he could make out the crowd shouting for their favourite players. He tried to pick out his own name, but as he looked into the Butchers fans in the closest stand, he saw a few nudge their fellows and point, before picking up their chant “Who are ya? Who are ya? Who are ya?” The trumpet sounded again, and the ball was punted by Boiler towards the left side of the pitch, Hoist smoothly controlled the ball and guided it towards Velocity. Toolbox heard a vicious roar from the crowd and realised the Beast was heading right for him. The panic he'd been feeling all morning intensified. This was it, death approached in the terrifying form of a murderous lunatic with a massive cleaver. Toolbox took in one desperate breath, then started searching in his namesake for something, anything that might delay the monster. An unbuilt crossbow? No, not enough time. Folding pole? Would snap under one hit from the cleaver. Lantern oil? What the hell was that doing in here? The pounding of the earth told him Boar was almost on him and in panic Toolbox threw the flask at the Beast. His aim was off though, the flask shattering just in front of the Butcher, oil rapidly spreading. Boar planted his left front in the epicentre, letting loose a terrible roar that Toolbox fully expected to be the last sound he heard. Then a miracle happened. The Beast foot slipped on the slick ground and Boar's triumphant roar turned into a howl of disgust as he crashed down, mere inches away from Toolbox. The young Engineer couldn't believe his luck. He was saved, for a few more precious seconds. He started backing up immediately, box in hand, looking for something else. Cheers erupted from the crowd and Toolbox spotted Pin Vice wheeling away from goal. Chants of “Two-nil, two-nil!” rose from the Engineer terraces, distracting Toolbox. Rookie mistake. Boar hadn't made it back to his feet yet, but Toolbox caught a motion out of the corner of his eye, before a mass of metal smacked into his head. The Engineer staggered, before a second chain whipped round his right arm, pulling him in for a brutal headbutt. Toolbox crashed to the ground, dazed. He started trying to rise, before a vicious boot to the face knocked him out. He awoke and immediately regretted it. His head howled a protest, Toolbox saw he was in a Sawbones treatment room and tried to remember what had happened. He coughed, blinked and asked simply “Did we win?” “We did” The clipped tone of the Artificer Queen replied. “You performed... adequately. Though you could be much improved.” Toolbox shifted uneasily on the bed. “Not like that, not yet.” Pin Vice commented. “For now, return to your master and practice your craft. I will call on you when necessary.” Toolbox wasn't sure whether he dreaded that day, or looked forward to it. But next time, he would be ready.
  3. Yes please. Just didn't want to step on any toes when I saw there was a reserve.
  4. Hi if there's still a spot on the reserves or to play I'd like to stick my name (Dave Dawson) down. Thanks.
  5. Unfortunately I (Dave Dawson) need to drop from the event. I've had a clash with another event and while I was hoping to do both, it's just not going to be possible.