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  1. Bertmac

    Keswick Ontario

    Is there any GB scene there or nearby?
  2. Bertmac

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    I've found esters to be useful without influence or with very little. Our squaddies hit hard and soak up a lot of damage and esters keeps the heroics going and everyone free of conditions. One of the downsides to this game in my opinion is how generally only a couple of models do something each turn e.g. captain with a full stack plus one or two others. Always hate seeing captains doing half of the work of the entire team so a captain that enables players to be very good without taking anything away is quite refreshing.
  3. Bertmac

    In Need of Season 4 Advice

    Only played 2 games so far and just the one line-up. Not sure on kicking or receiving only kicked so far. Line-up has been Esters, Quaff, Mash, Hooper, Pintpot, ogSpigot. Mash is still good for holding the ball. Resilience means he can get a nice counter to push an opposing striker away if needed. So far I've been kicking off with Pintpot then loading him up with buffs to go kill someone at the end of t1 giving me momentum to get 1st activation of t2.
  4. Bertmac

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    Had an interesting one last night. Played vs hunters who are quite a pain turn 1/2 Who managed to kill pintpot and get a goal with me just taking out Seenah in reply, Hooper had almost been killed but I managed to save him for a couple of turns. Once the pain of being outraged had finished the hunters started to struggle and the resilience of my team gave me the upper hand. Only problem I had was my dice decided to fail me and mash going for a 4 dice goal to win it missed. After that My opponent got the ball and scored the next turn. So I ended up losing 12-9. My dice had been poor all game completely wiffing attacks on 5/1 and 4/1 models on multiple occasions so in all I was still quite happy with the players at my disposal. Went with same line-up I took in my first game so. Esters, Quaff, Mash, Pintpot, Hooper, ogSpigot. Definitely think esters is the right captain for the matchup and I didn't have him available but stoker would have done very well against them.
  5. Bertmac

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    First game of season 4 for me went well Got 10 bps from mash taking out a player and getting a goal first activation of turn 2. Then getting the winner turn 3. Pintpot setup both takeouts. End of turn 1 dragging bushel in to my lines after she had scored and nuking her down to 2 health with a charge and two beer tokens. Then after Thresher had done very little to Mash dropping him down hard ready for Hooper to jog up and finish him off and dropping the ball off for Mash after Buckwheat had scored. Esters just stood in the middle enabling everyone. Tooling up PP turn 1 and allowing Spigot to boost everyone with times called. Spigot can be a monster with 4 inf easily knocking opponents down and having tac 7 with a 4 long playbook so even if he doesn't wrap he'll tend to hit mom3 even without support.
  6. Bertmac

    First S4 game today.

    Played Esters,Quaff, Mash, Pintpot, Hooper, OgSpigot. Vs Thresher, Donkey, Windle, Ploughman, Jack, Bushel Won 12-8 Mash got 2 goals and a takeout with Hooper getting the other takeout. Pintpot did a lot of work nuking down Bushel and then Thresher ready to be killed off Esters and spigot providing some nice Threat range for people early on and saving me a lot of momentum from free heroics. My opponent was trying a slightly different line-up to what he'd usually take but has a few games of the new season under his belt already. The Donkey is a really good goal threat for them.
  7. Bertmac

    WTC Representation

    Just had a look at the WTC tables and see brewers were represented more than all but fish and union. Also 5 of the top 8 teams had brewers players. Is this down to how competitive Decimate has made us?
  8. came tenth out of 30. 3 wins 2 losses. Stave played in all my wins 2 masons 1 blacksmiths.
  9. Last time I played was just before Thresher got cuddled. Is there anything else new I need to know about from a brewer perspective? I don't have decimate yet.
  10. Bertmac

    Veteran Decimate

    can we use regular decimate as a proxy? in tournaments I mean.
  11. Bertmac

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    I find both Captains pretty good. Smashed my mate who was playing Thresher with Esters last week. I think a few things could help. The GIC that gives us a free heroic being nailed on. Getting rid of the plot card that stops pushes from a charge. Stave needs to be 2/3 and would love something like alchemical brew to stand him up for free.
  12. Brewers are a decent team. Other teams do what they do slightly easier but they definitely have game. I've played 2 tournaments with Brewers came 2nd in both 1 to another Brewer player and 1 to a very good butcher player so ive won 5 out of 7 games played. Also played 1 tournament with each captain so think both are viable. I played against one of my buddies who plays engineers and he was surprised how quick my team was as I mostly used spigot for tooled up and times called then buffed speed with esters too. I think Brewers can be succesful they do just have one or two really bad matchups so the most competetive players have stayed away from them meaning their win% is lower than the rest.
  13. Also was you friend forgetting unpredictable movement on brisket?
  14. Bertmac

    3-0 Blackheart team

    I managed a couple of scything blows from gutter vs a knocked down harrow who was also crowded out by rage knocking bushel down to half health at the same time.
  15. Bertmac

    3-0 Blackheart team

    I played the old school line-up vs farmers the other day. blackheart coin mist decimate gutter. rage blackheart scored start of turn 2 then took a kicking off windle. opponent backed off but missed a pass so decimate second winded herself to get the ball and jog to safety. decimate scores at the start of turn 3 after blackheart got finished off by windle, after some movement and me scrapping, harrow was down to 1 wound. bushel scored and the kick-off ended up near mist who charged harrow to finish him off and scored the 3rd goal.