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  1. Tournaments

    Fortunately people can choose to not be anal about these things and just let it slide.
  2. Cats are better than dogs

    Dog is great for pintpot
  3. 1st game with vspigot

  4. 1st game with vspigot

    He's awesome! With Esters' speed buff he can run 12" and score a goal for 1 inf 2 momentum. I was already playing for a couple of goals per game with regular spigot mash and Friday but vspig is really good. Can we use the same model to represent both at a tournament?
  5. Who Dis.?

    Push dodge. 2mom damage on 2 hits. Looking good so far. Also finally another 4/1 player.
  6. How to pull your punches?

    Don't get high off your own supply man!
  7. Pintpots heroic doesn't negate parting blows. As it doesn't work during an advance.
  8. How to pull your punches?

    Playing for the bake-ers guild
  9. How to pull your punches?

    He tried to kill the ball but between esters legendary, tooled up and stokers extra damage my team was able to hand out a lot of damage. Only have union and brewers but have all 5 captains. We had a decent chat after not just do this do that but why I would do certain things differently. Thinking it maybe better to just assign influence as it is generated so no 1 round take outs?
  10. How to pull your punches?

    I did advise on boiler/princess also that he was probably slightly better off kicking with fillet rather than brisket to give him a better chance of killing something turn 1.
  11. Worst Team Lineup

    The vet rage starter set is pretty dusty. No 2" melee zones and generally not a lot of synergy.
  12. So I played against one of our locals the other day I played brewers with esters, quaff, mash, Friday, ogspigot and stoner. I didn't think it was a particularly tough line-up but it just seemed to take whatever my opponent could throw at it and give it back twice as hard. Opponents team was fillet, truffles, boar, tenderiser, ogbrisket, vet ox. My opponent was pretty downhearted after the game as he never saw a chance to win. I tried telegraphing my moves by stacking buffs. Also talked him through some good options for scoring. I scored turn 1 with Friday. My opponent is a fairly experienced gamer and has played a fair bit of guild ball including one or two tournaments. How do I play less hard to avoid putting him off?
  13. How soon was your first tournament

    Started playing in season 1, first tournament was season 3. It's a simple enough game that you don't need too much experience to do ok In a tournament though.
  14. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    He's a fox in the box striker! ;-)
  15. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    Also has access to easy knockdowns, 5 inf, 13" of sprint plus his base and any goal he shoots at will be a tap in so only needs a bonus time for a highly likely goal more dice makes it too easy.