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  1. came tenth out of 30. 3 wins 2 losses. Stave played in all my wins 2 masons 1 blacksmiths.
  2. Last time I played was just before Thresher got cuddled. Is there anything else new I need to know about from a brewer perspective? I don't have decimate yet.
  3. Bertmac

    Veteran Decimate

    can we use regular decimate as a proxy? in tournaments I mean.
  4. Bertmac

    what I truly feel Brewers need

    I find both Captains pretty good. Smashed my mate who was playing Thresher with Esters last week. I think a few things could help. The GIC that gives us a free heroic being nailed on. Getting rid of the plot card that stops pushes from a charge. Stave needs to be 2/3 and would love something like alchemical brew to stand him up for free.
  5. Brewers are a decent team. Other teams do what they do slightly easier but they definitely have game. I've played 2 tournaments with Brewers came 2nd in both 1 to another Brewer player and 1 to a very good butcher player so ive won 5 out of 7 games played. Also played 1 tournament with each captain so think both are viable. I played against one of my buddies who plays engineers and he was surprised how quick my team was as I mostly used spigot for tooled up and times called then buffed speed with esters too. I think Brewers can be succesful they do just have one or two really bad matchups so the most competetive players have stayed away from them meaning their win% is lower than the rest.
  6. Also was you friend forgetting unpredictable movement on brisket?
  7. Bertmac

    3-0 Blackheart team

    I managed a couple of scything blows from gutter vs a knocked down harrow who was also crowded out by rage knocking bushel down to half health at the same time.
  8. Bertmac

    3-0 Blackheart team

    I played the old school line-up vs farmers the other day. blackheart coin mist decimate gutter. rage blackheart scored start of turn 2 then took a kicking off windle. opponent backed off but missed a pass so decimate second winded herself to get the ball and jog to safety. decimate scores at the start of turn 3 after blackheart got finished off by windle, after some movement and me scrapping, harrow was down to 1 wound. bushel scored and the kick-off ended up near mist who charged harrow to finish him off and scored the 3rd goal.
  9. Bertmac

    The Cat Pat and Another Round!

    I'm always tempted by a ginger pussy rocket!
  10. Bertmac


    Yeah she was great with 2" reach
  11. Bertmac

    How did you choose your Guild?

    Started season 1. Original rage was my favourite model in the range. Checked the fluff blackheart is a bad mofo. Checked the rules 2" reach seemed the easiest way to play around counters and they could play an entire line-up of 2" reach. Had speed to score and get to grips with opponents and didn't rely on synergies to be good. Expanding in season 3 I fancied something a bit different, the background of brewers with their fighty playstle but ability to score goals along with supposedly being one of the weaker guilds seemed like a fun challenge and the models being quite characterful is nice too.
  12. Bertmac

    Peoples perceptions on the guilds right now.

    The game does seem pretty balanced with a few exceptions. I definitely see the gics helping things. Brewers played in a particular way have a lot of defensive tech to work around. I've found them to be good all rounders and done pretty well with them. Fish, engineers and union are probably the teams that seem hardest to counter at the moment. For me bottom of the pile would be morticians. Obulous is still great, the rest of the team just don't seem to be on par with players on other teams. Surprised nobody has suggested a boost for stave, he tends to get a mention as a liability more often than not and is so characterful that I still want to use him.
  13. Firestorm games are pretty good too.
  14. I think it's exploiting something that was put there for another reason. What I mean by poor sportsmanship is when a player won't advise when their opponent hasn't changed their clock over.
  15. Somewhat similarly I hate how the clock influences sportsmanship. I get how the clock is required with all the pre measuring that gets done etc. However, players will knowingly let your clock run down. Come on guys if you need that to win, you don't deserve to win. Again if I win, I want it to be because I played better not because my opponent forgot to press a button. Not sure on a fix for it but being able to lose despite having done more in the game just doesn't make sense to me. Maybe it should be a tiebreaker if the match takes too long rather than points per activation would make more sense.