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  1. Domlaar

    vet. Cinder

    Doesn't any player have limited effectiveness when tied up? Yeah she definitely brings another level to Blacksmith's & makes them a very versatile guild now.
  2. Domlaar

    vet. Cinder

    Yeah she's pretty mental! I played against a Thresher team and one fire onto thresher and a vCinder activation he was down before he could do anything. 11 dmg on the charge was pretty good :P I feel that she's a very welcomed addition to the roster.
  3. Domlaar

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Hey, I've had a couple of games with her recently and i'm not going to lie that she's pretty lacklustre. Yeah she's pretty great and moving HM's around and provides that extra influence that you may need for a turn but her TAC is awful & her playbook results aren't that great. Her threat range is pretty bad aswell. So i'm not 100% sold on her at the moment to even be in my 10 but i'm going to keep on trying her.
  4. Domlaar

    Farmers @ Vengeance 2018

    Hi, So the biggest GB tournament has just been and I was looking at longshanks to see how farmers had gone on. There were only 8 farmer players & the highest farmer player ended up at 34th. The reason I put this is because we were the lowest ranked team, I put the rest of the teams below for comparison: Alchs - 21st Smiths - 12th Brewers - 3rd Butchers - 25th Engineers - 26th Fish - 8th Hunters - 6th Masons - 2nd Morts - 16th Rats - 4th Union - 1st Looking at the captains that was played out 8 players playing 7 games each, Thresher was picked 44 times (79%) & Grange was picked 12 times (21%). Does this mean that we're the worst team? Does this mean that the nerf that they gave thresher was too much? Or do you think that players have got used to playing against Thresher & have "sussed" him out? I love getting under the data especially after big tournaments to find out what the meta is like. Some people say to me that they think Grange is now better than Thresher but i'm still yet to be convinced but looking at these stats they might right? What are your thoughts on these stats? Is there any other stats you would like me to get? Thanks, Dom
  5. Domlaar

    Farmers into alchemists

    I play Thresher into alchemists, Peck & Millstone are pretty auto-includes if you're playing against Smoke. Cocky onto Millstone & let her take all the fires. Put Tater in a way where if they come to blind Thresher they get counter charged. Then let Thresher do what he's best at
  6. Domlaar

    Thoughts on the new errata?

    Hi everyone What's everyone's thoughts on the new Errata? Personally I think that it doesn't affect us that much just means that we need to bunch up more. I still think that Thresher will do really good damage & the millstone change was always going to happen because the 6" aura was a bit too big! Tater change isn't that much of a problem either.
  7. I certainly agree with this, coming from Warmachine if i could see a measurement is going to be super important i'd stop the player and ask them what they're looking to do, from there me and my opponent would be able to work together to make sure that it's clean. Personally I think it's both players responsibility to make sure each other are "clean". I can guarantee that no one does it to cheat so therefore we should be helping each other not slagging each other off.
  8. Hi, I've recently joined the GB community, I used to play Warmachine at a high level with going to the WTC with team England 1. I honestly think that the GB community is far better than the Warmachine community however I do feel that the GB community just needs to chill out a bit . I have been lucky enough to be able to play against the likes of Beaston on a weekly basis and I feel players like Beaston, Myk Myers, Owen, Anna & all the people in the Sheffield(UK) community have really helped me along & made me feel welcome. I think the most important thing about when new players come along is not to spoon feed them. More importantly just to make them feel welcome and have discussions about the game. Granted I have had some pretty bad beats when playing the game but surely that is part of being a noob So let's chill, have some beers & play some guild ball
  9. Domlaar

    Christian Metz wins Belgium Champs with BS.

    Do you not think that Ferrite might be an exception to this? I feel like she can get a crazy amount of work done with controlling big hitters with Disarm. She herself can score quite a few goals. I certainly agree with the rest of the captains and the fact that they don't really do much though!
  10. Domlaar

    Getting my head round Farris!

    Yeah i think what you've put is pretty much the same thinking that I had. I watched Steve Easton play vs James Long on the steamforged youtube & he pretty much just used her as a support piece, i'm good friends with Steve and after speaking to him he pretty much agrees that she should be used to support our amazing apprentices! I just can't seem to do what he says ha! She tends to be dead weight after a couple of turns (mainly after Bolt has gone off and done his stuff) I'm really contemplating of replacing her & bolt with Furnace & Cinder. I believe Cinder is pretty much an auto-include in most of our lists because with Hearth's instruction she can tackle from 6" away only needing one success. I haven't really played furnace so don't really know how he plays.
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm new to the game of guildball & this forum I have a question about Farris that I just can't seem to get my head round and is the only we take her is due to her really good apprentice?! I don't really see what else she does except clearing up lose balls, giving apprentices +1 arm & giving players +2/+2, she seems to die really easily so you can't really get her stuck in or have I been playing her in the wrong way and she's designed to not get "stuck in"? I don't know whether i'm looking at her in the completely wrong way or is she as i described above just a pure support package for our apprentices?! Any help would be brilliant thanks
  12. Domlaar

    New to the Fisherman's!

    Hi! I'm pretty new to the fisherman's only played around 6 games with them! 5 against brewers and once against Alchs. I must say that the brewers seem quite hard for the fisherman's to deal with, however I won my first game the fishes last night playing against the brewers Shark is an absolute beast! He scored twice, once in my first turn and another in my second. Sakana should have scored but I had a terrible dice role for him not to get a dodge off a player, needing a 3+ on 9 dice, I rolled 1 success I only needed two successes because of Arm! Greyscales ended up getting the final goal I needed! I'm liking my current lineup! Shark, Jac, Salt, Kraken, Greyscales & Sakana. Jac may make way for snakeskin but he provides a good tar pit whilst Shark, Sakana & Greyscales go score. Looking forward to playing more games now. Which union players do you think play best for the fishes? Do you fangtooth is better than Kraken? Dom
  13. Domlaar

    Sakana...the striker you've always wanted?

    I really like Sakana! He's really fast! Tackle on two & his ability to provide cover is very nice! See Angel doesn't really do anything else when she hasn't got the ball but Sakana can, that's my reason for liking him a bit more!