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  1. This was my assumption as well, though if the last rule clarification for the interaction states that Updraft and Harrier templates don't interact it was worth a clarification.
  2. Hi guys, I've reviewed previous posts on this and they are all pre-Season 4 and I'm not sure if any of the wording for Take Flight, Updraft and Harrier AOEs changed but would like to confirm interactions. Obviously Flying ignores terrain, so Fast Ground etc is ignored. Nothing on the wording for Harrier in S4 indicates that it is terrain or Fast Ground and the wording on Updraft just says that when the model passes through a Harrier AOE he gets +2/+2 movement - the previous ruling I can find indicates that Updaft doesnt apply when Ikaros has Flying (unless I misunderstood) Based on previous rulings on the timing of Take Flight between the jog and gaining Flying as resolving separately, my understanding of how this should work in S4 is as follows: Ikaros activates, spends 1 INF for Take Flight making a jog (5") over Fast Ground (+2") and then gains Flying. He then spends 1 INF to sprint (7") going across a Harrier AOE (+2") = total potential movement during activation of 16". Is this correct? If the AOE is not terrain but is still ignored by Flying, then that should also mean that Flying ignores other AOEs that deal damage or apply conditions .......
  3. If you don't move 5" DIRECTLY away from the board edge (ie. you moved on an angle) then you still may be inside of 6". This is one of those situations where precision widgets come into their own rather than using a tape measure. If you move onto the board, I walk up with Jac and do the same thing but measure accurately and see that part of your base is over the edge then the model is taken out.
  4. Shano

    Hunters vs Morticians

    Hi all, Anyone having success with Hunters vs the Morticians? I've played 3 games against them so far with poor results. I made some obvious errors at crucial times which cost me dearly, but in general I am struggling with lack of reach and knockdown in the team roster. Against models with easy access to 2" dodges it is really hard to pin them down. Cheers, Shano
  5. Shano

    Who do you hide from midas?

    I don't so much think it's what you give but how you give it to him .... If the Alchemist player wants some of the more lucrative abilities keep those players back for late activation .. he needs to get inside 8" for True Replication so make him come out of position. I played against Midas Alchemists yesterday in a tournament and he came to get Gut & String so I got Hearne over to engage and block dodge vectors got Avarisse up onto him as well and then got Jaecar up. because of position of terrain and positioning of my players he couldn't Unpredictable Movement away. Going into turn 2 he was knocked down and snared then I used Jaecar to kill him with G&S making him DEF 2
  6. Shano

    Your starting six?

    At this stage I havent played a game with them but I have a tournament in a couple of weeks so will be getting some game time in before that. Starting 6 is at this stage undecided, but for my tournament 8 (since Chaska and Seenah arent out in Australia yet) is as follows: - Theron - Fahad - Zarola - Egret - Jaecar - Hearne - Minx - Avarisse & Greede Once Chaska comes out I will likely swap out Hearne or A&G but could be Egret too depending on how the gameplay feels.
  7. Ball path is from kickers base to the final landing spot after deviations if kicking into space or with an unsuccessful kick. Models along the ball path whose base the ball crosses can intercept and take possession. This includes models who are engaging the kicker.
  8. Shano

    Melee team vs ranged team

    You forgot Avarisse & Greede
  9. Shano

    Fisherman Guild Plot Spoiled

    You arent going to use this first turn ... you'd use it turn 2, 3, or 4 when you're set up for potential snapshots etc. Activate Corsair first, build momentum, play the card, use Legendary, profit .... rerolling passes, goals and snapshots under Corsair legendary would be insanely powerful.
  10. Mate, I can only go off the stats
  11. Tactical depth doesn't come from the teams but from the person using them. Some teams have obvious synergies and interactions which get exploited early on as players are new, but there is more than enough nuance as you become more familiar with the teams to add depth and variety which can give you the edge competitively. Top two players in Australia use Butchers and Masons which dont rate as highly overseas.
  12. Shano

    plot cards

    I personally don't understand how this lost you the game anyway .. it was 10-4, he plays Sideline Repairs, gets the ball and goes for goal ... 10-8 .. you're still up by 2 points, have the next activation and can control where the ball kicks out to. From your scoreline I am assuming that they got the ball back and scored before you had a chance to get the last take out or a goal ... I would think the more concerning point (rather than the Plot Card) is "what could I have done differently to get a take out and/or a goal before they could get their last?"
  13. Shano

    Thoughts on Union in the Fishermen

    In Shark's team, Fangtooth is particularly good. Shark and Angel both ignore his Rough Ground AOE and Gluttonous Mass reduces some of the impact of the "momentum vending machine" since he ignores the first attack or character play each turn ... also means that your opponent is likely going to spend 1-2 INF to clear it. With momentous KD on 1 hit that works really well ... also, under Shark's Legendary Play, people caught by the pulse and inside 3" of Fangtooth will have -6"/-6" movement for the turn. Get Gut & String on someone and they are -10"/-10" Avarisse can be a lot harder to hit ... Defensive Stance puts him to 4+ DEF and he has a decent playbook for pushes on a counter attack. However, the benefits you get from Singled Out are huge. Activate him before Corsair, hit your intended target, Singled Out, then buy an attack. This time you're rolling TAC 6 + 2 and his KD is on two hits. If you have initiative then they wont have momentum to stand up so will have to sacrifice their movement. If they go with someone else then your target is still likely KD. Send in Corsair, you dont need to charge because with Singled Out plus Ganging Up from Avarisse you're going to be rolling TAC 6 + 2 + 1 = 9 dice. If they are still KD then they are -1 DEF so your chances of wrapping are significantly higher .... then, assuming you could just jog into melee you have 5 more attacks after the first. Also, if you have Siren and for some reason the player is not Taken Out yet (possibly intentional) ... Siren can jog in and be rolling 3 + 2 + 2 dice looking for 3 hits to Seduce someone (or charge in and roll 11 dice). This is particularly glorious if you Seduce another player in melee range of the one you just hit. Get them to take out their own model ... you get 1 momentum from the GB result for Seduced, hopefully deal momentous damage to take out the player and then get the momentum from the takeout ....
  14. Shano

    Thoughts on Union in the Fishermen

    My standard Shark 8-man list: Shark, Salt, Sakana, Fangtooth, Gutter, Jac, Siren, Angel My current Corsair 8-man list: Corsair, Salt, Sakana, Avarisse & Greede, Gutter, Siren, Jac and Greyscales .... may try and slot Hemlocke and or Angel in somewhere depending on what I am expecting to see. Probably at the expense of Greyscsales
  15. Shano

    New Player- General Fisherman Tips?

    cant move them off voluntarily (ie. Tidal Surge, Seduced etc where you take control of them) but you can use Pushes. This is where Jac (Trident Tested), Kraken (Release the ...) and Fangtooth (The Unmasking) really come into their own. When any part of the base is off the board the model suffers the Taken Out condition. This was recently clarified to also generate momentum and trigger abilities, plot cards etc where a model suffers the Taken Out condition as a result of an attack or play (ie. Vengeance, Loved Creature etc)