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  1. Steve_M

    Falconers Delayed until 3rd Aug

    My secret sabotage, exposed!
  2. A 5-round 32 person event at Athena Games in Norwich. Entry cost is £10 though raises to £15 after May 20th so get in early to save some money. Athena will be providing prize support which will be decided based on the number of attendees. Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/794290880723583/ Buy tickets here: http://www.athenagames.com/catalog/tournament_entry/guild_ball_summer_open__27th_may/304903
  3. Great video, love the short condensed nature of all your stuff and your commentary is good. Keep up with the format you have it's quick, to the point and unlike any other match reports on youtube at the moment. At kick off it looks like you guys didn't account for the ball path crossing the wall on Jordan's side of the field, might be the angle but it looks like the ball should have stopped closer to the centre due the ball path from Vitriol passing over the wall.
  4. Steve_M

    S3, Who do you kickoff with

    Obulus or Scalpel everytime. You want a model that threatens a lot and also if possible hard to deal with. You are offering up one player so make it one who is awkward for your opponent. Obulus is amazing as a kick off choice. He is a pain for your opponent to engage and deal with and he threatens a lot of their table edge with Puppet Master. Puppet Master can be used to bring players into your half or steal the ball back. Or you can stick Tooled Up on him and dive in near the end of turn 1. The later you can hold the activation the better(to steal momentum if required for example).
  5. I'm primarly a Morticians player and I always opt to kick I find it gives me a more consistent first turn and means I am more in control. I like having the final pick in the draft because it allows me to always react effectively to my opponents line up choices. I always know what captain my opponent is playing and thus what sort of game I should expect. The choice of terrain is also another advantage that I see downplayed a lot when kicking is brought up. Avoid sides with rough terrain/forests in awkward spots and taking sides with fast ground can make a huge difference. Force your opponent to take a side with an obstruction/barrier close to the centre on their side that you can kick the ball into, potentially forcing them to overextend to retrieve the ball. Having the last activation of turn 1 is a huge boon for putting your opponents on the back foot, often you will win the momentum race. Two back to back activations is powerful and can result in a VP lead that applies pressure to your opponent. When kicking your choice of player to kick with is key. I think a good kicking player is one that your opponent stuggles to engage/attack and one that threatens the board. You are choosing the player your opponent often gets a chance at attacking so choose someone who's awkward for them. Both of the Morticians captains are good choices for kickers. Scalpel does less of the former and more of the later, where as Obulus does both immensely. He is a hard player to engage and pin down limiting your opponents choices, with Puppet Master he threatens a huge amount of the board for stealing the ball or drawing a player into threat of my other players. This is before you factor in other options such as tooling him up or if your first turn goes badly activating Rigor Mortis to ensure you get second turn. Granted Morticians have a lot of unique tools that make this great(Lure, Puppet Master, Second Wind on a captain) but I prefer kicking with my Hunters(the other team I have played most in S3) as well.
  6. Hoping this gets clarified one way or the other soon. It came up at the club at the weekend and it was unfortunate not being able to give a definitive answer to the two people playing. Not really an issue for friendly games but for tournaments can be a massive issue if some people think you can or can't stand on certain obstructions. I would prefer the ruling to involve having a flat surface big enough to place the base largely because I feel ruling the other way(place anywhere regardless of how the piece looks) will have my group looking at 2D obstructions with the rest of our terrain being 3D. Either that or I am going to have to get quite creative in creating very flat obstructions
  7. This is the way I have always played it and was what I always assumed was meant by the positioning of the base line in the rulebook. So you can't end any movement(reposition or otherwise) on it unless there is space but you can move over it assuming you can get your base past. Quite similar to how trap markers from the Hunters guild. As such when designing and building terrain for my group I did a mixture of obstructions styles. Some that allowed bases to stand on them(flat topped crates) and others that you can't(typical scatter terrain, fences etc). However between Worlds and a recent game with someone new to my local group I've questioned this. I know that miniature games always have that grey area that comes with balancing the visual appeal and usability of 3D terrain but clarification would help me out. If we can stand anywhere I can look at flatter obstructions that are easier to position bases on for my group. Otherwise I can carry on with my current mix of obstruction you can put bases on and ones you can't.
  8. I wanted some clarification about placing models on obstructions in regards to 3D terrain pieces. In the rulebook(p48) it mentions about how models can move onto obstructions assuming they have sufficient room to position the base. I had always assumed this meant that there had to be a flat area for the base to stand on to avoid models being positioned balanced on features like fences. However I was watching back some of the Worlds stream and saw bases being placed on 3d obstructions where even placing a proxy base was almost impossible(if I remember correctly the base had to be hovered above the terrain piece until the player got another dodge). So is my assumption of this rule wrong? Should all obstructions be treated as effectively 2D pieces that you can move into similar to forests and types of ground?
  9. Steve_M

    Scalpel line up / playtesting

    I am particularly looking forward to Second Wind on Ghast used in a similar manner. My best activations with Ghast are when he is able to start engaged knockdown all those who he is engaging then jog into the position to engage others either to knock them down(INF dependant) or to tie them up and be ready to counter attack. As a first activation it's a nightmare for my opponents, I have momentum and they may have as many as 3 players knocked down. Having access to Second Wind to leverage that knockdown in a 3rd place seems immense.
  10. Steve_M

    Scalpel line up / playtesting

    I have been playing this line up a lot with Obulus focusing quite heavily on the football game. It's a loads of fun to play due to the ability to puppet master models forward to setup for goals. Haven't really put much thought into how it would play with Scapel. Though admittedly I feel need to play some Scapel first to see what sort of line up she will support(or what line up will support her).
  11. Steve_M

    Cambridge Autumn Showdown 24th September

    Me and some of the other guys on the east coast will be in. Just finding out total numbers before we book tickets. My Morticians look forward to an outing in Cambridge
  12. Steve_M

    A Morticians dance macabre

    Your team looks just amazing so far! The black on Ghast is particularly great. Can you divulge what your recipe is? Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff
  13. Steve_M

    Top Table

    As a TO I would always make sure that I announce the format regardless of how standard/unusual it is just to make sure that attendees know what is going on and can make plans accordingly. I really wouldn't want to put someone else in the situation I mentioned earlier in the thread. This is really important to do before an event and is not something you should be announcing on the day. In regards to tiebreakers, every system has flaws and each system is going to have stories of people that were screwed by it. Given JamieP's past experience in tournaments for Warmachine I trust that he chose what he felt would be best for organised play. I also imagine Strength of Schedule was considered. It would be interesting to know why the tiebreaks were chosen over other choices. Personally I am fine with the tiebreaks that were chosen but I do acknowledge there are situations where they don't lead to expected final standings. I feel like adding top table would negatively impact more players than it would positively impact.
  14. Steve_M

    Top Table

    I generally find the lack of a top table condition for tournaments to be fine, although it can be demoralising when tiebreakers cause you to drop massively. However it's a lot better than being pipped for 2nd place just because you met the person who won the tournament in any round other than the last. You can play taking into account tiebreaks, you can't do anything to mitigate or play to a random draw. It's also quite important that TO's are applying the tiebreaker conditions in the correct order(or inform players if they are changed) because it can dramatically change standings. I had a local 16 player Warmachine tournament that had swapped the top two standard tiebreakers(Strength of Schedule and Control Points) and had not advertised it as such. Gave me quite a surprise after the loss of the top table game due to the size of the drop in my standing(you always expect to drop but not quite as much as I did).
  15. Steve_M

    Using Ghast or Graves auto lose against Midas

    After being corrected I did a check myself as well and found out I was wrong. The no melee zone is a Warmachine-ism I believe, so apologies about that. It does however Obulous has just gotten even better, my regular opponents will be pleased I am sure