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  1. Any Australians have info on shipping/delivery?

    I got mine Friday last week!
  2. Magnum Opus + Snap Shots

    Mechmage is correct.
  3. Long Legs vs normal legs

    It hasn't. It's just Christmas mate, things take a little longer.
  4. New Union Captain

    Looked like Harmony/ Honour to me.
  5. A&G Changes

    Yes he keeps it
  6. Why the Angel hate?

    I disagree with the general consensus. I play her in every Corsair list. She is a midfield tank, with a momentous Tackle, and a momentous >< on two hits. She is a really reliable piece that always performs well for me. I also play Greyscales in the same list.
  7. Greede Reattach Timing

    You may not Advance with either model and the use Reattach. They must be in base contact and use Reattach before anything else occurs during their combined activation.
  8. Yes, I've tried it. I prefer the Tamiya clear red over everything else but I've not found it easy to find in Australia. So I've just used the GW version which although not a nice still works perfectly fine.
  9. Frostmane is correct. Your opponent must be well short of a full packet of crayons
  10. On those guys I used a Vallejo Game colour called Heavy Skintone as the basecoat. I shaded it with Idrian Flesh, from PP, and then also some Sanguine Base from PP. The highlights were made with that Heavy Skintone, mixed with varying shades of Bleached Bone.
  11. I did not sculpt them, I purchased a bunch of torches, flames etc for my Morticians and I cut them off to use on his back. Tabletop-art.de is the place I got them from. Yes, I can paint you a vBrisket and vOx when he comes out. You should've bought all the Union off me too you idiot
  12. The design intent and use of the word generate is to include both gain, and allocate. Ergo you do not receive momentum from any source, allocate or gain, if the ball is behind the goal line.
  13. Alchemy Mix

    Timbo messed it up. This interpretation is correct: Cheers
  14. Season 3 Ghast

    Its option 1.