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  1. Mattyg2787

    Voodoo strings and escaping fate

    No, it’s when she reaches 0 hp
  2. So this came up the other day and I’m curious what the actua ruling is. scalpel pinches vsiren to put her to 0, triggering escaping dates. I had not used voodoo strings for that attack yet. What is the correct order? Ie. can I wait for escaping dates dodge then push siren or do I have to voodoo strings first? Little unclear in timing sequence as both are on the same step (2.5.1) thanks
  3. Mattyg2787

    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    I don’t think he will bring it, but I was really hoping for some sort of win condition rather than setup/buff/control that said, I’ll take instruction
  4. Mattyg2787

    When do you not take Scalpel?

    Scalpel can kill some stuff and football ok, but obulus is now my hard core football captain. I like him into teams where I know I can’t outfight (ironically, not butchers) but more brewers where there is so much tough hide. Depending on how fish start to shake out, I’ll probably play obby into them still. And navs, obby makes them have a super bad time. Azi attacking his own stuff is glorious. And everyone rerolls their passes to me which is super handy I still feel obulus can play into anyone but ultimately, scalpel is the new hotness and is getting huge numbers of reps for that alone
  5. Mattyg2787

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    Dirge charges someone that’s already activated but tries to stay central(he can charge over the top of cosset) This has one of 2 effects - they put another model in the way or they kill the bird (usually blowing a bigger activation early on a mascot who costs them 2 momentum) If they block you, scalpel goes in with tooled up and reshuffles everyone so cosset is getting assist and hopefully assist. If they kill the bird, cosset should be able to charge the singled out model, generate 5-6 momentum and screeching banshee the singled out model for scalpel to go after. then last activation, you want to try and leave two models fairly low. First activation of turn two, you kill them both, push cosset away, push most of the their team away, spirit bomb and second wind while your opponent is 2 activations down. From here, you can score aggressively with hemlocke or bonesaw, keep grinding with the same techniques, get a casket time or whatever win condition you want. Its not an auto win from here but your opponent ahould be on the back foot for the rest of the game. The trick after that is being careful when to pull the trigger
  6. Mattyg2787

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    Hemlocke is amazing. Makes scalpel kick off almost unfair putting her, cosset and dirge into turn one charge range.
  7. Layne train!!! 5 more games reported yesterday
  8. Mattyg2787

    We did it boys.

    And he’s glorious. Managed to pull off 5 unmaskings in one game yesterday
  9. So are we all in agreement that we play for whoever has the most votes?
  10. We aren’t gonna cut through brewers unfortunately. Football for days
  11. Man, knuckles forming a triple enforcer mid field sounds fun! Not for opponents, but for me at least
  12. Mattyg2787

    Rat changes.

    The crucial part of the puzzle is going to be bonesaw. We know he has stamina. And that’s it.
  13. Mattyg2787

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Just gotta wait and see on vgraves. exhaustion is pretty good