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  1. Ratcatchers Guild

    When I became a pundit locally, there was me and one other guy active in the area. We just took 5 to an interstate tournament with 2 guys working that day and another on a cruise.
  2. Ratcatchers Guild

    You could fix your lack of pundit problem
  3. When do vGraves & Vileswarm ever see play?

    The problem I have even giving him one is morts are so greedy. Obby usually wants 7 which is over half mostly Silence wants 2-3 Then you need to give your other players the last 3-5
  4. Verse Farmers Tech

    Ok, so more collected thoughts after playing my tournament today. First game vs thresher and 3rd game like 6 months so I was rusty as well. His line up was Thresher The rooster Tater Harrow Grace Jack straw I took Obulus Dirge Cosset Casket Graves Silence I kicked off (he chose to receive) with obby. I kicked it to the right away from thresher and across from casket. He retrieved with grace and moved the ball to the other side of the pitch. I moved everything up which is where my game plan fell apart. Thresher was passed the ball and he dodged into easy range of cosset and graves. He got tooled up from Harrow and my only option that I saw to save one or both of them was to puppet master thresher back. I charge tater and knocked him down then puppet mastered him away. He responded by passing to Harrow and charging obby for the kill. From here he was able to pin models down and just be too far away from casket for him to get stuck in. Major lessons learnt were A)thresher can go a really really long way. Don't move up until I have the ball to shrink that back down. B ) put casket in the middle not on a side. I feel like obulus is the right kick off player as withpuppet master and the dodge, I should be able to retrieve. I also feel like cosset is a liability in the matchup up. Obulus needs tooled up and graves laid some hurt down on the charge as well. Thresher is a little op and my guess would be we will see some slight nerfs but I think we can control him. Fire blast and shut out are key. So is casket and foul odour, at least until farmers players realise they should use ploughman. My concern is, when farmers players use ploughman and mill stone we may be in trouble.
  5. Verse Farmers Tech

    So just played into thresher. He monstered me. Proceeded to wander around the table and kill everything. I moved up and puppet mastered him back without realising just how far he could threaten.
  6. Finished 1st Tournament

    Nicely done. Obby is still my main man for s reason
  7. Verse Farmers Tech

    I like graves1 in this as well. He should be able to charge and get scything blow on a team that likes to clump up.
  8. Morticians 10

    That's 11 at the moment
  9. Morticians 10

    So I've got 2 events on this month where I'm taking my morts. I'm stuck at 11 players with both skulk and mist available. My current list is (i do have everything) Obby, Dirge Graves1 Ghast Casket Cosset Bonesaw Mist Skulk Silence Brainpan and memory I know bonesaw is a questionable choice but I like unexpected arrival vs a few teams including farmers and blacksmiths. Plus he can straight up score if I receive taking him off victim stats. Everything else should be straight forward. Look forward to your thoughts
  10. Scalpel or Obulus

    it's gotta be obulus.all day. I've never been in a situation playing obulus and thought 'theres nothing I can do here' Sure, Ive put myself into bad spots but I've never felt the character lacks options. Scalpel is a strong captain in any other guild and ironically, is better than obulus at both fighting and football.
  11. When to Casket?

    You can't. Has to be human. Also, don't try using it vs engineers
  12. When to Casket?

    Obulus getting to 8 points and being safe is huge. He threats so much of the board for a goal and the rest of the team is so dangerous. Put the pressure on and wait for an opening. I'll usually casket time as soon as sensibly possible. 4 points and swinging 2+ momentum in your favour is huge. Also, my first ever casket time was my first proper 6 man game where i got shark in the box. For ever. Ahh the good old days.
  13. Skulk

    I played a game with him tonight vs engineers and he was amazing. No one would get to obulus without him engaging them in return. Turn 3 before my opponent could finally score a goal and that was only after he'd killed him. He's very much a morts style of goal keeper as well which I love.
  14. Skulk

    This guy really interests me. Adds another interesting control element to the game. Can't wait to get him on the table.
  15. Dealing with the new guys

    So I haven't played since September and now that farmers and blacksmiths are out, what do people have planned? At least on paper, we should be able to kill farmers but blacksmiths I have no clue. Looking for people's thoughts