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  1. Layne train!!! 5 more games reported yesterday
  2. Mattyg2787

    We did it boys.

    And he’s glorious. Managed to pull off 5 unmaskings in one game yesterday
  3. So are we all in agreement that we play for whoever has the most votes?
  4. We aren’t gonna cut through brewers unfortunately. Football for days
  5. Man, knuckles forming a triple enforcer mid field sounds fun! Not for opponents, but for me at least
  6. Mattyg2787

    Rat changes.

    The crucial part of the puzzle is going to be bonesaw. We know he has stamina. And that’s it.
  7. Mattyg2787

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Just gotta wait and see on vgraves. exhaustion is pretty good
  8. I kind of want a counter charge model
  9. Mattyg2787

    Scapel S4

    Got a couple of games in tonight. First game vs ballista engineers. I ran her, vileswarm, ghast, graves, hemlocke and skulk. i kicked off with graves and started shuffled models around. Scalpel got moved up. Graves went, gave tooled up to scalpel then charged into mother getting me 2 more momentum. He scored with salvo (season 4). I went with scalpel, killed mother and scored. I won initiative, slide scalpel over and scored again. He killed someone (graves I think) He scored a snap back with salvo again and finished the round with the ball on ballista. Hemlocke went first and went for the goal run, missing her 75%. Unfortunate. Hoist tooled him self up and finished the last 6 on her to take the game. game 2 was against honour led masons. Honour, marbles, brick, mallet, harmony and granite (season 4) again I kicked to him, got a turn one goal and put a bunch of damage out. Pushing models into fire is fun! Slowly ground through his team, using scalpel to group everyone up for silence, graves and ghast. Final activation was finishing a returned brick. I played lone striker and even on tac 6, managed to drag enough models in so I was rolling 10 dice at the end to finish him
  10. Mattyg2787

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    If she can go last with tooled up, kill someone, then murder someone first activation and get the hell Out. Yeah, just a little pumped for her
  11. Mattyg2787

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Morts didn’t need to be able to drag players off the pitch. They needed a captain to compliment obulus. That’s what they have now. My opponents have already stopped counter attacking her cause it never works. shes a little less mobile than before but brings way more control to the pitch. In a game heavily focussed on precise positioning, being able to relocate 4-6 models a turn (or more) seems strong. see a model is setting up for a goal run? Wouldn’t it be a shame if they were further back. That captain that’s about to unload on one of your players? Trap him in a triangle of his own players so he wastes his stack. so much janky stuff we can do
  12. Mattyg2787

    Scapel S4

    This. She feels like a morticians captain. You can push either yours or your opponents models around. one of your players getting taken prisoner? Drag them out. Their captain about to hammer time you? Cage them in their own models. slowy dragging everyone on your team into a model to 3-4 crowds seems fun
  13. Mattyg2787

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Not even all, just some