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    Cocky Alchies find reality

    It was a clear sunny afternoon, and little Jonny was walking into to the stadium with his favourite butchers flag. The excitment was tangible, the rolling mass of butcher fans believed that this showing would be an improvement on the 12-3 loss at the last meeting. Darryl, little Jonny’s father, looked down with pride at his son who was telling a passerby how much Tendy is gonna smash today. The proud and the faithful, words the epitomises the butchers. Everyone seems to think they’re nothing but we’re winning games. As Darryl and little Jimmy find their seats, the Alchies fans start their chants and are quite vocal in remembering the last game. But the line ups are slightly different this game with vet brisket in for meathook and Calculus in for Mercury. The Butcher coach, who they believe to be the next Jose Mourinho, is sure that this to be a mistake cause now his players are hardly hindered. Little Jonny let’s out a howl for blood as Vitriol kicks off, with Shank collecting and passing to Boar. This is followed by a bit of posing by both teams as no one want to commit to early. Restlessness creeps over the Butcher fans and in particular Boar. Suddenly, channeling his inner wolf, Boar howls at the sky, KICKS THE BALL, and charges straight at vitriol,m to apply his cleaver to her messed up face. This was rewarded with a cheer from the Butcher fan, but was hushed with the approach of the gas sucking giant that is Katalyst. The initial melee starts to develop into a scrum based around Vitty and (knocked down) Katie, and Boar and Tendy. Ox, being a proponent of aggressive play, seizes the initiative, screams get ‘em lad and goes straight at Katalyst. While reducing Kat to a pulpy mass, Ox just kept looking at Midas and Vitriol informing them about the incoming butchery. Vitriol makes a play to get out of dodge but her attack is countered with Tendy’s hammer to her face, taking her out. The cacophony of bestial sounds erupting from the Butcher fans was becoming too much for the nerve of this Alchie teams young coach. The next Jose Mourinho looked up at the stands and saw a little boy about to fall from the top of the stands because of the ‘red rage’. “How could we stop this bath of blood?” No one had an answer as the big wild pig himself, Boar, just starts to attack everything, knocking players downs and applying the hurt. Calculus, under her coaches direction, moves forward to throw her black mixture at Tendy and is a success, but this leaves Midas open to a spectacular charge from Shank who soared from downtown to take advantage of the damage and knockdown already done. This charge was vintage Shank as he takes Midas out and ensures that the next stage of the game is in the butchers hands. Calculus is trapped between Shank, Tendy, and Ox. The Alchie fans have already started to leave, not wanting the see what is going to happen to their favourite (especially Smoke’s favourite ) lass. Their backs are turned to the screams from the pitch and the sound of ball on wood from a captain’s goal. Their backs are turned to the Butcher fans who their are hoping to beat home as there will be blood on the streets. Only one person remains, hooded with a tear rolling down her eye as a loved one was taken out. Smoke got up and walked to the side lines and straight up to the novice coach. ”It should have been me out there!!” She cries. She casts a steely look, full of resolve, at Ox. Ox was oblivious to this, he was to busy pretending to ride his cleaver and occasionally licking the blood from his fingers. The whole way home, Little Jonny kept telling Darryl or anyone close about the glories of today’s game. Little Jonny’s mother could hardly get him to bed that night with all the excitment. What a game! 12-0 Butchers. Butchers: Ox, Princess, Shank, Tendy, Boar, Vet Bricket. Alchemists: Midas, Flask, Harry the Hat, Vitriol, Calculus, Katalyst. P.s. won’t let me add files from my phone for the photos. Apparently too big.
  2. Hey guys, Just wondering if Vet Hearne can make his Lunar Eclipse reposition when the damage he inflicts takes out the model. I.e. Does he make his jump before the model is taken off the pitch? Thanks in advance
  3. Remindme19

    Crucible's Incensed

    I would assume so because of the word "may" implying it does not have to happen.
  4. Hi, Chaska using boombox targeting hoist who is snared, on three boxes, and has a trap marker next to him. Chaska can pick the order of the damage and the pushes and picks damage first. Hoist dies from the shot but does he reanimate before the push from the character play thus putting snared back on him?
  5. Hi all, just wanted to make sure that I have this right. Even though Dirge has fly, he will still be affected by foul odour from Casket because the aura is an effect and not terrain. Do I have this right?
  6. The rulebook does not actually state anything about plot cards becoming redundant after claiming the reward set out on them. Does this mean that some plot cards' rewards can be redeemed more than once in a game? Or are they meant to be discarded after the first time? Thanks in advance.