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  1. alxndrhll

    Metal Aggro coin?

    The last I heard is that it'll be in the 'Explorers Expansion' (known as the Core Game Expansion on the Kickstarter). Obviously I'm on the design team, not the production team so this may have changed since I was last told but I'd imagine the information is still accurate. Cheers, Alex
  2. alxndrhll

    First Solo Play Through - The Knight

    There are many, many ways in which treasure can function (and many of these have been discussed so I won't cover all of them) depending on the game you're making and how you want it to interact. All of them have positives and negatives when it comes to player interaction, time taken, how it effects game length and what you want to achieve with it. For example, splitting into multiple decks increases set up/pack up time... and I think its fair to say this is the one process that takes the longest in its form in the rulebook, so that taking even longer is a negative. Then there are considerations to be made in terms of how it affects difficulty/core loops. Sure you can shift the treasure into multiple decks (be that via the tiers that are required to use, perceived quality of gear determined by a player with greater knowledge of the game, so on and so forth), but controlling when they're accessible adds more complexity to a system. It's a tough balance to strike, getting that feel of gradual progression while still having a sight of the long term goal. In my opinion removing all high end gear from the deck until later in the run can leave you feeling a bit lost once you reach certain points of progression. I've toyed around with a system of 3 tiered decks (1st tier no stat req above 20, 2nd tier stat reqs between 20-30, 3rd tier stat req of 30+), treasure flips still cost 1... but you can only flip from the tier deck equal to the highest level encounter you've sucessfully cleared since your last rest. So if you don't feel you need anything from the tier 1 deck, you need to hold onto any Souls from level 1 encounters until you've successfully cleared a level 2. It's an interesting system, and ticks the box for accessibility control... but unfortunately does add time to the set up and pack up (as any tiered deck system would). Some groups like it, some prefer the system in the rulebook because they like the simplicity. It entirely depends on the group, and what they enjoy in games. The beauty of board games is the ability to tweak functions to fit the group you're playing with, I don't want to speak for DC but I'm really happy with our treasure system because it functions to do what we wanted it do. It creates discussion and decision points, groups are often very quick to dismiss treasure because they know what's in the deck and sub consiously already have their minds set on items they want... rather than actually looking at the treasure they get, they throw it in the inventory. Cheers, Alex
  3. In short (assuming MB's = Mega Bosses), yes. Cheers, Alex
  4. Your understanding is correct that with the current campaigns found in the rulebook you don't actually get to use the main boss treasures. These will come into play later on once mega bosses are available, and are added into campaigns (and standard play, of course). You can of course create your own campaign scenario where you have both main bosses so you'd be able to use the treasure from whichever you take down first. TLDR; Main boss treasure currently isn't used, once mega bosses are out they will be. Cheers, Alex
  5. In fairness bud it was answered in a thread outside of this one, and it's been buried since it was answered. Thread where it was answered can be found here. Thanks for covering the questions that you know the answers to guys and gals, it's a massive help and really shows off the great community we have going here . Cheers, Alex
  6. Just to clarify it isn't 'gains one black die' it's gains 'Node'. So you can have an attack that wouldn't usually hit all enemies on a node do just that... but you don't gain extra dice. You're correct on the assumption that it's used to set up attacks, and force players to consider positioning. Bosses don't change facing when making attacks, so 'Mov 0 Target' or 'Mov 0 Aggro' are used to provide target acquisition we wanted on attacks, but keeps it in line with the rules. For example 'Attack 6 in the Front Arc at Range 1' could quite easily miss everyone, the 'Mov 0 Target' helps us get a more reliable success rate on a behaviour. Bear in mind that we do have source material that we stay within the lines of, and the 'Mov 0 Target' movements definitely aid us to get the results we want when trying to recreate a behaviour from the video game, while maintaining balance along the way. Cheers, Alex
  7. As for the question about the movement, you're going to have to clarify a bit for me what the actual question is because I'm somewhat confused as to what you mean by 'No movement (left)', for example. If a behaviour has a target icon, they turn to face the target and then move. If it doesn't have a target icon they simply move in the direction they're already facing without turning to face. If a behaviour has a 'Move 0 Target' it simply means they turn to face the target, but do not move anywhere... so it's simply target acquisition. I think that covers what you're asking... but as I said I got a bit lost with some of the examples you're presenting. Cheers, Alex
  8. Correct on the first, and the second was something we tend to call 'legacy issues'. People watching the stream actually had a better view of what was going on than I did, and I had a lot to try and keep on top of while the stream was running. The correct way is the way it's written in the rulebook, fortunately it's not a huge one that had a massive impact on their playthrough bar making it a bit harder... but they did fine, so yeah, not a huge deal! Cheers, Alex You could move/attack with one weapon, then Berzerk Charge with a second weapon... but it doesn't override the rule that you can only attack with each weapon once. So you couldn't make a Berzerk Charge attack with a weapon you've already used that activation.
  9. That's why I stated it as a general rule of thumb, not as a 'this always happens'. If you're standing in an arc and you see a rotate icon the player character would maintain their position and the boss would rotate. For example, player character standing in the left arc of a boss, a U-turn icon is the first behaviour to resolve on the card, you would rotate the boss miniature around 180 degrees... but the player character would stay where it was, so would now be standing in the bosses right arc. Of the top of my head this isn't something that occurs because usually there is movement that contains a push before a L-Turn, R-Turn or U-Turn. In ocassions where this does happen, that's how it's resolved. Correct. Correct, thank you!
  10. alxndrhll

    Lothric's Holy Sword

    It can, if it couldn't it would say 'One other character'. Cheers, Alex
  11. No issues at all fella (or fellette? I guess it'd be wrong of me to assume your gender)! I'm extremely happy with the general tone of our little Dark Souls corner and would hate to see that diminish so it's sweet to see we're all on the same page :). I'm not here to dictate opinion, or quash healthy discussion... I'm simply here to give some clarity on matters I can, which generally speaking is just the rules bits (as you can imagine as a developer I don't have much to do with anything outside of my glorious spreadsheets). Cheers, Alex
  12. alxndrhll

    Double text on SFG Site

    I believe this was pointed out in a previous thread also, I'll get the chaps that handle the website to sort it tomorrow fella. Thanks for the feedback nevertheless! Cheers, Alex
  13. In the nicest possible way, I was simply stating that you receive 252 cards with the game. This isn't a lie, nor an attempt to 'artificially inflate the card count' that is quite simply the amount of cards provided in the tray that all of the cards come in. I simply made a post to clarify why the number of cards printed on the box, and the number of cards totaled up in the rulebook didn't match. As I said intially, this isn't intended to come across as abrasive so I apologies if it does, but I literally jumped on the forums to check if any further rule clarifications were needed and saw that I could clear up some confusion surrounding this subject. Ultimately you're welcome to any opinion you wish, and I don't ever want you to feel like I'll deny you of that... but yeah... I was just wanting to clarify, wasn't looking for an argument. Cheers, Alex
  14. The 252 displayed on the box/splash page is correct, 250 of those are cards used while playing the game (and that's the number that the cards listed in the rulebook comes to). However, the rulebook doesn't cover the 2 flag (EN, ES, FR, DE, IT) card toppers (one for the large cards, one for the small cards) that are found on the top of the decks that contain localised cards (because mentioning these cards isn't required in terms of rules). So yeah, just to clarify. 252 cards come in the box, 250 of them are cards for use in the game and 2 of them are used to show the large and small card decks which contain localised cards. Some people may choose to use these cards to maintain separation after playing, some may not... but either way it'd be wrong to simply leave them out of the total card count. Cheers, Alex Edit: Flag topper cards I'm referring to can be seen in the image below (Credit to BGG via Twitter for the photo)
  15. alxndrhll

    Is The Invader Still in The Core Game?

    He's been moved the the 'Invaders' expansion, this felt like the right place and enabled us to keep all the invader rules in one place... which was the reason for his removal from the core game. 11 is a perculiar number of invaders to have though, eh? Remember when I mentioned the 'Old Dragonslayer' behaviour deck to give you guys an exta mini boss, that everyone can use with the Ornstein model from the core game? I wonder which invader seemed like a good fit to give an additional behaviour deck to, to give us a nice round 12 behaviour decks... I guess someone who crops up more than once... someone who even crops up across multiple games... someone thorny... Cheers, Alex