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  1. Big_Butcher_G

    Smoke Article

    Great read, how do you find this team deals with butchers?
  2. Big_Butcher_G

    Clash of the Guilds 2 28 May 2016 - 32 players! - Bristol

    Morning chaps, Myself, George Lamb and my attorney Sid Blackwell are currently at stand still on the M5 thanks caravans, so we may be late. Apologies in advance just to let you know we haven't dropped out. Hopefully see you all soon. Maybe we just hold the tournament on the hard shoulder.
  3. Big_Butcher_G

    what to get

    I'll try harmony again... I've just found that Honour - she's great, one of the best captains in my opinion. In this team she's my heavy lifter. I stack her up with influence and protect her with brick, get marbles to tool her up and pick a target that brick or mallet have knocked down and she will go to work. Marbles - as well as the synergy with Honour he can goad while stood next to honour and Brick forcing players to stand still or be counter charged or responsive played. Brick - probably one of my favourite masons players. Generates 2 INF and requires none to do his job, he protects honour and the others in midfield from taking charges in a 6 inch bubble. Mallet, is great for assisting these guys with KD on 3 and singled out. As well as football legend, 3 inch melee zone a whole host of other reasons. Flint - excellent player and one of the best strikers. He'll be your main goal scorer. Give him superior strategy and he'll score twice in 1 turn. Mist - another excellent striker. Is fun with Flint against butchers or fighting teams. Chisel - her damage output is high but she is a glass cannon. Don't expect her to function without brick and Mallet. Tower - this guy is excellent, he's capable of a KD and some damage output but he's great against butchers to stop ox using his legendary and useful to play morticians at there own game. Harmony - I never use her because I think the other players have much more to offer. I haven't used the other union choices.
  4. Big_Butcher_G

    Mat's anti-Mort tech [no JamieP access here!]

    I'm playing against morticians tomorrow night and I was thinking of going with Honour - Marbles - Flint - Mist - Mallet and Brick.
  5. Big_Butcher_G

    what to get

    I don't think harmony is worth getting, she relies to heavily on standing next to honour. Brick and Mallet are mandatory midfielders. Flint is mandatory striker, paired with mist is excellent fun. Alternatively you can choose a more fighty team with tower and chisel. I personally love honour, marbles, brick, mallet, Flint and chisel at the moment.
  6. Big_Butcher_G


    Flint and honour both missed unmolested shots on goal against engineers this morning, mallet saved the day though
  7. Big_Butcher_G

    Alternative masons

    After trying Brick and the rest of the Masons for 3 games now in total - 2 vs brewers 1 vs engineers I've changed my opinion somewhat. I don't know if I can live with no brick now to be honest, I realise that he's all about controlling space and giving that extra influence to honour, flint or whoever needs him. Also you can park the likes of mist and flint next to him with the ball and be pretty safe really. I'm waiting on my arrival of mist and chisel and will review them too. Can't wait to see what hammer is like, doubtful that he'll be a touch on honour.
  8. Big_Butcher_G

    Masons first impressions

    I played a game against brewers this evening, I wanted to try all the masons players and I don't think harmony is worth taking and I don't like the miniature so I ran Honour - I actually think she's one of the most underrated captains in the game, with marbles she can smash people. She can also dodge and kick making her a great goal threat. Marbles - Tooling up honour is great, goad is fun and can keep people from charging Flint. Brick - better than expected, he doesn't require any influence really. He got knocked down and charged so didn't really get to counter but I think tough hide makes a difference. Giving him +1def makes him very tanky. However he does basically just protect Flint. Flint - is dirty 4 inch dodge, 8 inch move, potential 11 inch shot, also can charge with him on someone with low defence and get a wrap 1 inch push dodge and where'd they go. He's ace. Tower - knocked down and kicked in Friday leaving his shutout out of range mostly however earnt my respect with his 7 tac on the knockdowns. I'd like to try him and chisel together. Mallet - always good, football legend is great to start, mallet is a great bully with his 3 inch reach. Just my initial thoughts.
  9. Big_Butcher_G

    Duplicate post.

  10. Big_Butcher_G

    Alternative masons

    Brick looses appeal because he's easy to hit for me. I could be wrong though, I have only use him against butchers. I think mallet is an obvious choice buffing mist and flints kick. How do you find mist and Flint together?
  11. Big_Butcher_G

    Alternative masons

    So I've got limited experience with the masons at the moment and I'd like to run this team.. Honour, marbles, Flint, mist, chisel and??? I like the double threat and striking capabilities of having both Flint and mist, I think harmony is bad and I'm not really a big fan of brick (could be wrong) so it leaves mallet and he seems to make the most sense. Anyone run this setup or found a good synergy for chisel.
  12. Big_Butcher_G

    H: Butchers W:Morticians

    Hello I have a standard 7 butchers guild. There current half painted to a good standard but can either finish or strip to metal. I'd like a morticians guild, unpainted preferably. Thanks!
  13. Big_Butcher_G

    Quick Question: LTD ED. Boiler

    I'd like to take him off your hands. Is it resin?