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  1. Puber88


    So, I have been listening to a few podcasts recently, and I keep hearing the discussion on matchups arise. what I would be interested to discuss is who do people think are good matchups and bad, for teams and captains, and more importantly why? obviously we all know that the masons are shit, because marbles is dogshit, and Easton knows nothing. But aside from that, I definitely would be interested to hear what people think. thanks jk
  2. Puber88

    Gravity Well

    ah ok, so the charging model would be able to spend any remaining influence, just not on the original 'charged target' thanks
  3. Hi all, Two questions reagrding Locus' gravity well trait. The first is simple, if a model with a 2/3" Melee charges Locus, and stops outside of an inch and is subsequently pushed in, does Locus get to counter attack? The second is slightly more complicated, but makes for the positioning of charges, very important. If a model charges a friendly model stood near locus, and suffers the push towards locus, and this leads to the charging model being pushed out of melee range with the initial target, does this lead to a failed charge, and therefore the end of that players activation? thanks jk
  4. Puber88

    Kicking off with Cogs

    I have been thinking about this a bit recently, and I have come up with an idea, but looking for some feedback form more experienced cog players. Set up with Pin vice (or velocity i suppose in a ballista team) on an edge, with the ball to kick off, showing the sideline kick, have mother in the middle, with salvo, wideish on the opposite side. then instead of kicking up the sideline, knife your kicker inwards and gor for a shallow angle kick across your line, aiming for a decent scatter to keep the ball closeish to half way. Hopefully, the opposition, having seen your overload, and possible sideline kick, will have set up predominantly to the side opposite your kicker, making it very hard to get the ball, then mother or salvo can nab the loose ball and set up away from the other team. what do you guys think?
  5. Puber88

    Pin Vice Back to Back Goals

    I did not catch that!!! woop
  6. Puber88

    Pin Vice Back to Back Goals

    Salvo can only take 3 influence, but your point remains. If you get salvo stood bang centre, and you put can controller and alternator on him, he should be able to reach any player on the board!
  7. Puber88

    Pin Vice Back to Back Goals

    The only issue with the salvo plan is if the ball gets snapped to a player on the way out. you could controller a player and pop well oiled so that you can stell the ball with the receiver and then chain it back to Pinners for a tap in?
  8. Puber88


    you are spending influence to kick, the extra influence gives you additional range.
  9. Puber88

    Vet kat, OP or OK?

    Out of interest, which tournament was this and what was the opponent running? thanks
  10. Puber88

    One captain or two

    Listened to something I found interesting today! It was a discussion on tournament nines, and the general point was that whilst butchers can pick a nine that both captains can benefit from, the engineers tend to need to lean towards one. Do you guys agree with that opinion? And if so, which players or style of list do you go for with each? Thanks Jk
  11. Puber88

    No Goal for ju!

    Even if you used those three models to stop the goal, you still have 2 other players and your captain to score with, not forgetting vet velocity can get the ball and disappear upfield with it. Pinvice hoist and colossus gives you a very real goal threat, and if the tactic works and you stop the goal, vvel runs up field and colossus can drop into defence providing an even bigger base to block LOS. Using PV gives the option of well oiled machine as well, which can be a free massive dodge up-field!!! I think its an interesting tactic, as very little thought is given to defending goals really.
  12. Puber88

    No Goal for ju!

    Would def be interested in seeing how this works, you should still have some scoring presence with hoist and either captain as well
  13. Puber88

    Beating the scrum

    Thanks for all the replies, The annoying thing is, im reasonably experienced with the brewers, but just couldnt find a way to crack that cage, and I think potentially I am going to have to learn to sit back a bit and be patient, as running up into the cage simply causes me to lose a model a turn! I hate to say it, but I think Stave probably is the best answer to the cage!!!
  14. Puber88

    A little advice, please

    Captain of the losers guild!! welcome back sir!!! I feel i may have heard the story about hovering!!!
  15. Puber88

    Beating the scrum

    Hi All, So, i want to ask the general brewer community how to deal with opposition that kill the ball. I have played a couple of games recently, where having kicked off, my opponent, using first OX Butchers and the honour Masons, has effectively caged up and killed the ball, grinding 4 takeouts before running down and scoring to win the match. I have simply not been able to retrieve the ball or take out players fast enough to beat the cage. and even when i can get the ball out and score, the ball goes back in and is killed again. Normally, I would say, take hooper, tapper etc and beat the cage up, however, I am conscious of the fact that loading up a tournament nine with fighters, leaves little room for a football build that i think is now required to compete well at tournaments. I also think that it hasn't helped that i have kicked off on both occasions meaning I have had to chase the game. But can anyone lend any advice as i find myself just getting ground down, both in terms of p[lay style and list building, as the brewers unlike many teams, struggle with Ball retrieval. thanks