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  1. LunarSol

    Question about your playthroughs

    8 per player per spark, plus 2 per player plus remaining sparks. More or less you can give them the option of 10 per player + X sparks or 18 per player + (X-1) sparks by starting down a spark.
  2. LunarSol

    Possible Masons and Blacksmiths Identity Crisis?

    This has generally been a pretty apt description of the Masons, fwiw.
  3. I didn't find any of those all that problematic outside of skinny limbs. I don't hate static poses in general, but the sense of motion is just something that makes the game stand out to me compared to other games. A big part of the reason I've drifted over to Butchers is just how the team looks with so many aggressive poses and a great sense of speed. There are definitely models where a more passive stance makes sense, but overall I want my attackers and strikers to look like they're coming for you.
  4. Overall I like the move to plastic just on a portability/durability metric. The model quality itself seems fine, but I worry about pose dynamics. Everything we've seen is pretty static and a big draw to the game for me was the sense of motion in the players.
  5. LunarSol


    Better than Granite!
  6. LunarSol

    How to pull your punches?

    This is honestly the biggest problem I've had with teaching the game. The issue comes down to the fact that going easy on the opponent doesn't necessarily cause them to do things that actually score points to win the game. When I pull my punches what often happens is we play for 4-5 hours to a 4-6 score and I finally just have to be like "and then I do this, this and this and win". The bigger issue is that I find it gives new players the wrong impression of how the game really plays. A lot of the time I realize they get a mindset to play for turn 5-6 or just lose interest in the game because its too long. It basically creates a situation where even if they start doing better, they basically haven't learned anything until they're really playing against an opponent who isn't going to let the game go to turn 4. I don't really have an answer for this. In general I've found its easier to teach "hard knocks" style, but that's not for everyone. I can't say I really know a better way to learn unfortunately.
  7. LunarSol

    Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    Not too concerned about being limited to one turn. It's pretty hard to use his Heroic outside of turn 2 anyway.
  8. LunarSol

    Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    It's quite clever. Avarisse is more flexible with his Inf now, but he's still essentially a 1/4 player if you want to keep Greede on him, much the way it works now. I do agree the ability name changes are annoying. I'm sure its due to an upcoming player having it, but I really wish they would have errata'd Arrow to the Knee rather than replace it with Snipe.
  9. LunarSol

    Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    Ox's playbook is pretty significantly improved, its not just an extra damage at the top end. In addition to his 4 damage top end, it now takes 1 less success to trigger his 2 and 3 damage results. Butchery also triggers on 6 success instead of 7 and deals an additional damage along with the play.
  10. LunarSol

    Casting materials for new guilds

    I think the detail on the new plastics looks great, but the poses really seem to suffer. Some of it is just the guilds in question, but the new models are very planer and straight legged. It's really noticeable in Sledge, who basically avoids every opportunity to enter the third dimension. It's a far cry from the sense of movement you get out of say, the Butchers, who outside of Ox, vBrisket and Meathook are pretty much all clearly coming to get you and create a fantastic sense of motion on the pitch.
  11. LunarSol


    Ah, I had read the momentum update but didn't see the deployment suggestion. I assumed the doc had been updated when I went to see what the current rules are.
  12. LunarSol


    Deployment alternates, so Morticians should have had an opportunity to put a player between Fillet and Ox if they wished.
  13. LunarSol

    Does the pitch need to be 3' wide?

    Scoring doesn't need to be made easier by any means, but I do think the width of the pitch would get more use if goals were 2x4" rectangles or something similar instead of 50mm markers. It's often important though to try and control where the center point of the game occurs anyway though and the edges make a good buffer to that end. It's one of those things where if you feel like its not being utilized, you should try and use it and see if you can gain anything by directing the game to one side or another. Terrain setups can also help make this happen.
  14. LunarSol


    If the ball snaps to a player on the kicking team, wouldn't it by definition not be across the center line?
  15. LunarSol

    House rules ideas

    Sad to see the game doesn't appear to have been received very well. I haven't quite figured out if its an actual problem with the game or the same kind of reason most people don't actually enjoy Dark Souls. I get not wanting to repeat rooms you've already cleared, but I guess that's something I sort of expect out of the franchise. I do feel like the souls system is missing the point a bit. In the videogames, they serve as a tension/push your luck mechanic. I doubt retreating to the bonfire more often would help with the grind issue, but I wonder if a little too often the game is about dying to get stronger instead of dying to get better. There are definitely times where I've felt the latter, and in those moments the game absolutely shines, but I'm not sure there's reliably enough options available for that to always be the case. The best game I've had was when I had the Heal spell, because I could skill my way past things well above my weight class by watching my bar and knowing when to go into recover mode before pressing the attack again. In most games you basically get 2 health bars and at some point the reds leave you out of options before they actually kill you. Souls and equipment fighting for the same resource also feels odd and out of place with the game. I can't help but feel like there's something to be done there which is probably why its where so many people focus on house rules. Maybe something as simple as a shop as a shop that's populated every time you clear a room (Lvl 1 = 1Black, Lvl2 = 1 Blue, LvL3 = 1 Gold) to help you dig through the treasure deck more efficiently? All in all though, it feels the issues I see are pretty common to the genre. I have yet to see the dungeon crawler that packs the tactics and depth people are looking for in the desired time frame. The campaign actually feels a bit closer to what people want in that regard, and maybe that's just the right answer to everything.