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  1. Wildeybeast

    Without a chance against masons?

    Keep Fillet away from Hammer and Tower. They just push her out of range on a counter and she loses all her inf. She's fast enough to go and pick on other players. Try to score goals as that line up simply won't do enough damage to Masons. Honestly, though, your Butchers line up is really going to struggle against that Masons team. If you are open to changing your line up, I'd suggest dropping Shank and Minx for Boar and VOx. They will allow you to attack Hammer with impunity while Fillet does whatever she wants. A Brisket for Boiler would give you much greater goal threat too. That Masons team is definitely beatable, but it will be an uphill battle with your team.
  2. Wildeybeast

    Talk to me about dat ass

    Peck definitely has his uses. He's really good against the likes of Alchemists for keeping conditions off Thresher and against teams that you know are bringing a load of momentous KD's (Brewers/ Hammer Masons). I think Buckwheat is made better by the fact Farmers lack a top level striker.
  3. Wildeybeast

    Talk to me about dat ass

    I can't take any credit for it, just passing on the wisdom, but you are welcome.
  4. Wildeybeast

    Kicking/receiving hammer or honour?

    Doesn't make much difference to me. Hammer can receive and score or kick and kill; Honour/Flint can receive and score or kick and counter score on the first turn. The joy of Masons is their adaptability to any situation. I choose my captains based on the opposing guild e.g. I don't like running Hammer into Alchs as Burning, Blind and an Unpredictable captain make him very sad.
  5. Wildeybeast

    Talk to me about dat ass

    A friend pointed out a tactic with Buckwheat to me yesterday that I'm going to give a try. Stick him on one side of the pitch and you effectively remove a 4" corridor as no one is going to risk getting Asskicked off the pitch. That funnels the opposing team into the centre which is exactly where Thresher and Grange want them to be. It also gives you a safe side of the pitch to goal kick to. Especially good if you have Wingback.
  6. It would be interesting to know how many people come to GB as their first ever experience with tabletop miniatures. No idea how we'd get that data though. I can't speak for the rest of the world, but in the UK I would expect most people still come to gaming through GW due to their high street presence, and compared to them, GB is pocket change.
  7. A fair point. I guess at those prices you'd actually be better off going for the full 12 in plastic. I'm not sure how much SFG considers price point to be a barrier to entry. If $100 buys you the complete guild and tokens, which is basically all you need to play, that is considerably cheaper than most other miniatures games out there. Matt Hart has also said that he thinks time, rather than cash, is the big issue for most gamers.
  8. Did they actually say that redoing the fish as a 12 player set meant that they would be pulling the current 6 player metal boxes from sale? I may have missed that, but the impression I got was that this is aimed at established players who may well already have fish, hence the need for a survey to see whether people would buy them again in plastic. If that is the case, I don't see why they couldn't continue to sell the current boxes alongside them to make it easier to access for new players.
  9. Wildeybeast

    Musings on Veterans, New teams, and the Future

    Farmers will be getting vet Honour next year.
  10. Wildeybeast

    Spirit of Cooperation

    Yes (although obviously not including the model they are attacking)
  11. Wildeybeast

    Mason GIC Theory Thread

    Yeah, I don't often find myself getting charged, though this card is pretty awesome for when you do. Def 5 Arm 2 Flint will be a lot more survivable! It's one of only 3 guilds that keeps the healing rate at 4, so I guess that is a bonus too.
  12. Pfft, that looks far too organised and civilised. Now this is mob football... Shrovetide football in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. They even have their own custom built goals. ;-)
  13. Wildeybeast

    Roller ball

    No. Rollerball allows you to use Ramming Speed for free, but losing the ability to makes attacks comes from choosing to activate Rollerball, not Ramming Speed.
  14. Wildeybeast

    Hammer- Season 3 story reaction *NO SPOILERS*

    Yeah, I feel a pang of sympathy for him, but he loses it all by being a massive jerk. It says it all when his team mates are calling him out on his behaviour. I agree with @the_aY. I really don't want to use him just because of his fluff. Especially when we have the First Lady as our other choice for captain.
  15. Wildeybeast

    Zones or formations

    I find Masons come in two varities. Fast, self sufficient players and those who rely on/need to buff other people. The buffers tend to be slower and tougher, so they hug together in the middle, usually in a 4" bubble. The fast players go on the wing and do their stuff. It isn't revolutionary, but used right it wins games. E.g Honour, Marbles, OHarmony, Brick, Flint and Tower/Mallet. Flint and Harmony go on the wings, the rest sit close together in the middle. Your opponent can either deal with the goal threats on the wings or walk into the brick wall in the middle, but few teams can successfully shut down both.