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  1. Guild Ball Philippines

  2. Guild Ball Philippines

    http://www.pinoywargamer.com/?p=4432 Guild Ball x [24]7 x CoRe at Metrotent! I got to demo Guild Ball at a company's event last Saturday. #[24]7 #CoRe #SteamforgedGames #GuildBall #WolfSpiderEntertainment
  3. Guild Ball Philippines

    Thanks for the words of encouragement, Sidious Mike and GPG! What guilds do you guys play? Maybe I'll make those the protagonist teams in the manga/comic-style match reports I am a creative designer by profession, so I made that GBPH logo and sports frame by myself, patterned from stuff on Google. I was looking at the pics I took, and framing all those images will end up a waste and the end product will have uninteresting shots, which is why I plopped in the drone cam idea.
  4. Guild Ball Philippines

    Thanks for the kind words, Rune and Sidious Mike. I will try to make some more, but I have been hard pressed with trying to come up with a good storyline to tie the matches together, and not just make some random match every time. In the meantime, I tried a different treatment with this match between the Mason's Guild and the Butcher's Guild. Follow the rest of the match on the Pinoy Wargamer website: http://www.pinoywargamer.com/?p=4143 Let me know if you guys like this new format, or do you prefer the manga-style match reports instead? Thanks for reading! Good luck, have fun and always bring your ace game! #SteamforgedGames #GuildBall #MasonsGuild #ButchersGuild #PinoyWargamer
  5. Guild Ball Philippines

    Fred Escalona's Mortician's Guild vs Kim Navarro's Fisherman's Guild http://www.pinoywargamer.com/?p=3543
  6. Guild Ball Philippines

    The Guild Ball Tour reaches the hallowed halls of The Appraisery! The WSE team dropped by the gaming place at the Cubao Expo last Sunday, May 15, 2016. http://www.pinoywargamer.com/?p=3442
  7. Guild Ball Philippines

    For the series of games we’re running locally in the Philippines, and given that we want to improve the gaming experience in the various gaming venues we have, I decided to have this as a prize for the winner (which we’ll leave at the venues for gaming use) – winner gets to have his faction and his name printed on the mat. It will be on a vinyl tarpaulin material but we’re hoping to get a local source that will allow us to make custom “mouse pad” gaming mats in the future. So in effect, it’s a win-win situation – the shops/venues will have their nice gaming mats, and the winner will have a solid claim to bragging rights! http://www.pinoywargamer.com/?p=3357
  8. Guild Ball Philippines

    Guild Ball Immortality Series 1 http://www.pinoywargamer.com/?p=3274
  9. Guild Ball Philippines

    Guild Ball represent at the Hobby Expo at Fisher Mall http://www.pinoywargamer.com/?p=3030
  10. Display Cabinet - Guild Ball Philippines

    Mortician's Guild, painted for Koko Campiglio by John Zablan.
  11. Guild Ball Philippines

    Guild Ball Philippines Tour - Guild House! Photo by Dino Yu http://www.pinoywargamer.com/?p=2131
  12. Display Cabinet - Guild Ball Philippines

    Mortician's Guild painted by Ayo Supangco. Fisherman's Guild painted by John Zablan. I'm looking forward to playing against these bad boys soon!
  13. What's in a name?

    That's just straight copy and paste from a Google search for "Fahad meaning".
  14. Guild Ball Philippines

    Decided to put some ELO rankings for the local competitive community. Check it out here: http://www.pinoywargamer.com/?p=2033
  15. What's in a name?

    The name Fahad is a Muslim baby name. In Muslim the meaning of the name Fahad is: Lynx. Panther.