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  1. Guild Ball Tournament - Falconers Launch Event At Glimpses of Wonder and Warfare in Sherwood, OR, USA $10 Entry/$30 In Store Purchase 10am Register 11am Round 1 starts We will have prizes for first and second, as well as additional event prizes. This will be a Regional Cup Style Tournament, with additional rules determined by the Falconers Launch. The number of rounds will be determined by attendance. We will use 10 man rosters, This roster must consist of 1-2 [Captain] models, 1-2 [Mascot] models, and 4-8 Team Member models that play for the selected Guild. Players may select both an original and a Veteran version of a single named model in their 10 model rosters. Players that did not choose the Union as their Guild may only select a single eligible Union model for their roster. We will be using the Game Plan deck instead of Plot cards for this event. We will be using a round timer for this event. The Round timer will be 120 minutes. https://www.facebook.com/events/217252789043007/ http://longshanks.org/events/?event=1024
  2. A French hello Guys

    Welcome to the forums Kevin! I hope that you can get hooked up with some awesome people to play Godtear!
  3. Butcher player, new to forums.

    Ugh, an 8 hour round trip is not something I could swing this weekend. Bummer.
  4. Murderball: Vet Rage Primer

    Reading this inspired me to try Coun with vRage; it was a wonderful experience. Thank you for taking the time to write this.
  5. Butcher player, new to forums.

    I'll let you know what we have coming up next.
  6. Butcher player, new to forums.

    We are in the Willamette valley. I run stuff in Sherwood Or. We have players north in Portland and South in Eugene. So, fairly far west.
  7. Butcher player, new to forums.

    Welcome to the forums! I am a neighbor to the west. Where in Idaho do you find yourself playing? (Totally selfish, I have family over there and it would be nice to know a place to go hide while visiting)
  8. A New Morticians Player Says Hello

    Awesome to hear! Welcome to the forums!
  9. A New Morticians Player Says Hello

    Welcome to the game! Have you found your local community and their representatives?
  10. Gameplan Deck - Squaddie

    Awesome, thank you!
  11. Several game plan cards list the bracketed word squaddie, but I can't find an explanation of what one is. What is a squaddie model?
  12. Next match.... Union vs. Butchers

    Butchers, not Brewers. If you can tie up Boar, his damage potential goes down greatly. Fangtooth could probably serve that role well, but may not be what you want to have fangtooth do, if you play fangtooth.
  13. New to the Union

    First game I had, the turtle made an epic goal run, and scored! Unfortunately, I was too excited by the goal and went for it too early, costing me the game.
  14. New to the Union

    Hello Guildbrawlers! Over the holidays I got my hands on the Bloody Coin box for the union. And have committed to playing union until June at least. I have been playing Brewers since season one, but my community wanted a change. So they get vetRage, yay for them! So far my first few games have gone well. I find myself thinking about what I can do too much, and not as familiar with all my abilities. Though at this point I need a shirt with "I 💓 Fangtooth". I love that guy. First time I ever used him he did 42 points of damage in 1 turn. (We will just ignore that 30 of it was to my own team...) Anyways, it's been fun. First tournament outing will be at the end of January. It'll be fun!
  15. Hi Everyone!

    Welcome! I love the Brewers. Hunters are ok too. You are in the Scotland area?