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  1. Zach Stein


  2. Zach Stein

    Bourbon Trail Open

    Best Guild ball Tournament in the US!! Details to come. Save the date.
  3. Zach Stein

    Mo-Ball Podcast Ep3

    Finally got to listen to one of your shows. Very good! Best theme song for a podcast by far!!
  4. Zach Stein

    Thoughts on OP criticism

    On the recent Strictly the Worst podcast they discussed how they feel that the OP document is doing more to shape the meta than anything else. I tend to find that I agree with this. It was my feeling at the start of S3 that a lot of problems were fixed, but the OP document might of taken a few things a bit to far. Here are a few of the main points discussed there and a few of my own. #1- To Many Captains- It was discussed that Fishermen basically get the upper hand here because with the two captains they can cover most bad match-ups better than most. It was explained as playing a 2 list game into a 1 list format for the Fish. I like having multiple Captains with different options, but my opinion has always favored 1 list formats and I feel that this game would lose nothing by allowing only 1. In fact I feel it would open up the field quite a bit. #2- Union- This is just my thing, I feel that the Union problem was mostly resolved in the rules rework. Restricting access is just the final nail in the coffin for many members of this guild. maybe it is ok to only allow one on the pitch at a time, but there is a lot of utility from those models that one could get use of if more were allowed on the bench. IMO though I think they should have just let them ride as normal in season 2 for a bit to see how they go. As was stated in the podcast, this is not a Good/Bad argument, but just critically looking at how it effects the game and meta. I would just like to hear a little more discussion on the matter.
  5. Zach Stein

    what do you use for a bag?

    Ever since KR has been a thing I have never seen a more desperate ad campaign to bash the opposition. While I do not slight anyone for choosing what they want, I have never had any models scuffed with battle foam trays. I would say that the way individuals handle their models makes more difference than the foam they are in. Both companies offer good products that support diverse customer needs. To be honest, I go with what is most accessible in my location. I I have the battle foam bag and it works just fine. If KR was supported by my local store I am sure that would do fine too.
  6. Zach Stein


    I do believe that that is exactly how Greede is intended to be used. He is to stay connected until the opportunity arrives to take the ball and score a goal. The problem is that at the moment he is far to valuable hanging back and doing nothing at the moment so why would anyone even try that in a serious game. The sad thing is that Avarisse is quite valuable on his own as is so maybe they just have to tweek him out a bit to make the combo work as intended. The impression I picked up at Gencon is that they will be one of the models changing when the recalibration drops in a few months.
  7. Zach Stein

    Fun Formats

    I wrote this article on trying out some fun formats of play. I wanted to open this thread for discussion on the matter. https://partingblow.wordpress.com/2016/08/25/fun-formats/
  8. Zach Stein

    A little talk on Attrishermen

    Sakana a is one of the more valuable pieces of the team. The <<>> is one of the best ways for you to control positioning without any "directly" restrictions. Weak Point is also highly valuable to make sure armor does not get in the way. Outside of that, he is the fastest model on the team and can control the ball.
  9. Zach Stein

    A little talk on Attrishermen

    Yes. He is.
  10. Zach Stein

    A little talk on Attrishermen

    Yeah. One thing that has occurred to me while playing is that if you just hang out on your side of the pitch, they have to come to you sometime. The toughest games have been the ones where I am drawn out and get forced to play a regular game.
  11. Zach Stein

    Corsair Play Experience?

    That was a good list to play against. I liked it.
  12. https://partingblow.wordpress.com/2016/06/29/attrishermen-ho/
  13. Zach Stein

    Parting Blow- Opinions You Can't Escape

    Back with more after a bit of a break. https://partingblow.wordpress.com/2016/06/29/attrishermen-ho/
  14. Zach Stein

    Smoke Article

    I find Smoke far better against Butchers than Midas. She wants to exploit any team that uses gang up tactics.
  15. Zach Stein

    Smoke Article

    Thoughts on recent experiences and tactics https://partingblow.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/smoke-and-mirrors/