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  1. The East Canadian National Championship for 2019 will be held in Montreal on June 1st and 2nd, at the store L'Abyss. We are doubling the number of spaces available from the last edition, up to 64 players. Save the date! Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1935556023407843/
  2. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    I've had my Butchers for a couple of months now, but with other commitments, painting them always took a second place is my priority list. However, I'm having a small hole is my other ongoing projects right now, so it was time to put paint to models! I just started working on Ox. I'm gonna do the three models from the starter first, as I do some demos and they'll get the more use. I'm going with a scheme similar to the artwork. I like the muted tone on them. Right now, it's mostly colour blocking and some shading work on the pants and apron. More to come soon I hope. I also painted one of my Zuzzy mat to use for demos. Simple and quick, but it does the job. I have a 3x3 I want to do in similar colours for full game too.
  3. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    Small project, but still worth sharing. Painting a couple of custom event balls this weekend. Really like the frog one!
  4. Tonio

    Compson's Painting...

    Amazing work!
  5. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    Took a couple more days than planned, as I was working on another project, but the last three KO masons are done, and I now have a playable line-up! They will probably see the pitch already tomorrow.
  6. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    Two more quick paint "masons" done today! And some base coats on the last three models. I should be done over the weekend. 3 days for my masons, and 3 years for my Butchers...
  7. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    I started to fast paint my Kick Off masons, to take a break from the Butchers. I wanted to wait for the Navigators originally, but with the multiple delays, I'm falling back to another guild I have on hand. The goal is to paint them fast ans simple, not to the same standard I set myself with the Butchers. It's sloppier, not as clean or detailed, but they will look fine on the table, and it will also give me a team to get my son into the game. Did a couple models yesterday, before work and on my lunch break, Mallet and Honour. At that speed, I'll probably finish the team in less time than it takes me to paint one of the meatheads!
  8. I have too many guilds, and with the new minors incoming, I need to make space. I have some single Union and Order metal models. UNION - Fangtooth, cleaned ($12 CAD) - Decimate, cleaned and partially assembled ($8 CAD) - Gutter, cleaned and assembled ($8 CAD) - Harry, assembled, based and primed black ($8 CAD) ORDER - Seasoned Brisket, nib ($10 CAD) SHIPPING Can ship anywhere, from Canada. Buyer pays shipping. SELL/TRADE I can sell, or trade for Aristeia, Anyaral, Moonstone, Relic Knights (Shattered Sword or Doctrine) or Warmaster models.
  9. Tonio

    Union and Order singles for sale/trade

    Engineer and Alchemists have been sold. Added Seasoned Brisket for sale, and some Wants to the list.
  10. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    Tenderiser is done! While I had the mat and the camera out, I also took pics of Truffles. I should paint Fillet next, to finally mix things up a bit more, but I really want to paint vet Gutter model. Hmmm...
  11. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    Forgot to take a picture of Truffles, but it's done. Will try to do so tonight. I also started working on Tenderiser. Still need to decide what item will get the red accent.
  12. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    Thanks! Those parts do take the most time on those minis. So much skin on Boar... Some progress on the pig last night:
  13. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    It has taken a long time, but I'm finally adding to my base 6. Did Meathook this week, and starting to work on Truffles.
  14. Here are the initial informations about the Canadian Eastern National Guild Ball Championship. It will be held in Montréal, QC, June 2nd at l'Abyss. 7355 St-Michel, Montreal, Quebec. The National Championship will strictly follow the rules in the Organized Play Document for a Regional Cup format that are current at the time of the event. The Championship will be limited to 32 players. Tickets will be $25.00 and available for purchase on the hosting store website soon, and includes lunch for the day. We are looking at hotel blocks right now. More information to follow soon.
  15. Tonio

    Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    The pre-registrations are now open on l'Abyss webstore: http://www.labyss.com/catalog/events-inscription-wargames_inscriptions/inscription_guild_ball_2_juin_2018/428713 Remember that as this event is a National Championship, pre-registering is important. The winner of the event gets an entry to Steamcon UK and an invitation for the World Championship, but if we reach at least 30 paid pre-registrations, the winner also gets the flight and hotel paid for by Steamforged Games.
  16. In the latest episode of Geeks of the North (ep27), we go over Guild Ball. I know it's preaching to the choir, but I wanted to share it here anyway for completeness sake. Pay us a listen if you can stomach through the thick french-canadian accents of some of our hosts. http://geeksofthenorth.com/2016/03/31/geeks-of-the-north-episode-27-guild-ball/
  17. Our 4th Guild Ball match report is now on Youtube! Paul and his Corsair led Fishermen are out for blood as they try to get revenge for the last game against Steve and his Theron led Hunters. https://youtu.be/lfTTqIPv42g
  18. Our third Match Report is now available on Youtube. Paul's Fishermen vs Steve's Hunters, using the second iteration of the GIC. Let us know what you think.
  19. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    Thanks for the tip about small batch degassing. I'll have to try it. It probably ruins your seringues, right? So you need some cheap throwaway ones?
  20. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    It took a long time, but my initial line-up is finally done!!! Not happy with Shank's pictures, but the group shot came out great. I also painted Minx for a friend.
  21. Our second match report is now on youtube, featuring Hunters vs my poorly led Butchers.
  22. That's not the same game. The one on Youtube right now is from our first stream some weeks ago, where Paul indeed played Shark. The one last Friday on Twitch he did in fact play Corsair, as he just finished painting him.
  23. We've started streaming some of our games, and further editing them as battle reports on Youtube. You can check out our first one out now: Hunters vs Fishermen. Let us know what you think.
  24. Totally forgot to post on here, but we've recently started to do Guild Ball exclusive content in our podcast spin-of "Guilds of the North". We have three episodes out as of now. Guilds of the North 1 - July 28th Balance Errata and SteamCon USA http://www.geeksofthenorth.com/e/guilds-of-the-north-1-july-28th-balance-errata-and-steamcon-usa/ Guilds of the North Episode 2 - Blacksmiths and Lucky http://www.geeksofthenorth.com/e/guilds-of-the-north-episode-2-blacksmiths-and-lucky/ Guilds of the North Episode 3 - Guild Identity Cards http://www.geeksofthenorth.com/e/guilds-of-the-north-guild-identity-cards/ Happy listening!