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  1. Tonio

    Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    The pre-registrations are now open on l'Abyss webstore: http://www.labyss.com/catalog/events-inscription-wargames_inscriptions/inscription_guild_ball_2_juin_2018/428713 Remember that as this event is a National Championship, pre-registering is important. The winner of the event gets an entry to Steamcon UK and an invitation for the World Championship, but if we reach at least 30 paid pre-registrations, the winner also gets the flight and hotel paid for by Steamforged Games.
  2. Here are the initial informations about the Canadian Eastern National Guild Ball Championship. It will be held in Montréal, QC, June 2nd at l'Abyss. 7355 St-Michel, Montreal, Quebec. The National Championship will strictly follow the rules in the Organized Play Document for a Regional Cup format that are current at the time of the event. The Championship will be limited to 32 players. Tickets will be $25.00 and available for purchase on the hosting store website soon, and includes lunch for the day. We are looking at hotel blocks right now. More information to follow soon.
  3. Our 4th Guild Ball match report is now on Youtube! Paul and his Corsair led Fishermen are out for blood as they try to get revenge for the last game against Steve and his Theron led Hunters. https://youtu.be/lfTTqIPv42g
  4. Our third Match Report is now available on Youtube. Paul's Fishermen vs Steve's Hunters, using the second iteration of the GIC. Let us know what you think.
  5. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    Thanks for the tip about small batch degassing. I'll have to try it. It probably ruins your seringues, right? So you need some cheap throwaway ones?
  6. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    It took a long time, but my initial line-up is finally done!!! Not happy with Shank's pictures, but the group shot came out great. I also painted Minx for a friend.
  7. Our second match report is now on youtube, featuring Hunters vs my poorly led Butchers.
  8. That's not the same game. The one on Youtube right now is from our first stream some weeks ago, where Paul indeed played Shark. The one last Friday on Twitch he did in fact play Corsair, as he just finished painting him.
  9. We've started streaming some of our games, and further editing them as battle reports on Youtube. You can check out our first one out now: Hunters vs Fishermen. Let us know what you think.
  10. Totally forgot to post on here, but we've recently started to do Guild Ball exclusive content in our podcast spin-of "Guilds of the North". We have three episodes out as of now. Guilds of the North 1 - July 28th Balance Errata and SteamCon USA http://www.geeksofthenorth.com/e/guilds-of-the-north-1-july-28th-balance-errata-and-steamcon-usa/ Guilds of the North Episode 2 - Blacksmiths and Lucky http://www.geeksofthenorth.com/e/guilds-of-the-north-episode-2-blacksmiths-and-lucky/ Guilds of the North Episode 3 - Guild Identity Cards http://www.geeksofthenorth.com/e/guilds-of-the-north-guild-identity-cards/ Happy listening!
  11. Tonio

    Tonio's workshop

    He has been on the painting table for far too long, with other painting projects and convention stuff to do, but I'm finally done with Boar. Just have Shank left to do for my original 6.
  12. Tonio

    Chaosludik, April 22nd and 23rd

    Our group is running Chaosludik, a miniature game convention in Montreal, Canada, on April 22nd and 23rd. We have 12 tournaments for 8 different games in our programme, and Guild Ball is one of them! The GB tournament is on Sunday the 23rd. Max of 32 players, Regional Cup format. $35, includes a lunch, a snack and some swag. Registrations are open: http://www.chaosludik.net/p/registration.html
  13. Tonio

    Taco Bowl 3 - Tacodermy [Feb 18th]

    Only 2 days left to pre-registration, and we're missing only two players to apply for sanctioned status. Montréal players, get registered!
  14. Our next Montreal tournament will be held on Feb 18th at Gamers' Vault Decelles. - Regional Cup format - 24 spots - 10$ for GV members, 15$ for the others - Price includes lunch - Pre-registration until January 28th (at the store or online through me) If you have other questions, ask here or on the event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/1852162245040449/