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  1. Using Shank in s03

    Seems odd to me given the fluff that shank doesn't have light footed. His base speed is also super lame, you really have to pay to get his threat range up - bit his potential foes down rapidly as you do this. Hoping for a wee boost because he seems very inefficient at present with furious/vindictive etc etc all available and competing.
  2. Help with New Ox

    The 'wonder play' is pulling in a crowd with vox, blood raining/exsanguinating the bunch of them and then throwing a sanguine pool on anyone who survives fillet and meathook... Too much activation order competition to easily pull off but a nice idea. The synergy of gathering a crowd then doing your other area effect stuff to them should be a part of your plan and something the opponent needs to play to avoid. Nb I play boar most games, certainly vs fish. Tenderiser and vet ox are probably a reasonably frequent swap. Fillet, truffles and Meathook are staples with brisket1, boar, vet ox and tenderiser options. I don't like shank or boiler much (I know, even with princess) and prefer avarisse and greede from union over Harry (too many 3 Def players and too much competition for midfield.) I like to play tenderiser if people are going to need to score twice to beat me. Hope that helps
  3. Using Shank in s03

    If he had snared like minx he might be more useful, or if thousand cuts was easier to trigger. At present he struggles to pull his weight for me and if he uses his threat range to mark someone up (as noted he can't really do much at Max range) then a decent parting blow is a must and he doesn't have one. Kd might be out of character but the snared debuff to movement would be a nice touch. Or as has been said, a charge for one influence under certain circumstances trait. If he was jog 7 but swapped WTG for acrobatic that could work also.
  4. Help with New Ox

    If he barrels forward he tends to die... I found that using him more as a battery and marker is better. He is useful vs one inch players especially and vs low Def so he can hit 4th column and higher. he is not great vs E.g. Fish where his healing/lash traits don't really come into it and he struggles to get to the meaningful part of the playbook. I have yet to pull off the wonder play with him and blood rain etc. In reality 'directly towards' is very limiting for the chain pull off his slow move. Rowdy seems a bit pointless other than to get momentum out of a fluffed roll and if he is crowded out and Kd they start wrapping so... Not a main damage dealer. Useful in certain matchups, has great potential but needs setup (which can negate his efficiency). Still a decent player, just not amazing in spite of his promising card. With one influence he occupies a lot of board threat and can contribute to the many greedy players. Leave him at home and prefer boar against people who aren't going to do much damage to you.
  5. Veteran Ox confirmed

    Given he's been a prisoner I'd find the idea of him not being able to retaliate vs 2" players hard; you'd think he had resolved to not 'be a passive victim'. So I'd assume a 2" zone (or some more complex variable zone) and something like poised. I'd assume he has some strongbox like aura, or maybe gains tac when engaged or damaged. He looks like a boss.
  6. Butchers in to Fish

    I play tenderiser, Harry, boar at the back vs fish. boar and tenderiser should cover each other with charges but not be simultaneously engagable. Harry can sit in front obstructing movement with goad, molotov and his zone. you need to watch for jac pushing the keeper away. the three of them all have two inch zones, pushes, KDs so it's a question of maximising the damage you put on any fish striker that comes near. meanwhile you want to have the option to either kill the ball (E.g tenderiser or boar take it) or to counterscore if he has it. +tn from tenderiser is great and if vet brisket can immediately knock one in then you can go goal for goal. With butcher playbooks go last/go first is still an option to double up damage to take out corsair who is then too sloe to get much done. likewise mutual support between the three two inch players should push/Kd fangtooth away, or you can try taking truffles to mark him up.
  7. W: LE Midas

    Hi, Yeah I still one Thanks
  8. Black Friday order mess

    in fairness I just got an email saying the resin Princess I ordered months ago is not going to come so they might be catching up. They told me at the time that order wasn't filled that there was an issue with the stock levels shown on the webstore...
  9. Black Friday order mess

    If I ultimately get the various resin (non Ltd) models that I need to complete the teams I ordered on sale then I'll be happy enough. I know that having 5 members of a team isn't that useful, and the thought of plugging the gaps in my resin teams with metal models makes me feel..... uneasy.
  10. Do support@ reply to emails?

    Don't you think you're being premature trying by to make contact on the forum after being ignored for three weeks if you haven't even tried writing a letter yet? Maybe you should relax and just sculpt your own models out of potato. 
  11. Black Friday order mess

    I'm not sure it is legal in the absence of a written policy. Which is what I said. Are you 100% certain it is? Certainly when trading in financial instruments it is most certainly not legal. So am I making a baseless insinuation or asking a reasonable question based on my knowledge from another context? To your last point - in what sense is something allocated if they ship it to someone else and then don't have it to send to you anymore? What does it mean to be allocated except to have some claim on receipt? It's important to mention they: 1) massively underestimated the popularity of their clearance sale 2) made a mistake on pricing 3) had a webstore which apparently was not fit for purpose 4) have made errors in shipping 5) have not had a clear policy explaining how they are assigning stock 6) have not communicated as clearly as they might Yes they are a good bunch of people and no doubt mean well. And my comments are not meant to come across as harsh. I feel like anyone who doesn't leap to SFGs defense or who dares suggest they could improve gets a lot of 'give them a break' responses.
  12. Black Friday order mess

    Two of my local group who have received their packages have the wrong models. If they are getting (Resin, but not Ltd Ed) models they didn't order - does this mean someone else will get a 'sorry you aren't getting that model you need to complete your resin team' email?
  13. Black Friday order mess

    So I'm expecting a company to sell me something at the listed price and post it within a reasonable timeframe, having already taken my money? Sorry for being so unreasonable.... As to FCFS where you have a limited quantity of goods what system would you propose to use? 'treating customers fairly' is a typical basis of principles based regulation and if it applied here would lead me to think that if it isn't FCfS as one might reasonably expect then the policy should be made explicit. Call it tough love for SFG. Maybe they aspire to being the best company they can be and perhaps pointing out where they fall short can help them. Or perhaps fawning and giving them a break will be more useful.
  14. Black Friday order mess

    I'm away on holiday from tomorrow for three weeks. My concern is that it'll get to my house, get bounced, sit in the post office and then get sent back... where they'll sell it to someone else. I am relaxed, but also think the world gets better when we all try and improve it. If fairness is important then it's important everywhere, even if the degree varies. It is also likely that a company that learns from early experiences like this will be more successful and last longer. Thanks for taking time out of your busy life though ;)