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  1. Mithrion

    Counter attack v Berzerk

    Sorry to reopen this toppic. It came up yesterday in a game I played. Same situation as OP. Rage declares attack, opposing player declares CA. On p43 of the S2 rulebook it says that after you select a playbook result (a damage result in this case) in step 2.6: "apply valid playbook effects, character traits and gain MP..." So does that mean that you may attack again immediatly as it is a character trait? Or does it simply mean that you immediatly get the opportunity to attack again, later during that activation? But after the CA?
  2. Mithrion


    weren't there any stat cards inside that box? could you 'spoil' them? ;-)
  3. Mithrion


    weren't they on sale/for win at adepticon? can't those people put them online?
  4. Mithrion


    For those of us who aren't going to make it to Salute: when will the 2 extra models (Chaska and Seenah) be available for (pre-)order? As I understood all the rest of the season 2 hunters (and rulebook) will be available from 16th of april onwards?
  5. Mithrion

    Season 2 Rulebook PDF

    does anyone knows if the hunters' stat cards will be in the S2 rulebook? I suppose so, but can somebody confirm?
  6. Mithrion

    How to get season 2 cards?

    Is there a timeframe of when hunter-card will be online?
  7. Mithrion

    Multiplayer /team

    Never tried before. Do you see it as 2 teams vs 2 teams or all 4 against eachother? If all 4 against eachother, I think it get WAY more difficult to score! Because once someone has recieved the ball (with a pass for example), there are 3 activations (3 other ENEMY players) before you can really do what you planned with that ball. So no idea if it's playable.
  8. Mithrion

    Take a breather lad! Antwerp Belgium

    LOVE to come, BUT: on the 10th of april, we have a gaming day at our own club (not for GB, but something else), the next week: on the 16th of april, there was a little thing going on, I think it's called Salute or something.. and then I would be in Antwerp the next weekend... Pretty sure I can't sell this one.. But have a nice tourney!
  9. Mithrion

    New player Antwerp Belgium

    Hi Sven! There only seems to be one option for this dilemma. Buy them all! No, seriously, what some people I know did, is print out the paper mini's, play a few games with some of them and then you can choose what playstyle suits you best. Or you can always go for the models/looks you like best. Anyway, nice to have you here. If you are looking for specifically Belgian players, go to: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1693280747624106/?fref=ts Are you also from Antwerp (or that area?) or from somewhere else?
  10. Mithrion

    GuildBall Belgium united

    lol! nice nickname you have here! never would have guessed! As you might know, I'm already a member. Greetz
  11. really LOVE this one! looks even better in real life!
  12. Mithrion

    New player Antwerp Belgium

    Don't know how I did it, but mine even plays along! she has her own team, painted and all.. Just can't get her to paint my models though..
  13. Mithrion


    thanks! I'll start warming up my printer here!
  14. Mithrion


    do we know if the new cards are all up to date? don't feel like printing them all out and then finding I have to print them again!
  15. Mithrion


    Lovely!! I too was looking forward to this! Was a pain in the *** to have some cards the other way around!