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  1. Marbles


    I bring her for Sentinel and Quick Foot. Everything else is just gravy.
  2. Marbles

    Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    I feel than any argument for Chisel can be countered by "why not take Mist instead?"
  3. Marbles

    How to Shark like a pro?

    Then there will be two minor guild players to utilise. The game evolves and won't ever stop evolving. I wouldn't let that stop you from learning to play the game as it stands. Learn your guild, observe the changes, adapt.
  4. Marbles

    How to Shark like a pro?

    I explained a little above. Kraken has Drag, which is massively powerful. He also does reasonable damage and has really easy KD on a 2" melee. This is a very strong combination for locking down enemy models, especially ones with a 1" melee. I don't really see how anyone could look a Drag and his playbook and not see something useful. And remember I suggested playing Kraken along side A&G, you should play them as a pair. A&G are very good when set up and Kraken sets them up.
  5. Marbles

    How to Shark like a pro?

    Drag, KD on a 2" melee (important for locking your opponents in) and the most efficient damage to inf ratio of non captain Fish players. He should only be giving away that kind of momentum if you throw him into the enemy team. He should be fine just sitting in your libes threatening the drag.
  6. Marbles

    How to Shark like a pro?

    You guys both missed Kraken. I said Kraken, right? Please don't overlook him. He has weaknesses for sure but what he brings to to lineup is important. I could go into more detail but really there is no amount of forum posting that can trump just trying a thing out for yourself. I usually play Shark, Tentacles, oSiren, Hag, Kraken and A&G. Just remember that you are not fighting toe-to-toe. You are using your tools (Shark's LP, Lure, Drag) to isolate players, take them out and win initiative.
  7. Marbles

    How to Shark like a pro?

    You should try playing Shark with A&G and Kraken. They have some nice synergy with a shark lineup and take the 3-0 pressure off of you.
  8. Marbles

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    I rate Mist over Minx due the enormous threat you can put on the ball with the ability to put 2 strikers and Harmony on the pitch. Also it's just so hard to say no to a 2" melee striker. With that said, I feel like the argument over Mist/Minx tends to disregard Decimate, who imo still brings a lot to the table. Both captains and Harmony are big fans of 2nd wind, Thousand Cuts is a fantastic ability, she's fast and has really reliable damage. She doesn't have the efficiency of Minx or the goal threat of Mist, but deserves to be part of the conversation.
  9. Marbles

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    I think Rahn has made some valid points. However, the tone in some of his posts is unnecessary. My main point contesting is that he has simply stared the virtues of Minx, not actually made any case for why she is better than the other union players competing for the spot.
  10. Marbles

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    Maybe I didn't explain myself properly. I wasn't commenting on Marbles vs Wrecker in an Honour lineup, just saying that there exist strategies for Wrecker in Honour lineups. Also, there reasonable arguments for not playing Harmony with Honour. It's not my preference to play without either player, but it certainly can be done.
  11. Marbles

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    Mist is a striker with excellent threat, a payed for dodge and 2" melee. There are solid arguments for both Mist and Minx. There are also plenty of competitive Honour lineups that don't feature oHarmony or Marbles. Honour, Wrecker, Brick, Flint, Mallet, Tower for example. Don't let other peoples perceptions of the game dictate what you play.
  12. Marbles

    Let's Revisit Lucky

    As I see it Masons have a fixed 8 on the Roster - Honour, Hammer, Marbles, Flint, Brick, oHarmony, Tower and Mallet. Then you take a union player, usually Mist for me. After that there's an argument to be made for Lucky, Chisel, vHarmony or Wrecker for the final spot (sorry Granite).
  13. Marbles

    Thresher, the destroyer of dreams.

    From the sounds of it Thresher got to "live the dream". This can happen the first time you play against something due to being unprepared. It shouldn't happen a 2nd time just by merit of you having seen it before. Generally you want to play your counter charge bubble slightly further back than you usually would and delay the game as much as possible. Then use ss on Flint or Harmony to attack the ball and force Thresher to split his attention. He's awesome, but can only be in one place. Mallet and Honour/Marbles can put enough threat on Thresher that he can't just commit to you any time he pleases.
  14. Actually I don't remember the last time I lost to Brewers with Masons, but the closest i've came was in a tournament last weekend against Esters. I was surprised by how tough the game ended up being since I usually don't have too hard a time dealing with Tapper and he is considered the better of the two captains. Feel free to disagree with me. It's just my opinion.