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  1. carver72

    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Thank you so much , now I've just got to get the blacksmiths ! You make it sound so easy , now you have broken it down into steps
  2. Another 4 games posted today
  3. Great to meet you , and add a vote to the hunters
  4. carver72

    Hunting for Extra Life

    Thanks again
  5. carver72

    Brewers helping the Hunters

    Thanks for the help .
  6. So this game was against a good friend of mine Ross Tully After a bit of pre game banter , I decided to play s brisket SB kicked out , and then got goaded by the monkey , hammer smashed mist Mason's moved the ball about but kept dropping it when ever possible , SB went for a dodge around everyone in the scrum to try to get the ball then failed right at the end Turn 2 mist came back on scored , hammer mallet and tower beat up benny , Turn 3 mist got the ball of V harmony and scored again , mason's smashed up another couple of players . Score 8-6 to the union Turn 4 , late in the turn , A&G got the ball kicked to space within 6" of the mason's goal , Ross had spent most of his inf beating SB to death again Mist charge from cover into mallet , bounced off with a single dodge , the paid for acrobatics to snatch up the lose ball and score the final winning goal .. Final score 12-8 to the union , So I went 2-2 and our team 1066 unite came 4th overall , which we were proper pleased with as between us we had played less than 15 games with union and most of them had been escalation league games Fantastic days gaming at jumpers3 and looking forward to the next event . Pictures to follow
  7. Now this was my nightmare game , Only played against farmers once before and " boy " it showed V rage charged in fully loaded , to come away only doing two damage , then rage was beaten to the ground and taken out Mist then went for a goal and missed , then was taken out So the score was 6-0 to the farmers , Turn 2 , Bushel had the ball and was on a stack of inf , Grange was standing over greede with a stack of inf And I was in a world of disappointed Final score 12-0 to the farmers Pictures to follow
  8. Played Daniel adams a couple of times now and tbh he was on form again Scored a goal with mist and beat hemlocke into the dirt, Dan showed me what a really v rage union team does and smashed me for a solid 12 points without breaking into a sweat . Great game as normal . Pics to follow
  9. So I was lucky enough to face , the bearded mini himself After a pin vice legendary fluff on goal , v rage took his revenge Ratchet blew chunks out of a&g and strongbox for most of the game Final score 12-6 to the union( hunters ) Pictures to follow
  10. carver72

    Hunters bled by Fillets Bloody Butchers

    Needs pictures mate , to make it count 😢
  11. Teams = s brisket , mist , a&g and strongbox Vs tapper, hooper , mash and scum Turn 1 , mist kicks ball, scatters to scum , scum kicks to tapper , mist charges tapper , tackles ball , attacks again , gets nothing , last inf kicks to space Tapper smacks mist to the ground , does a couple of points of damage , a&g moves up , hooper moves in collects ball , smacks mist a couple more times S brisket , legendaries to a&g then charges hooper tacked the ball , attacks again , misses the shot on goal Mash moves up and smacks s brisket for a howzat but is about 1/2" out from smacking her off the pitch Turn 2 , a&g smack hooper about , tapper takes out mist , s brisket gets up charges tapper , collects ball on the way , dodges a bit then scores a 2+ tap in Turn 3 , ball is now with hopper. , A&g tackle ball then knock down and pass to mist , mash tries to smash s brisket off the table again , with a wack s brisket goes into the crowd , mist runs forward and scores 8-2 to the union Turn 4 A&G beat up hooper to finish the game 10-2 ( Photos to follow shortly )
  12. carver72

    Hunters vs blacksmiths

    So played my hunters last night against my club's pundit , it was his last night at the club as he is going off to work for steamforged ..( if they employ anymore of my club mates, we may have to close ..lol) I played Theron ,Fahad,o hearne,jaecar, zarola and seenah , he took the 6 blacksmiths which are available ATM Hunters kicked with Theron , the ball crossed the line and was shot by cinders , can't really remember in what order but Theron shot anvil and ferrite ( pinned ) , Theron moved back , iron collected the ball , then nudged everyone a bit , ferrite moved towards Theron. Called over iron . O hearne singled out furnace then skewered him , zarola did her thing and made seenah jog forward , Seenah then charged , furnace went down to about 7hp but was enough for the hunters to win the next turn , jaecar jog forward Turn 2 Memory a little vague, but furnace was taken out , cinder was removed from play , got greedy with seenah for MP's should have gone for the bear hugs on the raps ...lol, ferrite passed to iron and he tapped in a goal Ball kicked back out to o hearne who passed to jaecar , he went for a 3 dice tap in ( photo of result below ) Jaecar taken out by sledge , two hits doing 14 pts of damage Score 6-4 to blacksmiths Turn 3 hunters score with Theron ,seenah removes furnace again , not sure of the order of play but ferrite pushes jaecar off the pitch ,and kicks the ball to space hoping for a good scatter towards iron , o hearne wood leaps towards sledge who is only on 6 hp ... Fiuffs his first attack to get singled out , hits with his second to get the singled out ! Does blessing to get the 3 damage and snared , iron runs forward to collect the ball and takes a shot on goal . Hunters pray for a miss but the goal goes in !!! Final score 12-10 to the blacksmiths Lesson learnt , know your opponents play book !!!! ( Will add photos in a bit )
  13. carver72

    Skatha brawls with Obulus, Puppet smashed to bits

    Who was playing the morts