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  1. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    Hello everyone, I'm back! Finished Bonesaw in time for next week and the Festive Balls tournament in Bristol. He'll be getting his one and only practice game this Wednesday, hopefully he'll perform well.
  2. I've got a pass from the wife, just need to secure a ticket!
  3. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    Pickles: Thanks for both the positive comment and for not painting yours to your full potential ;) Wynter: Not sure about being known as the Christmas Pudding guy, but it is better than some things I get called. See you in December!
  4. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    Hello strangers, it's been a while since I last posted, but I have now finally got round to adding a new player to my Morticians. Say hello to Mist. He's been on my painting radar for a while, but I've never got round to him.With Season two under way I thought I'd see if I could remember how to paint my Morticians. Rage and Fangtooth are still to do, and depending how long it takes for the new Mortician players to come out, they may get some loving. Also with the Festive Balls tournament just around the corner, I thought I'd create myself a Christmas pudding ball. I've already started my special goal for this event, but you'll have to wait to see that.
  5. Binx

    Stripping Paint from Metal Miniatures

    I use Biostrip. It's not as cheap as the methods above but you only need to soak your miniatures an hour and the paint will fall off, scrub with a stiff toothbrush to get to the recesses Water based, but worth wearing rubber gloves if you use it for a prolonged time as it can dry your skin out.
  6. Binx

    Resin Bases and Inserts

    I got mine from the CoolMiniOrNot Kickstarter, but don't think they're on general release for a few months
  7. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    Hello again everyone, my bases are done, team transfered to them and a ball painted. Here are the final shots of my team for your viewing pleasure; I have the Union players who will play for The Morticians, and will paint them once I've finished some other projects.
  8. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    The bases have arrived! Will crack on with finishing the team when I'm back from holiday
  9. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    Thanks all for the comments. First fully painted game, lost 12-0! Didn't help that Obulus made a pigs ear of everything he did... Curse of the first fully painted game.
  10. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    All good things must come to an end, and here is the last of my Morticians, until their bases arrive, and then I'll post some more updates. Casket is finished and here he is in all his glory. And to round things off for now, a pre base team photo
  11. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    The sixth model is Dirge. A bird on a post. I'm sure he'll look a lot more exciting when he has the correct base. No real opportunity to add much purple or yellow, so just the beak. The feathers, although not really showing well in the photo, are painted the same as Obulus's cloak. To round of the Season 1 team, Casket is next. I do have some Union players to do and both the 'show only' models, but I'll be taking a break from Guildball painting after him. Plenty of other projects to look at...
  12. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    Well hello there, its that time again! I present to you Graves. I really wasn't looking forward to painting him, he just seemed the odd one out of the team; however, I'm very happy with the way he has turned out. I wasnt sure if he was supposed to have a scar on his face or whether it was a mis-cast, but I like the way it looks. Next up is Dirge...
  13. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    How did you guess?! I'm waiting for the graveyard bases.
  14. Binx

    Binx's Morticians

    Hello again! This time its Obulus. Next up Graves, dont worry That Gary Guy Casket will be coming, but he'll be last after Dirge, hope you dont mind the wait.
  15. Binx

    Morticians vs Masons

    I know, I know In the next report I'll make sure I do better