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  1. Mister Shine

    A Case for Layne

    Well said
  2. Mister Shine

    Where in the World Are You?

    I'll cross post the unofficial world map right here Http://tinyurl.com/GuildBallMap
  3. Mister Shine

    Quick Reference Sheet (Unofficial)

    I shall use this only for good Drinking and playing guildball is good.
  4. Would Fangtooth be affected by his own Aura, essentially being stuck in rough terrain for the entire game?
  5. Mister Shine

    Facebook Group

    Change made, group is now Closed. Mr. Supervisor will be left holding his Fisherman alone at home now.
  6. Mister Shine

    Facebook Group

    Noticed we only have the Officical facebook page, which being a pge makes discussion difficult. So for those who prefer it, I whipped a quick Facebook group with an attached google map to help people organize themselves into nice little pockets of the world where people are going to be playing and hopefully later we'll start seeing people's nciely painted works popping up on our newsfeeds at work I mean our leisure time. Anyway, feel free https://www.facebook.com/groups/370286063179832/
  7. Mister Shine

    Polite Hello from Toronto

    How'd you wrangle Staff Mako? And judging by federal taxes from cities Kalan, the whole rest of Canada *self absorbed toronto chest puff*
  8. Mister Shine

    Which guild are you playing?

    Brewers because thats my gaming style (Drunk, not Tanky) but I grabbed a whole bunch of other guilds for fun as well
  9. Mister Shine

    Guild ball and terrain

    Just need to have "crowd" models, a resin/plastic wall piece comprised of a bunch of victorians/peasants and then just have them crowd around the pitch
  10. Just seeing who else might have purchased in the GTA!