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  1. Time Bandit

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Can we get the final standings please? I know Alex took it, but I'd be interested to see where everyone else landed.
  2. Time Bandit

    KD and Sturdy

    If a model is KD and another activates then model hits it, can Sturdy be triggered? Or can you not KD a KD'd model, therefore no Sturdy proc?
  3. Time Bandit

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Agreed. Farmers are a tough nut to crack. Thank for the match!
  4. Time Bandit

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Saw that. Thank you sir. Nice to see some real world experience.
  5. Time Bandit

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Has anyone here actually got some matches in with the errata'd models, or is this ALL theory craft? Personally, I like to see the models perform on the table before coming to my final conclusions.
  6. Time Bandit

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    Good match today. Last Hoo-Rah for Shark and Co. We decided to play pre-errata as that's what's in Vassal. Pretty sure it would've went the other way had we not. 12-0 (3 goals) for the Fish. Thanks for the game Valorci!
  7. Time Bandit

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    John M. (Fish) vs. Peter C (Masons) 12-0 for the Fish (3 goals) Well played and thanks for the match Csonti.
  8. Time Bandit

    Sanchex Cup 3 Sign Ups!!!

    Name: John M Skype Name: j.mcneil14 Guild: Fishermen Shark Corsair Tentacles oSiren vSiren Sakana Jac Greyscales Hag Avarisse & Greede
  9. Time Bandit


    Thanks. Will do, if necessary.
  10. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Myself and another individual are very adamant that Canada should be represented at this year's WTC in Belgium. Both of us are fully committed to going, however we require one more individual to join the team. If you feel that this person might be you and are willing to commit the time and resources (re: $$$) into joining us on this adventure, please send me a PM and we can discuss the matter. Speaking from personal experience, traveling to compete internationally in events such as this is the epitome of table top gaming and an experience you will never forget. So come on Canada!!! Who's gonna step up to the challenge??
  11. Hey. Your stuff's looking amazing. How do you get the rust effect on your metallics? I was going for something similar, but it just ended up bronze.
  12. Time Bandit

    Time Bandit's Fish

    Here are my Fish so far. Comments/criticism welcome. Cheers. Angel Greyscales And a ball... So far (WIP Kraken)...
  13. Hey. Sorry if this has been asked and answered before. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. If a model has an ability such as Tactical Advice (X) or Protected (Y), does it only trigger off of friendly models? Or, in a mirror match, can it trigger if off of enemy model X or Y? Seems like it shouldn't, but RAW implies it does. Thoughts?
  14. Time Bandit


    A Rage I did for my buddy. Comments/criticism welcome. Cheers.
  15. As stated in the title, desperate to get my hands on a KS Shark and LE Kraken. I'm in Canada if that matters. Hopefully you can help me out. Cheers. TB