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  1. Chapuzas

    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    We need this Season4 updated @TheCurkov 😁😋 #GohomeAlchemistforChristmas
  2. Chapuzas

    S4 Line ups

    yes i use for kill the ball i think is so good for this job
  3. Chapuzas

    S4 Line ups

    I think having played 25 games this new alchemists my six is: -Smoke f**king Queen of guildball -Flask free CP -Venin aka Poisonkillall -Okat KD boy -Mercury fireballs and free CP from flask -Crucible 18' threat and synergy -Naja inside in matches against hunters and the church. -Compound inside vs church and butchers -Snakeskin inside vs fish and mirror alchemist Sell me your team idea of alchemists for this season 😉
  4. Chapuzas

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    +3 for kami we can win this pistols for the guild
  5. Hi @Elkton I love GB Manager but I have found a small problem for me... In my play store there is no Internet connection and I would like to use your application on a site where there is no Internet connection would be this possible? Because the mode offline requires internet anyway Thank you very much and thanks for the app.
  6. the question of @bastus is if skatha use the blessing on himself and use in the next attack... Can put skatha again the blessing on her and use again in the next attack (repeat the combo infinitely)
  7. Chapuzas

    Full Guild Reveal - Major and Minor - October 11

    @TheBriarfox Can confirm minor guild info??? so HYPEEE
  8. Chapuzas

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    I think we need NOMAD tricky game plays ball well sound so good for alchemist #GOFORNOMAD
  9. Chapuzas

    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    @TheCurkov you would keep this to this day with the new veterans and falconers? Ty mate
  10. Chapuzas

    Roster for each pairing

    Hi brothers alchemists I have created a table in which from the best roster we can have right now. (Smoke, Midas, Naja, Mercury, Calculus, Compaund, Okat, Vetkat, Vitriol, Decimate.) Many people ask what players to use against which guild with this table it becomes a little easier. It's a table that I use and it's worth to me, If some other alchemist player sees other players better to face that guild, it would be good to comment on it among all. FLEXPick vs Captain Alchemist Midas Compaund Smoke Decimate Blacksmith Receiving Decimate Kicking Compaund Fisherman Shark Compaund Corsair Decimate Union Rage Decimate Brisket Compaund Blackheart Compaund Greetings to all
  11. Chapuzas

    Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    @TheCurkov today we could say that the best roster of 10 is Smoke, Midas, Naja, Mercury, Calculus, Compaund, Okat, Vetkat, Vitriol, Decimate ? Flask without sick em I believe that at this moment naja is in a better position And Decimate is over all union picks
  12. Chapuzas

    Stone scheme help

    Would someone know how to make this color scheme? i like so much Stone Golems by Gary Rucker
  13. Chapuzas

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    game plan deck?