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  1. Chapuzas

    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    @TheCurkov you would keep this to this day with the new veterans and falconers? Ty mate
  2. Chapuzas

    Roster for each pairing

    Hi brothers alchemists I have created a table in which from the best roster we can have right now. (Smoke, Midas, Naja, Mercury, Calculus, Compaund, Okat, Vetkat, Vitriol, Decimate.) Many people ask what players to use against which guild with this table it becomes a little easier. It's a table that I use and it's worth to me, If some other alchemist player sees other players better to face that guild, it would be good to comment on it among all. FLEXPick vs Captain Alchemist Midas Compaund Smoke Decimate Blacksmith Receiving Decimate Kicking Compaund Fisherman Shark Compaund Corsair Decimate Union Rage Decimate Brisket Compaund Blackheart Compaund Greetings to all
  3. Chapuzas

    Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    @TheCurkov today we could say that the best roster of 10 is Smoke, Midas, Naja, Mercury, Calculus, Compaund, Okat, Vetkat, Vitriol, Decimate ? Flask without sick em I believe that at this moment naja is in a better position And Decimate is over all union picks
  4. Chapuzas

    Stone scheme help

    Would someone know how to make this color scheme? i like so much Stone Golems by Gary Rucker
  5. Chapuzas

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    game plan deck?
  6. Chapuzas

    Sin City Scheme

    Hi all I have decided to start painting my team of alchemists I have seen some examples of this type of color scheme and I have loved I would like to make the sim city effect and that the potions, the midas arm, the kat glasses had a glowing green effect Any recommendation or trick to paint this type of color scheme? ty all
  7. Chapuzas

    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    The Holy Bible of the Alchemists @TheCurkov 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 #PrayforSaintCurkov
  8. Hi all For midas it is better mist and for smoke is better to decimate? you would use on your roster any other than these feo union picks harry maybe? What do you think? Ty
  9. Chapuzas

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    It would be nice if you put the last rules in the organized game section thanks for the incredible work
  10. Chapuzas

    The competitive 10

    I understand then that you always play the same roster? Smoke flask calculus mercury Vkat and decimate you only change against butchers Compound in and decimate out And if the opponent has a grace on the roster you play midas? Midas flask Okat vitriol decimate and flex compound or calculus? @TheCurkovsave my day
  11. Chapuzas

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hi You could separate the defense from the kick a bit so it would look more clearly
  12. Hi all I've played about 20 games with alchemists My main is smoke I would like to know in which pairings midas is better than smoke And in particular Thresher, Hammer and Corsair I have many problems against these captains Regards
  13. Chapuzas

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I know it's a long time ago but would you have more photos of the team? it's amazing I would love to see kat and Vkat
  14. Chapuzas

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hi again Plots and identities are untidy huge font letters Hammer playbook I would review the playbooks as advice Ty for fix so fast the problems