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  1. towards my tournament 10

    You want Tenderiser against fish and Engineers not so much to stop the goals but to stop snapshots. Truffles stops people like Ox being lured into Casket's coffin so is also worth keeping even if the price is a less effective Boiler. Personally I'd ditch V.Ox and Fillet and go without a union choice.
  2. Fan-made minor guild

    Sounds like a plan
  3. Fan-made minor guild

    This Chandlers Guild is really, really awesome makes me wish they were TO legal
  4. Soooo Pirates as a fish minor guild ?

    Or perhaps the voice of Blackheart has exerted enough control to become the dominant voice and muffle Rage at will.
  5. Steamcon UK venue feedback

    Parking cost me £6 per day for what it’s worth
  6. "balancing" the Butchers

    I used it a couple of times, essentially to annoy hammer when he used damaging knockbacks to just walk the pig back into him. Didn’t seem worth the influence though.
  7. Man Vs Machine

    An exhibition match between the farmers led by Grange and the engineers captained by the artificier queen herself was apparently used as cover by the fugitive Hemlocke to flee towards the lands of the hunters for safety. By all accounts it was a thrilling match if you were an engineers fan with Pinvice removing the ball from Grange following a kickoff retrieval to score a goal and her faithful servant hoist escorting the lass Bushel from the pitch as soon as she collected the ball. final score (escalation league) 6-0 to engineers
  8. Mechnica Strike back ; Return of the cogs.

    Good luck Im also planning Engineers this weekend unless Ross destroys me tonight
  9. This interests me too, been years since I have been North of Hadrian's Wall
  10. Masons Decimate

    I thought it looked nice myself. Saw her before in Belgium and thought she looked pretty awesome there.
  11. Why change what's not broken.

    Another thing to blame GW for
  12. How did you choose your Guild?

    I have all the teams but my choice of captain depends a fair bit on if I like their character in the fluff
  13. GIC General Theory Thread 

    Stockport is good for me
  14. Peoples perceptions on the guilds right now.

    I think Shank is good as he is on 3 influence, he is fast, has a good playbook, generates momentum and is fairly survivable for a butcher. I don't understand why more people don't use him he is a master of all trades now and an auto include for me. He tends to get me 4-6 points in every match I play him in and synergies very well with Ox as a finisher and for crowdouts. With thanks Greg
  15. WTC Friday Night GRUDGE MATCHES

    Why not could be amusing, feel free to play thresher if you want 😀