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  1. New blog in Spanish

    Kind of necromancy here, but I wanted to add some information to this blog post. We teamed up with a Spanish YouTube channel and we're currently doing Guild Ball match reports videos! Here's the first one. You can always see it to get a bit of a taste of our language to be ready for our National Championship, or to improve your Spanish skills. I hope you like it!
  2. Hammer has decided that he wants a Hat, because it's starting to be cold outside, so he's going to "share a few words" with Rage and try to get his hat. Hammer and his friends Rage and his gang After a few conversations, it seems that Hammer's Iron Fist broke Rages gang, and himself. The final result was Masons 12-5 Union So Hammer will give the Hat to the Engineers to see if they can fix it.
  3. Harry the hard hat

    This is exactly why I'll be playing for. Harry "the MecHATnica"
  4. Mystery box!

    I love this idea of not knowing what you'll get, but being something awesome for sure, as it's Guild Ball stuff But, trying to buy, an 404 error happens and I can't even see the Box
  5. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    Lol. That's true Now I hate them even more... I like the changes and think that they were necessary. The only thing I don't get is the changes to Hammer, I thought I would see some other Mason changes before (Chisel, Granite)
  6. Buenos Aires (Argentina) Guild Ball

    Guild Ball leagues are very entertaining! Have fun playing it, and tell us who won

    That would be completely awesome!! And TBH, that was what I expected when I saw the tittle A match like those old Nike commercials...
  8. A future for a Collected Rules Clarification PDF?

    It's a really good idea Most of the players in my zone, don't usually check the Collected Rules, because they have to find them in the forums Having them in a PDF would be very usefull because they could be printed or added to any Guild Ball app
  9. Hello from Spain

    Welcome to this fantastic game!! Where in Spain are you from? We have a great community in Madrid (making a League with 20 players) and I know that in Barcelona play a lot too. I hope you enjoy the game, and if you have any doubts, this forum is priceless for getting clarifications, but also I run a Spanish-written blog, where you can see a lot of Guild Ball things in our mother tongue
  10. GBKeeper 1.3

    Any possibility of getting the new OPD in the app @DieselDM? I find it very useful. Thanks again for all your efforts.
  11. Thoughts on Granite

    Completely agree on the Jog problem instead of a Dodge. I tried her the other day into a Blackheart's Union team, and she was almost useless, because everytime she could Jog, se was on fire or snared. I found also that every player with 2" melee nullifies her, as she is so easy to hit. The same problem that Bick has, but just his presence makes the enemy team be more carefull when moving as you can punish them easier than with Granite. It's a pity because man, I love the miniature!
  12. Jugadores Legendarios MADrid Spain Tournament

    I'm in! But I don't know if I'm going to keep playing my Engineers, or give my Masons a try
  13. Easter Mascot Challenge - Finished entries

    He may not be the best painted one, but he's my monkey
  14. S3 games

    4/0 when not ni Range of Brick, which usually happens when Countercharge si triggered and 4/0 is not bad, unless you have only 10 HP
  15. S3 games

    What are your impressions on Harmony? I've tried her last game va Hunters in a team similar to yours (Flint instead of Minx) and didn't do much other than a Snap Shot goal. I think she's still very dependant of Honour (even with the new Family Range) and that she's a dead girĂ³ once she's KD or Snared. Could you also use the Counter Charge from Marbles more than once? I found it very hard to do