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  1. DiceLocker


    I'm gonna be honest...if your dice are causing you to lose so many games...it's probably not your dice. Here's a quick and easy test... share dice with your opponent if you both lose the game then you know it was the dice.
  2. DiceLocker

    which brewers only player can you never drop

    Wow really surprised to see Hooper as a main stay... I almost never play with him :s for me Friday and Spigot are my go to guys outside Tapper and Scum
  3. DiceLocker

    Do the big sell on Scalpel for me... please?

    @sious_69 may want to chime in on this... He's always singing the praises of Scalpel over Obulus
  4. DiceLocker

    Inverted Polarity

    Don't forget the tooled up + deletion combo on someone like hoist...he can do an easy 15 DMG on pretty much anyone low DEF targets even more. Also tooled up and deletion on Pin Vice is legit as well. She can unleash 5 DMG a hit on lower def targets...I took out Ox with her the other day
  5. DiceLocker

    New to the Brew

  6. DiceLocker

    Stave - another look at him

    Brick is Def 2 Arm 2 and has counter charge.... that's a whole lot better than a lazy Def 2 Arm 0 Fangtooth has Glutenous mass... We'll see how Seenah pans out but even then he's Def 2 Arm 1.... I think at the moment though Seenah sees alot of play because...well...its a Bear
  7. DiceLocker

    New to the Brew

    If you've been playing masons you're going to miss the sheer versatility of all your players... I usually find that I'm looking to get Tapper into one opponent a turn and kill them. Spigot gives Tapper +1DMG with Tooled Up Tapper puts up Commanding Aura for +1 Tac +1 DMG Tapper goes into enemy and swings for 5DMG on 4 successes with 5 inf - 2 for cmd aura he can swing 3 times then Old Jake's it for another 2... if all goes well it has a top end potential of 25 DMG an activation if you don't manage any wraps. More than enough to 1 turn the majority of players in the game. When playing brewers I'm usually going for 4 take outs and a goal. * Also don't forget that Friday with Tooled up is legit... Momentous 3 DMG on 2? That's legit... ** Also don't take Stave...he's terrible...
  8. DiceLocker

    Stave - another look at him

    What other big player is seeing consistent field time that doesn't also have something to make them less of a target? The two closest examples I can find are *maybe* Boar but even he doesn't see consistent play time and Avarisse and Greede who is not only def 3 on Avarisse but he also gives you another activation which far outweighs his no armour downside. You maybe get 1 good lob barrel off before he's well within everyone's threat range...and what's a KD when the opposing team has so much momentum that they can clear it without worrying about losing the momentum race. I was a big fan too (see my profile pic)...but at the end of the day with his DEF 2 ARM 0 and the amount of INF he brings to the table as opposed to how much he needs to operate well he's just far from the optimal choice in almost every circumstance.
  9. DiceLocker

    Stave - another look at him

    I find that you almost never want to take Stave... yes...he does have MOM KD on 1 yes... lob barrel is sweet But at Def 2 Arm 0 he is a walking momentum farm for your opponent. Who cares if he can counter attack if pretty much any player in the game can easily reach their KD against Stave. Not to mention he only brings 1 INF to the pitch and takes 2-3 each turn to get value from him. In my opinion he's only good against a player that doesn't know what they're doing...otherwise he's just way too easy to deal with AND gives your opponent significant gains in the momentum race.
  10. DiceLocker

    Briscon 2016 Game Videos

    Hey everyone...got 4 new Guild Ball videos for y'all from the Briscon 2016 Cup...there are some really good games in here...enjoy!
  11. DiceLocker

    Guild Ball Match Reports

    Two new videos...
  12. DiceLocker

    Inverted Polarity

    I might try and sub in Harry and Salvo next time I play Simon... Goad and KD on a stick against low def targets sounds like it might mitigate the team enough to let Pin Vice and Velocity do their thing... Pin Vice Mainspring Salvo Hoist (Rage?) Velocity Harry the Hat
  13. DiceLocker

    Broken Egg 2d terrain, tournament legal???

    They may be 50mm it's been a while since I made them... We normally have 5-7 pieces of terrain on the board so there are usually a few of these rough ground pieces scattered around the middle. Not all together but they still are annoying to deal with.
  14. DiceLocker

    Inverted Polarity

    Yep ran my usual fair... got Hammered (lol) I think I'm going to toy with using Rage over colossus in the list for a while. I went 8-12 against Simon on Thursday night and then 4-12 against him on Saturday. Take homes are this... Hammer is basically the team. If you can avoid him (hard with a 10" threat) then he does nothing. He will kill at least 1 of your players per turn if not more if you let him get stuck in... he also holds the ball really well and can score...sooo at the moment I've got to sit down and dojo how I'm going to deal with him in the future. Hammer with Brick 4" behind him is annoying because you can't get to him without being countercharged.
  15. DiceLocker

    Broken Egg 2d terrain, tournament legal???

    It's on its way.. ThankS!