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  1. Heidth'ba'

    Tapper vs. Esters

    With Esters i like, Mash (plod him up the middle, Howzating dudes out the way, and goal threat, 2 inch melee), Harry the Hat (Molotov, 2inch melee, 2Mom when damaged thingy, movement buffs), Stoker (Molotov, good counter attack, good kick), oSpigot (tooled up, times called, fitba legend) and either cat or dug. This line up gives a wee bit of a goal threat, movement buffs to catch your opponents of guard (hopefully), lots of AOEs and a decent damage output. With Tapper i really like, Hoops (smash face), Pintpot (smash face), vSpigot (reliable goal threat), Friday (goals, dirty knives) and the cat (great with Friday, for 'get over here', and good ball retention with unpredictable). I reckon this is a straight forward smash face, score a goal/or 2 line up, and fun The best thing to do is get games in and experiment, until you find a line up that works with your natural game style, and enjoy
  2. Heidth'ba'

    Stave - moan about him here not under boar thread.

    Stave is a back field player, who does have an effective (although i have failed big rolls) ranged attack, BUT, the Brewers tend to play the long game and any advantage from Stave in early game , i find, is dramatically reversed in the mid to late game. overall, he struggles to get in the team, and i am disappointed at his "new" S3 card, however, i will wait until all cards are available before crying into my pint
  3. Heidth'ba'

    Help to beat the clock

    I'm a Drunk player, which may explain my poor time keeping i think the drunks are pretty straight forward in play style, although I have moved to Esters, still no excuse tho. the above advice will be taken on board its is something I really need to work at, as the number of VPs I'm leaking to clocking out is really affecting my win - loss ratio.
  4. Heidth'ba'

    Help to beat the clock

    "Make a decision and stick with it", this is my main weakness, I'm a real ditherer. its that moment when, thinking I'm doing well with the clock, I look up and see my opponent is at 33:45 and I'm at 12:35! Where does the time go? I'm beginning to think the clocks at my FLGS are faulty
  5. Heidth'ba'

    Help to beat the clock

    I really struggle in 'timed' games, clocking out more often than not are there any tips and tricks I can employ to speed my game play up? thanks in advance
  6. Heidth'ba'


    Love Stoker! Tried him with Cap. Tapps and I missed whoever I dropped, but with Esters, he is the shiz.
  7. Heidth'ba'

    Brewers Mascot

    Whoop whoop!
  8. Heidth'ba'

    Why we love this game?

    The Game Play, smooth and simple. The models, the nicest ive ever seen and painted. Its a fitba game, with violence! I love my fitba and my hobby, its the perfect marraige, love it
  9. Heidth'ba'

    My First Team: Brewers: Union Added

    i wont my Brewers to look this this! Very nice work:)
  10. Heidth'ba'

    Where in the World Are You?

    Perth, Western Australia
  11. Heidth'ba'

    Brewers and Union and Alchemists... OH MY!

    Ive started putting together my Fishies starter and Brewers (all but the starter set, which is still to arrive from UK), i also have a Rage. These models are some of the best sculpts i have ever seen (my experience limited to GWs LOTR and Hobbit minis). The aesthetic of the Brewers is fantastic! I just cant pick a favourite of the models i have so far, they are all amazeballs! I cant wait to get paint on these and have decided to paint Rage first.
  12. Heidth'ba'

    The Union: Rage

    He is a very cool model, and the first I intend to paint. Thinking of giving him a tartan waistcoat, to fit in with my Brewers:)
  13. Heidth'ba'

    Tournament Report

    Great read, and well done on your maiden victory.
  14. Heidth'ba'


    I'm having all kinds of computer problems:( would love to be involved in a vassal league. But I don't know if I'll be Pc ready.