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  1. Life has been busy but here's an update that we've been working on. Enjoy! http://tooledup.solaristudios.com/packs/
  2. Vexux13

    Kick off board

    Anyone else get the kick off? I measured out the board last weekend and it was just over a half inch short. Anyone else have a smaller board size? Not a very big deal just curious.
  3. Vexux13

    Black Friday order mess

    Between the holidays and customs I figured the estimated dates I received were at least a week to early. I hope to get my box by Saturday but wouldn't be surprised if it's after.
  4. Vexux13

    Why the Angel hate?

    I've had decent success with her having super shot and being 6+ for snap shots. It's not the best but I like the snap shot plays.
  5. Vexux13

    Do support@ reply to emails?

    I got a reply to my email about a week after I sent mine. I knew they were busy and have a small office staff. You may have to send another email just in case it was lost or deleted by accident.
  6. Vexux13

    Morticians a good team to learn the game?

    They are a more "tricky" team. They are about controlling and manipulating the opponent. It is more difficult to do that if you don't have a foundation in the game. You can always try it out, but masons or brewers are a easier learning team.
  7. Vexux13

    Why do you play?

    I play it for the ladies. I love the mechanics and the short turns. I hated just sitting for 20-30 minutes while my opponent played in warmachine.
  8. Vexux13

    Prospective Alchemist

    I think this thread had some good information. I've watched one game and loved the mobility from Midas and the new plays. If you're a fishermen player you may like them or all the conditions might drive you nuts.
  9. Vexux13

    Brainpan and Memory

    From the Steamforged newsletter. Kind of sounds like the puppet can use replication. WHO SHOULD RECRUIT THE MASTER PUPPETEER & HIS PUPPET? Are you a veteran Mortician coach looking to increase your goal threat? Then Brainpan & Memory are the players you've been waiting for! Their dynamic playstyle will not only help you control the ball more but the puppet can also dish out terrifying pain—field the pair with Graves for more bloodshed or Bonesaw for total ball domination. To maximize the strategic potential of your Morticians rosters and play even more mind games with your opponents, be sure to recruit this dynamic, creepy duo!
  10. Vexux13

    Are Goalies good now?

    I have an issue with Tenderiser. I have a hard time justifying a model with the 1 Inf generation on a team where it feels like every Inf must carry more work. Exceptions being the berserk players. It's probably just me though.
  11. I hoped competing my order at 8:04 would put be at the front if the line even though I'm overseas. Oh well. I must practice patience.
  12. Vexux13

    Brainpan and Memory

    Sounds like a lot of fun to me. I'll enjoy the creepy puppet man.
  13. Vexux13

    Now offering S3 changes consoling!

    I could use a snuggle. I'm not upset about the rules or anything. Just cause.
  14. Vexux13

    New Captain Season 3

    Looks like an Anbu black ops from Naruto.
  15. Vexux13

    A bit of a cold shower wouldn't you say? (S3)

    Rather disappointed. Setting Seenah gave me hope that they would get the tweaks they needed. Minx was a big buff but was a buff to everyone who would use her almost more than for hunters because of the access to snare to the other teams. I will keep trying to make it work. I know some players have success with hunters but maybe aren't my style.