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  1. So, my brother and I were talking about the minor guild for the Blacksmiths. He made a good point about the minor guild probably having another master/apprentice paring in it. That will probably be the last model's in the Blacksmiths right? Does it seem likely that they will include a veteran like the Morticians currently do? Or are we looking at two new characters that will be in the minor guild box? It is a really minor and personal hope, but I think it would be cool to get a second Master who is explicitly dark skinned like Ferris. Lots of games have a vague "there can be only one" thing going on, and it has been really cool to see a team that breaks away from that, with a limited edition sculpt no less. I don't play a lot of games but Bolt is the first explicitly dark skinned Limited Edition character model I have seen in one of my games.
  2. Xeth1313

    Brainpan and Memory

    I am looking forward to using Memory as a mobile source of Crowding Out. Using either Graves or Ghast to Charge near Memory, get the Crowding bonus, using thier pulse damage to take them off the board, and then having Brainpan re-spawn them on another part of the field the same turn.
  3. Xeth1313

    Brainpan and Memory

    One of my favorite characters from another game was a puppet-master, my need to know more is intensifying. How do they move, how do they share/use influence, what fun can be had with them splitting their stats?
  4. Xeth1313

    Guild Ball Player Diversity

    The diversity of the characters in this game was part of what got my attention, Scalpel in particular. I couldn't remember ever seeing a miniature with hair like hers, and she was a team captain no less. So often when characters of color are included in games they fall back on tropes and Guild Ball doesn't seem to do that, or does it so much less than other games that I have played that it is noticeable. For those to whom diversity doesn't matter? Hopefully it doesn't bother them here. I for one have found a game that seems to include people that look like me, and doesn't require that they all have to have an excuse to just exist. Sakana stands out to me because of how hard it can be to find characters that are Asian-analogues who aren't over the top. I hope that there are eventually some Hispanic-Analogues as it seems there tend to be even less of them in wargames than there are Asian or Black characters.
  5. I'd like to see a Beggar's Guild. Urchins and pick pockets.
  6. Xeth1313

    Another Tampa player!

    I am about to pick up the game. Looks like the best place is to order in the US from the Tampa store. I am about 2 hours North in Gainesville. What is the Podcast? I would love to listen to some people talk about the game before locking down with a purchase of two or so teams.