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  1. torarin

    Winter Painting Contest - Winners!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Im looking forward to see what theme next contest will have My personal favorite was Tapper, lovely conversion and that tartan is so nice!
  2. torarin

    Winter Painting Contest

    I mainly use Facebook because it has been so easy to upload fotos, Have been following all the great painting threads on this forum for a while now but never understod how to post my own pictures. I wanted to participate in the mascot painting but as I mentioned I couldn't upload pictures before! I want to say thank you Mako for organizing these painting contest and Im looking forward to contribute to future ones
  3. This will be my first post on this forum! Im not so technical and havent figured out how to post pictures on here. I usually post things on Facebooks GB supporters group. I finally got a theme for my Blacksmiths and thought I could participate with my Anvil for the winter painting contest. GillaVisa fler reaktioner Kommentera
  4. torarin

    Home made goals.

    Looking really nice! Especially like the butchers goal, keep up the good work. I have I few ideas for some goals but they are still just ideas.