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  1. foolwiththefez

    How do we use Colossus

    Why would your opponent send Scalpel at him? Is this useful enough on the field? I'm just not sure I'm feeling him in my six. Maybe i should try him with Pin Vice
  2. foolwiththefez

    How do we use Colossus

    Super casual player here. Had my first Season 4 game yesterday. Ballista Engineers took me to victory, technically. My opponent being on tilt probably helped more than anything. He fed me 12 free points of damage killing Mainspring after farming 4 or 5 MOM off of him. But that's a digression. I really want to ask the best uses for Colossus. I'm not sure I grok him fully. Here's what I see: Fairly mobile big guy. He can block charge lanes and provide Gang-ups/Crowding Outs easily. He soaks up a lot of attack but gives up a lot of Mom and allow for character plays to be triggered easily so a mixed bag there. Decent damage dealer if Tooled up and Overclocked by Salvo but no Mom generation on his damage results and doesn't reliably kill tough models even with a full 3 influence. Singled out and Unexpected Arrival seem to be where the money is but I can't figure out the best use case for them. Singled Out seems odd on him. Who's he meant to be supporting with it? Who do you use as his kill partner? Is his ideal charge a wrap with Singled out, KD, and a one inch push for two moment? That'd be pretty sweet for free with overclock but still requires someone to come in and clean up. On the balling side, he does make a decent ball carrier with a solid kick and close control but his Def/Arm still makes it easy to take the ball from him.
  3. foolwiththefez

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    First, I love these models. Second, the hats are called toques. I'm super excited. Wish I had a way to get hold of the alt sculpts for Shank and Tenderizer
  4. foolwiththefez

    These multi team boxes have got to stop

    Focusing on what can be done to salvage the situation doesn't let the company know we're dissatisfied with the way things are. This is a small enough company that they listen to their fans. I am expressing my displeasure with their current distribution model and will continue to do so until there is a solution better than A) hope I can sell off the models I don't want to offset the cost of the ones I do and/or B ) enjoy painting models I'll never play as a price to buying the damn models I want. That doesn't even bring up the point about how at odd this is with the "support your local game store" model they've been doing so well with. Why would I hand my local game store $50 for a box containing one or two models I want instead of buying them off of ebay?
  5. foolwiththefez

    These multi team boxes have got to stop

    This is the most worthless advice. It's really more of an excuse than everything. Sometimes, that just doesn't work. I play with two other people. Two of us play Masons, all three of us play blacksmiths and none of us play Union. Splitting the box doesn't solve this. This is a shit way to distribute minis.
  6. foolwiththefez

    Bonesaw and Vet Graves models

    Bonesaw is widely available. Graves is a little harder to find, but there are current listings of him.
  7. foolwiththefez

    Bonesaw and Vet Graves models

    Single figures are no longer being produced. Ebay is your best bet. Also try reddit.
  8. foolwiththefez

    Hopes for First Falconer Preview

    What makes him so exciting?
  9. foolwiththefez

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    Right. And ratcatchers had a guild? Or fisherman? Let's not even start on "alchemists." Whitesmith could work, but Tinkers are, imo, more flavorful.
  10. foolwiththefez

    Need Vet Graves Proxy ideas

    Thank you. I actually bought one off of a redditor. Problem solved
  11. foolwiththefez

    Need Vet Graves Proxy ideas

    Hopefully this is the right forum for this question. I am picking up the Ratcatchers soon. I will never play Morticians and can't find a single figure of vet Graves for love nor money. I don't really play tournaments and, if I ever do, I can always borrow my brother's official model (unless a miracle happens and Morts start taking vGraves in their tourney 10). So, I want a good proxy for vGraves that I can paint to match the rest of my team. Anyone have any good suggestions for one? I'm not great at conversions, but if I can find a model in the right stance with similar weapons, I can add rats to make the proxy more obvious.
  12. I, too, would like to know. Is there anything we can do as a community to make these updates happen faster?
  13. foolwiththefez

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Considering how vGutter is designed, I wouldn't expect this to change in season 4
  14. foolwiththefez

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    That's because you play too much DnD ;-) Tinkers didn't make clockwork devices. They were travelers who repaired cutlery and cooking pots.
  15. foolwiththefez

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    I think Tinkers would make a perfect minor guild for Blacksmiths. I asked about this on the Godtear kickstarter comment. The answer was that it will be a long time before Blacksmith's get their minor guild. It didn't seem to have occured to them to make another dark skinned Master but I put the thought in their ear.