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  1. Bonesaw and Vet Graves models

    Bonesaw is widely available. Graves is a little harder to find, but there are current listings of him.
  2. Bonesaw and Vet Graves models

    Single figures are no longer being produced. Ebay is your best bet. Also try reddit.
  3. Hopes for First Falconer Preview

    What makes him so exciting?
  4. Any ideas about the minor guild

    Right. And ratcatchers had a guild? Or fisherman? Let's not even start on "alchemists." Whitesmith could work, but Tinkers are, imo, more flavorful.
  5. Need Vet Graves Proxy ideas

    Thank you. I actually bought one off of a redditor. Problem solved
  6. Need Vet Graves Proxy ideas

    Hopefully this is the right forum for this question. I am picking up the Ratcatchers soon. I will never play Morticians and can't find a single figure of vet Graves for love nor money. I don't really play tournaments and, if I ever do, I can always borrow my brother's official model (unless a miracle happens and Morts start taking vGraves in their tourney 10). So, I want a good proxy for vGraves that I can paint to match the rest of my team. Anyone have any good suggestions for one? I'm not great at conversions, but if I can find a model in the right stance with similar weapons, I can add rats to make the proxy more obvious.
  7. I, too, would like to know. Is there anything we can do as a community to make these updates happen faster?
  8. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Considering how vGutter is designed, I wouldn't expect this to change in season 4
  9. Any ideas about the minor guild

    That's because you play too much DnD ;-) Tinkers didn't make clockwork devices. They were travelers who repaired cutlery and cooking pots.
  10. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I think Tinkers would make a perfect minor guild for Blacksmiths. I asked about this on the Godtear kickstarter comment. The answer was that it will be a long time before Blacksmith's get their minor guild. It didn't seem to have occured to them to make another dark skinned Master but I put the thought in their ear.
  11. Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    New kicker? Stay within 4 of the captain when making the initial jog then, without allocating any influence, she can strip the ball from someone within 14. Or, for one influence, with 17 . That seems good.
  12. Soul Seer and reducing HP to 0

    I suppose it does, but what would you be able to do with your bonus TAC before you were taken out?
  13. vGutter card shown

    I'm totally guilty of beating the dull drum. I understand your point. My counter, and its mild, is that all models really have two functions. One, and the most important one, is to be an effective tool for winning games. Gutter is definitely that. The other is to be an exciting product that makes the customer want to buy it. Gutter's rules let her down in that regard (her godawful insulting icky fluff even more so). It's a valid criticism to point this out, even if she's still an effective piece.
  14. Wild Season 4 Speculation

    So... Veteran Gutter? I kid... mostly.
  15. Wild Season 4 Speculation

    Ouch. Ick. The damage suggestion would not only be swing-y and random but clunky and less elegant than the current solution. Character plays auto hitting would require almost every single character play that target's opponents to be rebalanced.