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  1. For context, I will be playing the Brother/Mechanica path for the backside. I play Pinvice exclusively. I'll be playing against Blacksmiths for certain. Probably Fish, Morticians, and Alchemists as well
  2. Offal a New Butcher, No More Vets

    With a name like Offal, am I the only one expecting him (or her) to hand our poison?
  3. Mystery Guild confirmed? [Fluff Spoilers]

    Yeah. I want a Messengers guild built around passing. Give them an ability similar to Snowball and shenanigans ensue
  4. Thoughts on OP criticism

    This. With such limited information to go on when choosing a team you might as well build on six man take on all comers and go with it every round.
  5. I'm gonna be super disappointed if my boy Boar doesnt get an ax to the skull from my boy Ox
  6. Ruffy's Engineers

    Will it insult you if I say I like that so much I'm trying to flat out steal that paint scheme?
  7. Locus

    What do you have against Harry? I only ask because I also hate him and won't use him and I don't often see that opinion
  8. Special edition Fangtooth

    I really want this but I have zero use for Fangtooth. The only Guild I own he even works for us Brewers and I don't really play them
  9. Guild Ball Manager a new Android App

    Let me second this. GB Manager is my favorite of the GB apps but not being able to pull up my opponents cards without resettting my own damage is pushing me towards Tooled Up
  10. A Cut Above the Rest: A New Union Captain Arrives!

    I totally am Team Fillet. I still feel this outcome was more of a reward to my faction and thats what is making a little salty. It really seems like they copped out on the ending. As a reward for trouncing us Fillets the Brisket supporters get a VetOx model they have to play the Captain they voted against to use or a version of their preferred Captain that doesn't work for the Butchers. In my mind, that sucks for any Butchers players who voted for Brisket. It makes sense to give her to the community but it still seems a little lackluster. I suppose my hatred of the Union in general doesn't help. But I'm super glad I'm in the minority. I'd always much rather see people happy either their game then validating my saltiness
  11. A Cut Above the Rest: A New Union Captain Arrives!

    That is a very good point and I hadn't considered it. It makes some sense. The whole community supported Brisket and now a wider swath of the community has access to her. That does make me less salty
  12. A Cut Above the Rest: A New Union Captain Arrives!

    Yes. This is what dedicated Butchers players wanted as a reward for voting for Brisket in the civil war: a Captain for a completely different Guild. I submit the whole civil war event had a hugely lame ending and outcome (though I do love Vet Ox)
  13. Vet Ox sightings in the wild

    Regardless of how effective it ends up being or not being, getting "The Owner" back for killing something makes me cackle with glee.
  14. If Steamforged made a Guild Ball computer game

    Literally any video ge version takes a lot development resources. It takes no morebto do it one to one. Heck, it actually takes less because much of the design doc is complete. BB has the advantage of being turn AND grid based so I'm sure that cut down on development costs. It has been enough of a success to get a sequel
  15. If Steamforged made a Guild Ball computer game

    I'm pretty sure that the idea of a 1 to 1 translation fragmenting the playerbase is a myth. I imagine a large percentage of existing GB players would pick up a PC version and if it is one to one a small small percentage of those might stop playing with the figs. But a PC game can never give the hobby elementals I and can only partially give the communal to experience On the other hand, there are plenty of people who'd pick up a copy of GB on Steam who would otherwise never have heard about it. Most of them would never paint a figure no matter how close the translation. Theyre just a new revenue stream.