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    Sanchex Big League

    Hey guys this is a series i will be writing about a vassal big league i am hosting. I will be posting weekly with updates of the league events. https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/
  2. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Week 3 https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2019/01/15/sanchex-league-week-3/
  3. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Week 1 post https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2019/01/01/sanchex-league-week-1/ Week 2 post https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2019/01/08/sanchex-league-week-2/
  4. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Last 2 pre-season blogs https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-6/ https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-5/
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    Sanchex Big League

    How to League Champion https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/29/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-3-2/
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    Sanchex Big League

    Campaign Points and Deck building https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-3/
  7. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Favor and how to use it. https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-2/
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    Sanchex Big League

    Fixtures! https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/27/season-1-fixtures/
  9. byronthebear

    Big League S4

    The point of all the plots being available is so coaches can customize thier deck so you will need all the plots available to them or at least have them print out just the cards they want so you doing have stacks or wasted paper
  10. byronthebear

    Vassal Tournament Report

    So i just completed a 16 man vassal tournament, ending with a record of 3-1. I had only played navigators 5 times before playing in the tournament see this as a opportunity to test myself. I will be posting links to videos of the games where i do some commentary over it, releasing them as i get done editing the video. So come back every so often for updates.
  11. byronthebear

    Fishy Tactics s4

    tidal surge makes the target a friendly model who dodges, so you can move them anywhere.
  12. byronthebear

    Corsair S4

    Well what jamie said was that SFG want to have 7 rule limit. So it could be possible that he got Coup de Grace and lost Stand Firm.
  13. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    What about Knuckles? The butchers do lack in big defensive guys, besides Tenderiser. Knuckles could be more active in the game and supply a easier KD.
  14. byronthebear

    Starting in S4

    No one will know until we see all the S4 changes if Corsair’s 2-2 game will be as easy as it is now. As for starter boxes you will just have to wait and see, Shark’s box will be a sure thing because he is all about the 3-0 game the Fish aim for while Corsair gives you the option for 2-2. I wouldn’t worry about getting “shut down” because there is no captain in this game that can be shut out like that. At most some captains have easier match ups into certain guilds.
  15. byronthebear

    Corsair S4

    I hope not, i really like Corsairs current LP and it's what got me excited to play him over Shark. Even though he is just as greedy with INF as Shark at least his LP and rough seas character play lets him be more of a team player, versus Sharks solo playstyle.
  16. byronthebear

    Monday Night Guildball

    Alright everyone i am excited to announce the first day of Monday Night Guildball! This will be the start of a weekly game night community on vassal, to play games and hangout together. The event last all day and GMT will be used as the standard time, so please come by whenever you can and join us! We start October 1st! For those of you that are new to Guildball this would be a excellent time to find someone to teach you the ropes, also vassal games can be reported for community events as well. So if you are looking to easily get games in for the Free Cities Draft this will be the time to play! Later on when S4 is live i will start planning tournaments and leagues for the community. Personally i will be available and online between 4am-7am, off to work, then 6pm-10pm GMT. Guild Ball Zone is the name of the Discord server we will be using. If you need a invite just let me know.
  17. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    The same could be said about the rookies. All we have is a paragraph or so to base our votes off, at least with the existing roster we at least have a clue of what they will look like in S4
  18. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    My decision to vote for Cutlass also is due to not really having a spot for anyone else. Look at all the rookies and think to yourself, "who do i drop for this?". We have ball winners and strikers in spades. Hag is a passive model that hands out movement and doesn't need anything for sure, but Cutlass can give us the option to protect the goal. You may not think it but we are gonna see more 2-2 teams out there. Passing and Shooting have Tap in, the kicking team has MP on turn 1, even Mist has his back after 2 seasons imagine how many other strikers with a similar result do you think you will see in S4? I think a goalie is gonna be essential in the coming month.
  19. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Ya Cutlass is definitely going to be able to do that for fish. But i think Gaffer will bring something different, he will stay back and not do much probably get a tackle and pass up field. Also he is going to be a good battery for the team, we have a lot of greedy players on our squad. Then there is the support he could give us like free team work actions, melee buffs, movement buffs ect. A lot of possibilities with him. I will be voting for Cutlass but i see Gaffer’s potential. I think most people just don’t want another guild picking her up. I personally would like to see her perform range debuffs, its a area of the game that could help a lot. I don’t really care for another ball control ability we have enough. I made a thread earlier and the more i think about it the more i like Cutlass, Gaffer, with Kami and Champ tied for third.
  20. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    What is your beef with Gaffer?
  21. I understand that to win the draft's #1 pick what really matters is the amount of games submitted. But to also ensure that the fishermen get what they need, in my opinion, i must convince others that my picks are good. My philosophy when it comes to the draft is to get players that do things for our guild that we don't already have. So players that are unique to us and allow us to do new things, rookies who seem do what another guild player already does seems redundant to me. I know that it wouldn't be a "waste" of a pick, i just would rather broaden our surroundings as much as we can while still having the strongest football game. None of my picks are finalized during the making of this post, so i would like to here what others think about it and try to convince me to change who i vote for. Honestly i think that the fish are a very popular guild already and will only get more so do to some of the rule changes. If we don't get #1 we could be some where in the top 5 i think, but i will focus on our top 3 picks. The fishermen are a very aggressive and attack oriented guild which fits my personal play style a lot. So i think we have all the tools we need already when it comes to ball scoring and ball retrieval, so what we need is more supportive players. Cutlass - The lass is my first choice because of her goalie position. I know that looking at other guild’s goalies none of them are good at actually stopping goals but in reality the point of the goal keeper in this game is to just make it difficult to get a goal by getting a striker to take a extreme position and/or spending more resources than needed for a goal normally. S4 changes are really football focused and we need a defense to reflect that. I know we have one of the strongest football games but if we are behind a goal early we could quickly just be feeding the enemy team another goal immediately and not having a soild defense to stop them from winning. Cutlass will help us slow the enemy team down with her passive abilities so we can get the ball back. Also with momentous damage being taken away from us she probably won’t do much in the way of damage but it would still be nice to have another player who could have a 3 damage somewhere on their playbook. I think we have all the offensive players we need and like the old saying goes “Defense wins championships.” Kami - Not everyone on our team needs to be a threat with the ball at there feet, and with the lost of Union players i think having a ranged support player will be a nice thing to have moving forward. Hag has great movement options and both Sirens enable us to get the ball off of players that have already actived or just holding on to the ball. What i would like to see from Kami is using those pistols to weaken the opposition to make them easier to hit and in return snatching the ball away or even taking a player out. Currently we have only Shark and the Sakanas with debuff plays, and Kami might be able to do the same from at a distance before we engage. Obviously I don’t know that she will have for character plays but if we land her I doubt SFG will allow range damage in our guild so debuffs will be the way to go along side another player who can get the ball off someone from afar. Gaffer - Now i know most will blow off the idea of a rookie in the "coach" position, like i did, but hear me out. Looking at all of our players in guild we have a greedy team, almost everyone needs 2 or more INF to get their job done. The only player helping the team with 0 INF allocated is Hag, we could really use a model who could give us something with having to spend little to nothing on them. It will be really difficult to nail down what Gaffer could do for us being that it is a very new position with only vHonor as a example. She does allow the Farmer to relocate their harvest-markers, which i admit isn't much because most Farmer coaches know how to position them, but it can come in handy for them. For the fish i can see him bringing us Confindence, or maybe the ability to dodge for free, bonus gang out TAC, the list could go on. I don't want Gaffer be a oversight because of the possible passive and unexciting playstyle. He could be a very good sleeper choice if our favorites are taken.
  22. byronthebear

    Season 4

    I am glad to see Battering Ram will be on Jac. Now we can push our models up field on turn 1 and just make room around the pitch in general without spending anything.
  23. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft

    Flea sounds like faster version of Jac Flea
  24. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft

    They are really trying to sell us this girl Champ
  25. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft

    A rouge/bard, that is interesting. Although I don’t think fish need another winger maybe he will have something to support us. Nomad