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  1. byronthebear

    Latest Vassal Module?

    @Sid Is the man updating the module these days
  2. byronthebear

    New year New Channel

    Hey guys i have new videos on the way, but i have a question to ask. I want to do videos on the teams that in the future will be how new players will buy GB models. Should i do a single video on the team as a whole or break up the videos talking about each player and how they work with others?
  3. byronthebear

    New year New Channel

    Kicking & Receiving
  4. byronthebear

    New year New Channel

    Hey everyone, i am proud to announce a new guild ball channel! It is called Give n' Go, a YouTube channel giving helpful advice, and tactics to new players. I will be posting my first video in the next couple of hours, please watch it and let me know what you think. I have plenty of ideas for videos already including more strategy, guild intros, and commentary on games. Thank you for watching! Give n' Go
  5. byronthebear

    New to Vassal

    I can do it also if you have FB join this page to talk to other vassal players Vassal Ball Also a GB discord for voice chat https://discord.gg/mHuUu6
  6. byronthebear

    GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    Ok sorry, I didn't realize that SF has only officially released those cards. The rest of the guild has been visible for a while so I assumed they were released.
  7. byronthebear

    GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    Hey Diesel, I don't know how long this has been a problem but only half of the Farmers guild is showing up on the app.
  8. byronthebear

    Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    No chess clock. The Big League is a casual format so it is not required.
  9. byronthebear

    Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    Wheeling and dealing will be done between the two coaches, and when you come to a agreement that is when you come to me and I make it official. I want everyone on the same server so you guys can just DM each other easier. The module already has a system in place for you to create your own deck in game and report it to your opponent. All plot cards will be available for this league.
  10. byronthebear

    Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    This is a big league so all of the models are legal. Join the server the link is in the original post to look at the rules.
  11. byronthebear

    Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    oh sorry, https://www.dropbox.com/s/ehv0tnbsv46475i/GB7.6.vmod?dl=0 here is a link of the newest module made by Sid
  12. byronthebear

    Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    Anybody may join the discord sever, it will be the best way to keep tabs on what is going on in the league movong forward. I welcome everyone to join and root for your favorite teams/coaches. The big league is designed to be a casual event for everyone one to play in. It is not even required to win every game to win one of the three titles. The more the merrier when it comes to the big league format. When it comes to scheduling I expect everyone who signs up to have a open enough schedule to not run into this problem often. It's a big commitment to be available every week for 2 months, so i hope people who sign up knows what they are getting into. That includes playing weird hours for one person or the other, what ever you got to do to get the game in. If both players can not reach a agreement on a date/time then it will be called as a no contest until settled. In the big league format that will be a problem when calculating favors but i will handle that on a case by case basis.
  13. byronthebear

    Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    Make sure to join the discord
  14. Welcome to the Vassal Premier League! This is a Big League event ran in the vassal program. This league will be run for about 2 months using the official Big League rules found on Steamforged, along with some addition rules added by me to encourage new ways to play. This season of the league is will be using the 7.6 Guildball module on vassal which has added the Farmers and Blacksmiths who do not have official Big League guild plot cards yet so I will be making custom plots for said teams to be use by coaches. Another thing that will be special to this league will be the addition to what I like to call Longshanks contracts, which are special instructions given to coaches to complete objectives in a match to be rewarded extra favor and/or campaign points for their team. I am very excited to see what these additions do to the league along with a couple other minor rule changes I have made for this first season. Sign ups will accepted till September 15th. I will then start the league officially September 17th, the league will last for 8 weeks then winners will be announced. Once sign ups are complete I will arrange all the fixtures for every week. If you sign up please make sure that you have enough free time to play during the week, this is a international league so their will be times where you must play a opponent in a different time zone from you. So please! Do not sign up if you are not ready for the commitment. This time around I will be using Discord as a public hub for the league so here is a link. https://discord.gg/y2ycbjG Rules: Games will be announced every Sunday and must be completed before the start of the next week (00:00 GMT every Sunday) Please tell me the guild that you will be using and a team name. You may record/stream games. Games will be organized by you and your opponent for that week. If a agreement can not be decided on a date to play, you will both receive a lost on your record. If you drop out of the tournament you will be black-listed and banned from any future Vassal Premier League
  15. byronthebear

    Sanchex Cup 3!!!

    @VanV @dtjunkie19 @Penguin Warrior @Monolith-Swats I don't see a report from your match, we will be moving on to the next round but if this happens again without a excuse you will be banned.