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  1. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft

    They are really trying to sell us this girl Champ
  2. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft

    A rouge/bard, that is interesting. Although I don’t think fish need another winger maybe he will have something to support us. Nomad
  3. byronthebear

    Season 4

    Well if there is no momentous damage results that means that Corsair is gonna have more pushing and perhaps be able to dodge momentously too. Also looking at vSiren i think we might even see more since we are losing damage. I like where this season is going for fish, all signs point to a super dominant football game.
  4. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft

    Knuckles is defiantly not like are other models, not to be taken as a negative, he could cover the take-out aspect to our game. I see him taking over for Fangtooth's spot, i don't know how much other players have used Fangtooth before but i have played him a couple of times in a Shark team and he did well to contribute to a 2-2 even though i won by 3-0. The threat of Fangtooth winning the game by take-outs was enough to shift my opponents strategy to stay safe rather than stopping my scoring. What do you guys think? Reading more of his fluff he seems to be good at marking, could suggest a ability to move outside of his activation. Maybe something likes Skulk's lighting reflexes or counter charge. Also the mention of his iron jaw could mean tough hide or resilience as a defensive trait. Knuckles
  5. byronthebear

    Season 4

    I look forward to the change. I love how Corsair operates now and understand it will change. But i do hope he doesn’t loose that much in the damage category because even though we look for a 3-0 game the 2-2 should be still very obtainable. I do hope that they change certain players on the roster more because they deserve it.
  6. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft

    I guess my point is that we have a couple of models that can do that job anyway. Before the Navigators we had Snakeskin as a union option but few people would use her at the time because she didn't bring enough that other models couldn't do in guild. So i just don't think another winger is what the fish need, thus why she is 4th in my book.
  7. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft

    As far as how SFG will adjust the rookies to their new guilds, i think they have nothing in stone yet and when the draft is over they will use the fluff available to help design them. So no matter what we pick the player will have a fishermen flavor to them, so i wouldn't expect anything more powerful in damage dealing as vSakana or Kraken. It's obvious that the fish do the football game well, but honestly most players would agree that the 2-2 or 1-4 strategy is the fastest way to win for any team. So i think it would be best to try to fill that hole in our game. Using the fluff in the blog and looking at the fishermen with all there models available to them i made a list of my picks and why. 1)Cutlass: I personally think that she would make a great addition to the team, even though in most cases we have the upper hand in the football side of the game with no shortage of ways to get the ball off of models, having a keeper who can sit in the anchor position would be good to have for a Shark lead team. I don't know what they will do with Krakan, but he definitely does not help in the football side of the game, pitch control is his nich so i think it would be great to have another model to have sit in the back and help retrieve the ball would be awesome. Who knows she maybe have access to a or on that playbook. 2)Amber: Another area we could use help is in the middle of the pitch, which i think Amber would be great at providing for us. It is said that she is from the brewers and has similar qualities to Friday and Spigot. If you don't already know those models and what they are capable of doing, they would be fantastic in almost any fishermen line up i can think of. It is possible now to have anyother model with ,, and a decent kick. Only Corsair and Jac do this for us, and most of us don't even use Jac to begin with. Amber could also have to a heroic play to pass the ball around or just have a character play to do that. 3)Kami: This could be very interesting for us to have in the guild. It's obvious that she will be using character plays a lot, and not very football focused. What could be good to is having a way to effect the ball from a distance, even though we already have a couple of models that can do this it could be possible to knock the ball off a model for someone else to scoop up later. Or even better, a way for the fishermen to lower a models DEF and/or TAC. Shark only has stagger now so it would be helpful for a support model to do something similar. 4)Edge: So this rookie is defiantly a wildcard. Not much explained about her outside of the fact she can handle the ball well and works well with others. She is in the winger position so it can be implied that she will be fast, but really nothing that we don't already have. The only possible upside to bringing her on would be the chance that she will have a trait or character play to support the team, it what way? no clue. 5)Layne: We already have 3 strikers along with almost every model in the guild able to score on there own. I don't know what he could do for the fish, it doesn't seem like he could fill any area we need help in. Also from what the fluff is implying he sounds like a male version of Angel, a striker who spends most of the game doing nothing and is only good a scoring a goal, i am sure no one else wants another model like that on the team.
  8. byronthebear

    Latest Vassal Module?

    @Sid Is the man updating the module these days
  9. byronthebear

    New year New Channel

    Hey guys i have new videos on the way, but i have a question to ask. I want to do videos on the teams that in the future will be how new players will buy GB models. Should i do a single video on the team as a whole or break up the videos talking about each player and how they work with others?
  10. byronthebear

    New year New Channel

    Kicking & Receiving
  11. byronthebear

    New year New Channel

    Hey everyone, i am proud to announce a new guild ball channel! It is called Give n' Go, a YouTube channel giving helpful advice, and tactics to new players. I will be posting my first video in the next couple of hours, please watch it and let me know what you think. I have plenty of ideas for videos already including more strategy, guild intros, and commentary on games. Thank you for watching! Give n' Go
  12. byronthebear

    New to Vassal

    I can do it also if you have FB join this page to talk to other vassal players Vassal Ball Also a GB discord for voice chat https://discord.gg/mHuUu6
  13. byronthebear

    GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    Ok sorry, I didn't realize that SF has only officially released those cards. The rest of the guild has been visible for a while so I assumed they were released.
  14. byronthebear

    GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    Hey Diesel, I don't know how long this has been a problem but only half of the Farmers guild is showing up on the app.
  15. byronthebear

    Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    No chess clock. The Big League is a casual format so it is not required.