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  1. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Week 3 https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2019/01/15/sanchex-league-week-3/
  2. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Week 1 post https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2019/01/01/sanchex-league-week-1/ Week 2 post https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2019/01/08/sanchex-league-week-2/
  3. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Last 2 pre-season blogs https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-6/ https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-5/
  4. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    How to League Champion https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/29/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-3-2/
  5. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Campaign Points and Deck building https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-3/
  6. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Favor and how to use it. https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/sanchex-league-pre-season-part-2/
  7. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Fixtures! https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/2018/12/27/season-1-fixtures/
  8. byronthebear

    Sanchex Big League

    Hey guys this is a series i will be writing about a vassal big league i am hosting. I will be posting weekly with updates of the league events. https://sanchexbiggleague.wordpress.com/
  9. byronthebear

    Big League S4

    The point of all the plots being available is so coaches can customize thier deck so you will need all the plots available to them or at least have them print out just the cards they want so you doing have stacks or wasted paper
  10. byronthebear

    Vassal Tournament Report

    So i just completed a 16 man vassal tournament, ending with a record of 3-1. I had only played navigators 5 times before playing in the tournament see this as a opportunity to test myself. I will be posting links to videos of the games where i do some commentary over it, releasing them as i get done editing the video. So come back every so often for updates.
  11. byronthebear

    Fishy Tactics s4

    tidal surge makes the target a friendly model who dodges, so you can move them anywhere.
  12. byronthebear

    Corsair S4

    Well what jamie said was that SFG want to have 7 rule limit. So it could be possible that he got Coup de Grace and lost Stand Firm.
  13. byronthebear

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    What about Knuckles? The butchers do lack in big defensive guys, besides Tenderiser. Knuckles could be more active in the game and supply a easier KD.
  14. byronthebear

    Starting in S4

    No one will know until we see all the S4 changes if Corsair’s 2-2 game will be as easy as it is now. As for starter boxes you will just have to wait and see, Shark’s box will be a sure thing because he is all about the 3-0 game the Fish aim for while Corsair gives you the option for 2-2. I wouldn’t worry about getting “shut down” because there is no captain in this game that can be shut out like that. At most some captains have easier match ups into certain guilds.
  15. byronthebear

    Corsair S4

    I hope not, i really like Corsairs current LP and it's what got me excited to play him over Shark. Even though he is just as greedy with INF as Shark at least his LP and rough seas character play lets him be more of a team player, versus Sharks solo playstyle.