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  1. Hey folks, Firstly and most importantly thanks to everyone who made it down today, whether it was for the WM event, the casual GB gaming or just playing board games or pick up games. The attendance and support for both Alan and the charity has been overwhelming. Thanks to Steve at Common Ground Games for both hosting the event and donating table fees to the cause. Thanks to Adam Davies and Frazer for drumming up support, helping with organizing and helping to keep the day moving smoothly. Thanks to all the companies, people, organisations, and anyone else who donated to the raffle; without donations we couldn't have raised what we did Speaking of which, the total raised (which i estimated at around £1100 at the time of the raffle) actually totaled up to a whopping £1200 This total includes the money already donated on the Just Giving page, alongside the money raised today. The generosity of people in the community who knew Alan, and even for those who didn't, has been truly humbling and overwhelming. This money will be sent off to SACHD later this week and will go towards helping children with heart disorders. Speaking from my own personal level I can only really add that Alan was a great friend not just to me, but to many people. I feel that the event today was a great way to pay tribute to a man who was a friend to many, a loving husband and devoted father, and had he been there today I'm sure he would have loved to see so many people enjoying themselves, having fun, and playing games
  2. Hey folks, so this is an event page for the GB event, which is part of the Charity Gaming day for Alan Kennedy. Sadly Alan passed away just before Christmas of 2017 and will be missed amongst many different gaming communities. After some talk between friends a group of us have came together to run a gaming event in his name, purely for charitable causes. After chatting to Alan's family, and as per his own wishes we have decided to donate to the Scottish Association for Children with Heart Disorders (SACHD).The aim of this event is to have a fun and casual gaming day for gamers of all ages to enjoy. The hope is to run both a Warmachine and Guild Ball event, both of a relaxed and fun nature, with drop in gaming consisting of tabletop games and board games for those who want to enjoy a slower pace. The day will be topped off with a charity raffle, with all proceeds going to SACHD.The event is going to be held at Common Ground Games in Stirling. Which can be found at 40 Cowane Street, Stirling, FK8 1JRThe start time for the organised play events is being moved from 9.30 to 10 for doors open. This is to allow additional travel time as it turns out the Stirling Half marathon is on on the same day. So for all attendees please do NOT approach Stirling from the Raploch/West side of the city as most of the roads from the safari park to Stirling are closed. Please approach from the east side of Stirling. If you're coming by car :-)The event being run is "Captain, My Captain!". The premise is you build a team of 5 players, 1 mascot and 4 other eligible players, and the captain is chosen at random by a random generator for each round, Folks who played in the Gaming for Laura charity event will be familiar with how this event runs.There is NO ENTRY fee to the event, having spoken with CGG owner Steve any table fees would be donated to the charity event instead. Prizes and support all round The event will be held at Common Ground Games in Stirling, with dice being rolled around 10.30am. Having spoken to the SFG Lawyers Guild, unfortunately Blacksmiths are uneligible for this event, their design (master/apprentice) is too difficult to adapt for the event. I can provide a guild if anyone wants to attend that exclusively play blacksmiths.Itinerary for the day:10.00 - Doors open10.30 - 12.30 - Round 1 for WM and GB events12.30 - 13.30 - Lunch13.30 - 15.30 - Round 215.45 - 17.45 - Round 318.00 - Raffle, prizes, etc The above times are only really for the folks playing in the organised events. If youre dropping in for casual gaming feel free to drop in any time of the day If anyone cant make it, we have also set up a JustGiving page in Alan's name which can be found here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/alank The raffle is very very very well funded and we have had many generous donations. If anyone is interested entering the raffle and cant make the event please feel free to contact me, we can post items to the UK for free. The lots are as follows:- Frozen Forge measuring sticks and movement steppers, ideal for Guild Ball, Warmachine, malifaux, etc- Shadows of Brimstone: swamps of death board game. Huge Board game packed with miniatures- Team Yankee bundle (UH-1 Huey platoon, m60 tank platoon, HMMWV platoon), great addition for the game or anyone looking to start.- Exploding Kittens bundle (exploding and imploding kittens), quick and amazingly fun game, highly recommended/- War of the Ring board game, second edition. Great board game full of LoTR minis.- TT Combat City Scenics bundle (building and back alley accessories) Amazing piece of terrain, would suit most miniature games and comes with a blister of terrain accessories.- TT Combat Measuring Widgets. Great for miniature games with finite measurements - Rumble Slam Grave Digger miniature. Nice figure from the wrestling game Rumble Slam, a nod of the hat to the real life wrestler The Under Taker- Warmachine Grymkin Mad Caps blister. Ideal for anyone with grymkin looking to expand their force.- Warmachine Khador Iron Fank Kaptain Sofia Skriova. A must have solo for Khador players and Iron Fang Pikemen.- Warmachine Mercenaries Bundle (Lieutenant Crosse and Major Harrison Gibbs) Two models for the mercenary faction of warmachine, great for the llalese theme force.- Warmachune Cygnar Thunderhead Heavy Warjack. Ideal model for anyone looking to expand their Cygnar army.- Privateer Press bundle (Convergence of Cyriss necklace and pin badge) Two lovely pieces of collector memorabilia for Warmachine.- SteamForged Games Guild Ball Kick off Bundle 1 (Kick Off! and Limited Edition Rage Model). Great way to start off into Guild Ball with this starter set, two factions and an extra model to bulk out your options.- SteamForged Games Guild Ball Kick off Bundle 2 (Kick Off! and Limited Edition Avarice and Greed) Great way to start off into Guild Ball with this starter set, two factions and an extra model to bulk out your options.- L5R Core set by FFG, a great living card game by Fantasy Flight Games- 1 x Adult Weekend Pass to Tabletop Scotland in Perth, a new up and coming gaming convention being held in Perth later on this year.- Box of Terrain, suitable for most Miniature games - Davros and Daleks for the DR Who game- British 95th Rifles for Black Powder- British Airborne for Bolt Action- £30 voucher for commission paint work at Holly Grove Miniatures So far donations to the charity raffle have been very generous, a list of our gracious donaters so far: Steamforged Games Static Games Privateer Press (Cerberus) TT Combat Frozen Forge Art of War Becky Barton David Wright (Tabletop Scotland) Warhammer Glasgow (Games Workshop) Warlord Games Richard Spruce @ Holly Grove Miniatures See less https://www.facebook.com/events/207992043084677/
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    Hub Ball 5: Hub Ball Strikes Back

    Payment for me sent also
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    Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    Another option is parking down on bread street where 6s2hit used to be.its only a couple of mins walk to the hub from there
  5. Thelador

    Hub Ball 3 - Edinburgh - 14th January 2018

    It's free parking anywhere with a single yellow line or a street space on a Sunday. Round about the hub itself is free. I would avoid any multi stories as they will be horrifically expensive.
  6. Well thats the tourney over. Many thanks to all the guys and gals who showed up, without you guys there is no tourney so attendance is always appreciated Thanks to CGG for hosting us, and for Steamforged with their generous prize support. So, in a particular order , the standings: 1 Trevor Moffat Butchers 2 Fraser McFetridge Masons 3 Jon Pugh Masons 4 Bryce Johnson Hunters 5 Alasdair Johnstone Fishermen 6 Kenny Hall Butchers 7 Calum Todd Brewers 8 Joe Taylor The Union 9 Martin Lee Butchers 10 Alex Gibson Fishermen 11 Arla Kean Brewers 12 Alan Kennedy Morticians Best Goal Design: Trevor Moffat Best Painted Team: Arla Kean Spot prizes were won by: Alan Kennedy, Trevor Moffat, Alasdair Johnstone and Calum Todd
  7. awesome man, thats really really appreciated
  8. It's not essential as I can set up boards at CGG but it would be amazingly generous if you could help out in any way man
  9. So far I've got to 16 people confirmed and one maybe. So it's rounds with a possible of 5. I'm hoping to get confirmation on any remaining maybies on Monday
  10. Yeah it'll follow all existing organised play/sanctioning rules. Currently it's on 4 rounds
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    UK Tournament Calendar 2016

    Hey, can you add Blood, Sweat and Balls. 24 spaces. 26th August, Stirling, £10 per ticket. https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/blood-sweat-and-balls/feed
  12. Player list for the event has been updated on tiebreak, needed to do this for SF prize support application. list is here: https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/blood-sweat-and-balls/players
  13. Trophies arrived today, apologies for slightly blurry picture
  14. List of attendees updated, 06/07/16
  15. Just pushing this again, as my last event as a pundit it would be great to see as many as possible, as a warm up to Scottish Nationals if nothing else