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  1. Living in the new reality

    How are people NOT scoring with Bonesaw?! It's almost broken, how good he is. He's Def 5 after the first goal too (so from mid-late Turn 1 usually). Complaints about his large base and short melee fall flat imo - when you're Unexpectedly Arriving in to a bunch of players, you scattering them out further, allowing other Morts to get up the pitch with less interference. Get Dirge on Ball collect/drop duty with him and you're laughing.
  2. Ratcatchers Story

    I'm not usually a fan of the fluff as the writing style isn't to my preference, but the little nod to Jason Mountain (basis for the Skulk model) when describing Skulk was very well done. In fact, this story seems to be a great leap in quality so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this plot.
  3. Guild ball era??

    Ah yes, the golden age of wooden automata production
  4. Created/written by some pretty high placing WM/H tourney players so yeah, it's definitely Srs Bsnss. That said, I thoroughly enjoy my 2-3 hour casual games with friends. We've had some pretty cinematic games/moments! We've also had dull and depressing games drag on and on. If you want something much more casual, and designed as such, check out DreadBall 2.0 from Mantic. That is fast and fun.
  5. Masons 1st turn goal

    All of a sudden my Masons models look they might need dusting off...
  6. First Sighting of the Falconers launch event

    Vet Minx? I thought Hunters lost that campaign? I wasn't paying close attention though, so yeah...
  7. Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    5 goals in two games, mate. He's brilliant!
  8. Mulligans during play.

    Played last night, and had one pretty big Mulligan each. First off, my goal kick went 6, 6. This basically put the ball out of play for a full turn, which neither of us thought was useful as we were both playing football. I was playing Footy Morts, my mate was Corsair Fish. We agreed I could re-roll that, and it was a better result so we didn't have a wasted turn. Then later, my mate tried to get Seduced off on Obulous, using 3 attacks and all 3 Inf. He didn't get one hit, so we went back and he paid for it as a character play rather than trying to get it off the playbook. That one went in. I wasn't bothered though, because Obulous was not in a position to do anything anyway! He then wanted to re-do that, and I said NO. There's a limit...
  9. What was your first Guild and what attracted you to that Guild? Masons. The Aesthetic mainly. Do you still play that Guild or are you a deserter and play a new Guild yet? I do not. I just don;t 'get' them, and though they're supposed to be decent now I just can't be arsed with them. I then on to be not veru good with Morticians, Fishermen, and Hunters. Oh and Blacksmiths. Does your original Guild still hold your heart or have you a new favourite? I sold some stuff recently, but couldn't bring myself to sell the Masons. They represent the first properly finished hobby project of mine, and I really like the paint job.
  10. Mulligans during play.

    It's not that you don't learn, but I'm far more likely to remember something if it penalised me in a game than if I was let off with it.
  11. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    The Necromunda/BB price argument doesn't really hold water, for me. The sets might be cheaper but you're looking at buying at two to get everything you might want as your team/gang grows. Every model in GB is a named special character. You can only have one in your team, and so you're only ever likely to need to one of each model. These tend to be more expensive as a result. Same with NSC's in pretty much any other system.
  12. Ongoing dervish debate

    That seems much more sensible. Thanks for clarifying. One great thing about GB is that usually, if you want to do something, you can do it! I suppose in this instance, two wrongs did make a right. Sort of. I seem to be a a bit stuffy with incredibly unlikely runs at goal!
  13. Ongoing dervish debate

    Bonesaw got me two goals in my win against Corsair Fight Fish this past Saturday. Dervish is excellent, and coupled with Unexpected Arrival set me up absolutely sublimely for the first goal. Slightly off topic, but the second goal was something I'd wanted to do since first picking up Morts back in 2016. I'd conceded, and the ball landed just near Dirge after the scatter. He snapped it, sprinted 10" towards Bonesaw at the Fish goal, and unsnapped. Fish had no one near enough to recover, next activation I picked it up and got the tap in. OK while I'm on a roll (still off topic, sorry) - we are now at 10-10. It's getting a bit heavy up near my goal. Obulous is blind. This is baaaad. I messed up my order, and should have had Graves pass to obs but I didn't. Obs needs that ball to have a crack at a goal, but more crucially needs the 4" dodge. Oh yes, Where'd They Go! And Puppet Master! So Obs activates and dodges 2", Graves passes to Obs for a 4" dodge, he sprints 4"(!) and gets to just within 4" of the Fish goal. Blind. No Kick dice. Bonus time for 1. Confidence... It's a 3. PHEWWWW. 14-10. It was an interesting game, and my first with Morts since losing at V16. I was fully prepared to lose Cosset, but my mate rolled badly on something, and she was left untouched which utterly threw out my entire plan for the 3rd turn Kraken scored, which was great. I was very happy for him.
  14. Two Guys & A Pitch, a new blog

    Ah man, I wish I'd have thought of the name Johnny Pastrami.