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  1. 'smiths experiences so far?

    Good posts there, lads. Cheers! @WhiteYin very interesting summary. I just need more game time and to look at my cards! Furnace and Ferrite can take the teeth out of most line ups, but I wasn't looking at the cards enough and just doing basic nonsense. And the pushes - I could easily Counter Attack every charge and get a push out of combat or a KD. Especially if Furnace or Ferrite have gone up first and softened them up! Looking forward to the next run out! edit - I tendd to flip flop around teams, and just as I thought I was getting a handle on Hunters I went in on ''smiths. I'm being strict on my self though, ten games with each 'smiths Box, then decide. It seems MCA is needed to get the most out of the line up, but I am convinced I can make FFS work. Luckily I snagged a copy of MCA!
  2. 'smiths experiences so far?

    Been thinking about this today, and I am SMFH for not throwing up Counter Attacks or Defensive Stances on the Cosset charges. I was forgetting Legendary Plays too. I have a problem with NOT looking at the back of my cards so I'll print off the double front PDFs and get them laminated. That said, something has clicked. Next game I'm going for a more football based game plan. Anvil and Sledge will stay at the back. Anvil will will dodge everyone up 2", then drop back. Furnace will take up a central role to soften people up with Searing Strike which may help with Conder for Hot Shot/Kill The Ball. Ferrite and Iron have enough MOV jank to threaten a goal. Kill the Ball to Sledge, who can long bomb it back in to play. Otherwise he and Anvil can sit back and generate Inf for the rest, or pick of any strikers that come close enough (hopefully already weakened by SS). OK, that's the plan. Just need to get some games in.
  3. Morts vs. Blacksmiths

    Cosset tears through Blacksmith. Easily takes out one full health player per activation.
  4. 'smiths experiences so far?

    Good points, Aaron. It's always more doom and gloom on these posts than I really feel about it. Tom said the second game was more of a struggle for him due to my setting up, so that's something to take in to the next games. I didn't add in the Fun Stuff, so here goes: Iron was engaged by Skulk.The Puppet Controller Dude had the ball down near the Morts goal. I decided to have a crack at a goal so I threw up Impetus and went for it. He left Skulks MZ, no problem... sprinted through Graves MZ, no problem... sprinted through Obulous MZ... NOOO! But Iron was within an inch of TPCD. Jumped up for one MOM, threw the tackle, got the ball, scored the goal. That was a great moment! Cinder tackled Graves, but was out of range for a pass. She tackled, dropped the ball behind her, then Killed it. Quite fun to do and really messed up the Morts game.
  5. 'smiths experiences so far?

    I had two games back to back on Saturday, against Morticians. I used FFS. Lost 12-4 and 12-0. Cosset just glides through 'smiths like a hot knife through butter. Reliably takes out a full health model in one activation. I wonder if Apprentices need more health, or should only gain one 1VP when taken out?! Also, as per usual, my rolls were crap. Cinder whiffed 3 or 4 hits at graves, when I only needed the one momentous hit. I couldn't make a successful pass in the first game. Discussing the games later, we realised just how many pushes 'smiths have. I was looking for damage so wasn't paying attention to the rest of the play book. I have to remember that and keep them out fights in future. Considering dropping Anvil and Sledge for Hearth and Alloy. I just don't think I got much out of them. Cinder was OK, Furnace brought his Inf for the wider team... Iron was the best player in both games, with Ferrite not really doing much either. I might just give MCA a full run out! I learnt a lot, but it's frustrating to once again end up with a Thinking Team. I only bought in to them because I was under the impression they were broken nonsense and I just really want to win a few games! So yeah, pretty much business as usual for me and being shit at Guild Ball!
  6. Idea for Thresher Change

    So YOU need a nerf As I said earlier on it's not like only you had access to the card and model for the last 6 months, so I'm surprised that no one at your level had an answer for him. Because of the size of the event the thrashings (Threshings?) you dished out are more likely to be under the microscope. edit - I was thinking earlier how it's a bit shit that your win has been distracted(?) by this, and I haven't helped with chiming in on this thread. I apologise for that. For what it's worth I'm trying to drastically improve my GB game, so I'm trying to get involved in more technical discussions which are clearly above my current grade!
  7. As someone that doesn't play big damage GB, that sounds like fun to me! I've seen some comments that Anvil isn't much use. Anvil having a MOM KD on 1 and a generally decent 'early access' playbook as you describe above, seems ok to me!
  8. Idea for Thresher Change

    Well reasoned response, FR! I would suppose it's been blown up because the worlds best just did not have an answer for him, and he's wrecked face at many other events. Puts the whole thing under a bit more scrutiny. "I have total faith in the SFG team that if something needs to happen it'll happen." Yeah, Shark will get nerfed...
  9. I'm giving that set up a run this weekend.
  10. Idea for Thresher Change

    This is a strange issue, to be honest. It's not like Thresher was a surprise, so the other Best Players In The World getting caught out so comprehensively could maybe be placed with them for not studying up enough or not getting any games in with/against Thresher. That said, Thresher has wiped the floor with everyone at any event he was available for.
  11. Idea for Thresher Change

    I think the BIG test is - give me that team to have a few games with. Then we'll see just how ordinary they all are. If I actually win these games? Well, then they're clearly in need of a huge revision!
  12. Idea for Thresher Change

    I've played against them twice (once as fish, once as smiths), and I enjoyed the first immensely, the second one not so much. Tater just takes any fun out of a game for me! After this thread, I'm not enjoying the prospect of playing against them again. I've yet to face Thresher so I suppose I have that to look forward to in every single farmer line up. For me they're just far too efficient. I don't mind if a team can play ball as well as it can wreck face, or purely excel at either, but it has to be a struggle/risk to get to do what you want to do, when you want to do it. Farmers don't really seem to worry about Influence at all, get free Inf every turn, and can churn out MOM like it's nothing.
  13. General Blacksmith tips

    Thanks for the necro WhiteYin - got some decent tidbits from this!
  14. 'smiths experiences so far?

    @Cole - Great write ups there! Yes I'm sensing a theme. I think I'll give FFS a run out next game. I really struggled getting any momentum or causing much damage last night, and it turns out I don't really have the finesse for footballing game. I could have had 1 goal, 1 take out but didn't realise how shit Ferrite is at swinging! I took Ferrite, Iron, Burnish, Cast, Hearth and Alloy. Alloy scored for me on his first activation, then got murdered twice. The rest of the team spent the rest of the game on their arses or tied up with the Farmers 2" melee zones. Tater... Man, I do not like him. SO much extra influence every turn from Harvest Markers. Sheesh. It gets a bit wacky. Essentially, my game sounds a LOT like yours, @WhiteYin We seem to buy our dice from the same place, at the very least. Had a good chat with my mate afterwards, and where he's had 100s of games, I've probably not even had 30 in total, with 4 teams, over the 3 years or so I've been 'playing' so I'm still very much in NOOB territory. But yes, on to game 2
  15. 'smiths experiences so far?

    Very comprehensive response there, thanks for that! I have both boxes and think Box 2 might be more suited to me - fast goals, stay out of trouble - but I'd look at swapping out Farris and Bolt for Ferrite and Iron depending on what my mate turns up with. Or Furnace and Cinder... hmmmm. My Bogey team is Butchers. I've only ever had one close game with them, every other time has been a drubbing. Ha haa yeah but at least won a game... Very interesting! I like how it's still all to play for with regards to line ups. I don't follow Net Meta as a rule, so I'm really looking forward to sharing war stories with folks regarding different line ups and such.