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  1. Lee

    What the eff is Brainpan?

    You're not wrong Rich. I've had a lot of fun with him and his little toerag companion.
  2. Lee

    The Navigator's Guild

    Man, what a maroon - I just wasn't reading it properly. Cheers everyone. It makes PERFECT sense now. Just off to proof read the two technical documents I put together this week, because if I can't read one line on a GB card correctly, I might be in trouble at work tomorrow 😁
  3. Lee

    The Navigator's Guild

    that's what I said. Eye Spy targets a friendly model for +2 tac, and the KD comes from that attack. THAT'S what isn't clear on the card. RAW v RAI. It benefits me regardless, because I'll playing these when they're out, but SFG were pleased with their progress on clearing up the language on the cards for S4.
  4. Lee

    The Navigator's Guild

    Eye Spy "Friendly model gains +2 Tac while attacking target enemy model"
  5. Lee

    The Navigator's Guild

    Stormwind doesn't make sense. Her Character Plays target Friendly Models. I suppose it means if she uses either CP on herself or other friendly model and they then hit or charge someone it causes KD. But it doesn't read right, and I thought they were tidying up confusing language on the cards.
  6. Lee

    The Casual Mortician

    I should have my Scalpel line up finished this week ready for a run out at weekend! I know V Graves and VS get some stick but I think you could have some fun with VS. Your opponent doesn’t want to kill him (boom!) so you could just keep him around, keeping people engaged, getting parting blows or the occasional cheap charge. Dirge wins though. That 10” sprint is so good for ball retrieval. I’ll be looking at: Scalpel, Dirge, Bonesaw, Brainpan and Memory up front, harassing for goals. V Hemlocke and Casket throwing out Blind conditions, and generally tying up/slowing down opponents. I’ll just have to hope for three fast goals in Turn 2. Or just 2 if I get BS to get his usual T1 goal!
  7. Lee

    What the eff is Brainpan?

    Really fun to come back after the weekend to see these replies. Cheers folks!
  8. I recently picked up the 'season 2' Morts box. I am absolutely in love with the Brainpan and Memory mechanic, and the models are top notch. On close inspection of Brainpan (ensuring I was covering everything with undercoat) I noticed he has a face not too dissimilar to The Mouth of Sauron; the wide grin, peeled back lips, long teeth... so just what is he? I am waaaaay behind on the story, so no idea who any of the guys are outside of teh S1 rule book, but he really is a mystery.
  9. I'm just too chill for all that. I have no way of winning the thing, and if I keep coming dead last people will thing I'm doing it on purpose for the sweet Bogey Prize loot. The social side is great though. That said, I would absolutely recommend people go to at least one. I don't enjoy competitive play, but I always walk away having learned something. And playing 3 games on the clock is better than having a 4 hour game end at 8-8 because you have to go home because the store is closing.
  10. Lee

    Things I think I learned...

    I've always been so focused on using the legendary to steal MOM to go first next turn, that THIS never once occurred to me. Brilliant.
  11. Lee

    First actual game with the Falconers

    Nice one Ben, good write up. Saw your proxies on Twitter, brilliant work! I'me going to picking up the Falconers box - I like the idea of playing like Butchers but without actually playing Butchers
  12. Lee

    Navigators Guild on FB

    I suppose the idea is to sacrifice him after you've already scored, then bring him on at their DZ and just have him goal-hang for a cheeky shot. Risky but you can afford to have him TO twice before he's given up the 'proper' VPs for a TO, by which time you'd hope to have most of these guys in threat range for goals, goals, gooooaaaaaals.
  13. Lee

    Navigators Guild on FB

    These guys are exactly the Guild I've been waiting for. I'm an Old Hand with Noob Level skills - sign me up!
  14. Lee

    Being accused of cheating

    I used to think it was just me feeling sorry for myself, but when almost everyone I've played against, in any system, says "Man, you're dice were awful!" it made me start to wonder! And when it was the first comment on a GCT Bushido video I was in, well...
  15. Lee

    Being accused of cheating

    Ah man, yeah, I roll badly - famed for it! But I have three mates who always roll incredibly well. Like, it's embarrassing and causes great envy (verging on hatred) at the same time. One lads Union dice are laughably good, and seem to ONLY roll 6s. Sod that guy - he got some points, you got a few more, and he didn't like that.