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  1. Mad. Mad! I've gone MAD I tell you!! Oh by the way, I'm glad you like them @Malritch.
  2. More images are now up on my blog. https://splayedpaintbrush.com/2017/09/17/guild-ball-morticians-pulling-strings/
  3. Quick snap shot of the full Morticians team I painted for Ben, one of the guys I play GB with. Just finished up the remaining 6 models to flesh out his team (Brainpan & Memory, v Graves, Vileswarm, Casket, and Scalpel). Crappy phone pic, but I hope I've got some better pics on the wife's proper camera to follow.
  4. Yes, yes there is! Gets expensive though lol. There is also another webstore that had some cool looking basing accessories and terrain stuff. Trouble is the only thing I can remember about the website was that it had a dark blue or purple colour scheme. I can't even remember what cool stuff was on it, and I didn't bookmark it like I normally do 😢 😢
  5. There is loads of miniature accessory producers out there. I assume you are looking for things like this? https://hexy-shop.com/shop/terrain-buildings/fantasy-modelling-basing/tools-basing-kit/ Hexy-shop is worth a trawl through.
  6. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    You've made me curious so I went and had a close look at my Farmers... Same here, no eyeball detail, just essentially a flat bottomed eye socket. I noticed the 2 mould lines on Jackstraw too, when I first opened them up. I assume the mould is in 3 parts so to enable them to avoid too significant an undercut or something. One thing that is bugging me though, enough for me to do something about it. It's Grange's saw handles, the ones above his head are way shorter than the ones lower down 😂
  7. Lol @Pending Forum Suspension if I happened to take part in a 3 man event and collected the bronze die. I'd still claim to have come third and not last However you won your die you still earned it, simply by having a goal. I've played with a bare plastic 50mm base for far too long!
  8. My Farmers (:

    Indeed, good work. I'm looking forward to seeing Grange, and the full team pic.
  9. So I'm back to painting Morticians. To match the ones earlier in this thread as they are the remaining Mort models for Ben's team. Here are some pretty poor photos of the current wip of Ben's Morts. I have a new phone and need to work out how to use it's camera. Until I do you'll have to put up with these...
  10. Kdogs completed stuff

    Well it could just be your photos (or my screen) , but number 3 and 8 in the sequence look like they are closest to my kr case in colour. In which case I think your skin looks pink. You could try shading the skin with a muted green like P3 Thornwood Green. Apply it in glazes really rather than a wash. The green counters the red generally found in skin colour paints giving a more natural colour over all. If you're interested here's probably my best work on skin/faces link (not GB though). But try it on your next one, as vOx there looks good as is! As for churning out models, given I got models during the kick stater, I have only completed 7 models in total, and one ball. The best bit is they aren't even my team - I painted them for a guy at the club.
  11. I was impressed with the armour and hammers, but wowed by the chain and buckles. For your sanity I hope there isn't much chain on the others too lol.
  12. Oh wow your gaming board looks really professional. Is all the terrain 3d printed then?
  13. So I got my first special GB dice. Dead pleased with that!
  14. My Farmers (:

    It certainly does pop! What paints did you use to get such a vibrant orange?
  15. Sure no problem.