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  1. Doc

    Morticans and mercenaries

    What those 3 above said, plus love the OSL especially on Brainpan on top of the orange torn cloak.
  2. Well I screwed up the spray primer, being lazy and not using the airbrush to give the models a zenithal highlight but using spray cans instead. It also showed up loads of mould lines I'd swear I'd gotten rid of (not a fan of cleaning up plastics). It feels like I'm on a downer with these guys, but I'm not. They are fun to play, and aside from mould lines and undercoat fail they are fun to model/paint (so far). After undercoating I've gone back and altered a couple of things.... I knew those brass rods for handles on Grange's saws would bug me. So they've ended up with some greenstuff added to give some much needed shape. Jackstraw had a strange feature on the side of his hood. I decided it was a miscast and filled it. Harrow's head looks to be a separate piece, and the gaps really bugged me after priming, so they got filled. I can't decide if I've missed a mould line or it's a fold of cloth on his collar. Bushel is being my test paint piece, and has had a number of costume changes as a result. But the stupid bendy 2in melee looking billhook thing really started to piss me off. So it got shortened, and Bushel changed colour again. I'll leave the innuendo out of this post, as I've no idea of the age range of viewers of these forums. Peck is fun to paint, but I felt either his beak was miscast, or it was way too small, so I sculpted on a bigger beak.
  3. I think these videos are great, thanks for creating them. But oh handy commentator, such as you are, I have a question for you. Your custom beard dice, where did you get them made? I'd love some custom dice associated with my hobby blog, admittedly I'd need a logo first, but ppffttt minor detail! Now that I'm thinking about it you might have mentioned this in one of your episodes, maybe I should watch them all again.
  4. Doc

    First light of Solthecius

    Really sweet! Love those coat tails.
  5. I love the skin tone on Egret's face, and the hair is great too. Very nicely done, a great looking team.
  6. Flint is on hold thanks to an escalation league, because I'm using Farmers. So I've spent some time cleaning up mould lines, which I've found I hate doing on plastics. Especially for reasons later on. I had a bit of a disaster with Windle, dropped him and broke a claw. Panicked a little over the size of the contact area, and decided to pin him back together. Using a 0.35mm drill bit. As the claw blade isn't much wider than a 0.50mm bit. I had to wrap the bit's shaft in masking tape to get the pin vice chuck to hold the bit. And if you're wondering what on earth I pinned it with, well I intentionally snapped the drill bit down to length and used that. As i had the pin vice out I chose to mod Grange's saw handles at the top of the blades so they matched the length of the handles at the bottom. It's just 0.50mm brass rod. Maybe I should have used a little greenstuff on them to give them a little shape, but couldn't be bothered. If it starts annoying me I'll go back and add some. Anyway they're all cleaned up, and now undercoated. So obviously I can now see missed mould lines.... Aaaaaagggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! Man, if these were metal they'd have been done in half the time, and I would have got them all (probably).
  7. Mad. Mad! I've gone MAD I tell you!! Oh by the way, I'm glad you like them @Malritch.
  8. More images are now up on my blog. https://splayedpaintbrush.com/2017/09/17/guild-ball-morticians-pulling-strings/
  9. Quick snap shot of the full Morticians team I painted for Ben, one of the guys I play GB with. Just finished up the remaining 6 models to flesh out his team (Brainpan & Memory, v Graves, Vileswarm, Casket, and Scalpel). Crappy phone pic, but I hope I've got some better pics on the wife's proper camera to follow.
  10. Yes, yes there is! Gets expensive though lol. There is also another webstore that had some cool looking basing accessories and terrain stuff. Trouble is the only thing I can remember about the website was that it had a dark blue or purple colour scheme. I can't even remember what cool stuff was on it, and I didn't bookmark it like I normally do 😢 😢
  11. There is loads of miniature accessory producers out there. I assume you are looking for things like this? https://hexy-shop.com/shop/terrain-buildings/fantasy-modelling-basing/tools-basing-kit/ Hexy-shop is worth a trawl through.
  12. Doc

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    You've made me curious so I went and had a close look at my Farmers... Same here, no eyeball detail, just essentially a flat bottomed eye socket. I noticed the 2 mould lines on Jackstraw too, when I first opened them up. I assume the mould is in 3 parts so to enable them to avoid too significant an undercut or something. One thing that is bugging me though, enough for me to do something about it. It's Grange's saw handles, the ones above his head are way shorter than the ones lower down 😂
  13. Lol @Pending Forum Suspension if I happened to take part in a 3 man event and collected the bronze die. I'd still claim to have come third and not last However you won your die you still earned it, simply by having a goal. I've played with a bare plastic 50mm base for far too long!
  14. Doc

    My Farmers (:

    Indeed, good work. I'm looking forward to seeing Grange, and the full team pic.
  15. So I'm back to painting Morticians. To match the ones earlier in this thread as they are the remaining Mort models for Ben's team. Here are some pretty poor photos of the current wip of Ben's Morts. I have a new phone and need to work out how to use it's camera. Until I do you'll have to put up with these...