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  1. New to Guild Ball, seeking advice

    Brewers are a predominantly fighty team, they often have a playstyle that often involves grinding games out, they are perhaps slower than other teams (with some exceptions) and can be tough to take out. masons can fight or score depending on their build. They have some tricks and things which alter the core rules around activations (chaining activations together, giving players extra activations). They can be fun but equally can be tricky to use. engineers are a very football orientated team. They can fight and have some good synergies within them that facilitate take outs along with access to ranged attacks but predominantly they are going for goals, and they are very good at it. With the right build they can also be incredibly tough to take out. id recommend you pick a team you like the sound of the playstyle of and try them out with proxies, the cards are available for free, before you buy. personally I'd stay away from Brewers, I've played every team extensively and they are the ones that I enjoy the least. But that's just my preference and you should pick somthing you enjoy.
  2. Drag vs Harpoon

    This isn't a rules question, moving it to general guild ball discussion
  3. Health bubbles on cards

    You of course have to use your common sense but if the use of an app were causing delays you could simply put the clock on you opponent. obviously simply asking lots of questions to wind the clock down is somthing that should be referred to the TO. dont use aps for tournament games kids, dry wipe and card sleeves is the way to go.
  4. Gluttonus Mass and advancing

    Correctly answered
  5. Yes it would, for the reason SATS states. This is broadly correct as current rulings stand but individual questions or interactions will of course be looked at on a case by case basis to ensure this doesn't cause other issues.
  6. Times called lasts for the duration of the turn. This aligns with the statement on pg 41 of the S3 core rules which states that the effects of a heroic play lasts until the end of the turn. This is different to Cover of Darkness, since CoD is a trait, rather than an effect of a Heroic Play.
  7. jackstraw end of activation timing

    Jackstraw can use The Last Staw after scoring a goal. Additionally you may choose to use it either before or after using Run The Length. Effectively its use aligns with Second Wind in the timing sequence.
  8. No Butchers in the meta, which captain into fillet?

    Rage wants to get into a brawl, bunched up somewhere where he can get plenty of assists for big red fury attacks. Blackheart is going to play a more open scoring game. It depends on the player using the butchers but I'd expect a fillet team to be more spread out and goal orientated than an ox team. This might cause difficulties for rage to deal with, also she out threats him and if you are bunching up you team to gang up you are susceptible to her bleed aoe. Personally I'd be running blackheart. Also in terms of players Minx really helps against filet, any defence debuffs cause her issues and snared from a charge or red fury helps.
  9. Are the Farmers just a beadown team?

    I've found them to be a 2-2 team. Certainly when receiving, early goal with bushel, two take outs then late goal with jack. That said it's with the honest land only. Difficult thing is holding the ball while setting up for windle to go to work, if windle gets shut down, taken out or grange is out of position it's much more difficult. It's also more tricky if you lose an early goal against scoring teams, as the pressure is on to hold the ball. Personally I think bushel and jack present two excellent, and very difficult to stop scoring threats, provided you don't mind 2 dice shots. Up to now I'm not convinced by windle, that 2/0 just seems to give too many opertunities for triggering plays, but with 'for the family' they are pretty football'y and I'd certainly not be classing them as a pure beatdown team.
  10. Nature's blessing

    Correct, same for gaining the benefit of fast terrain, or losing mov for rough ground etc
  11. we are aware of the issue, please don't bump or comment further
  12. Correctly answered and bonus points for the reference.