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  1. Prototyping some range rulers

    Really like the idea, when you get them finalised id be interested in buying some
  2. Type of bear Seenah is?

    formerly the sexual harassment panda, but given the relative equality in the guildball world there's not much call for his 'trade'
  3. Just wondered which guilds you love going up against in games (not necessarily just because you see it as an easy win) when using Union my favourite opponents are butchers because the games are guaranteed to be brutal (my last few games against Brewers have all finished 12-10 When using alchemists it's probably engineers because both teams like range but do it differently so it asks a lot of tactical questions
  4. Pundit Application Questions

    My application was with Union and alchemist teams, as long as you have teams to show off there shouldn't be a problem
  5. UK Tournament Calendar 2016

    Could you add (re add?) I shoot better after two beers July 31st. 24 players bronze sanctioned sold out
  6. which union player can you never drop?

    Minx for me
  7. Tough Hide and Wraps

    As time says, the damage doesn't stack but is applied individually (albeit at the same time). the other side of tough hide taking a lot of damage away is that buffs such as commanding aura or tooled up get the increased damage for each result too
  8. Electronic Damage Tracking

    One of my favourite games has just enforced electronic cards over paper and it's been a big negative for me- not the cards so much (though I prefer cards to apps myself) but the aggressive way the company handled the shift and the complete lack of respect for hobbyists (the creator even accused an individual of ruining the hobby) it's nice that steamforged are looking at allowing the electronic devices but keeping the focus on the cards. its not a backwards shift, it's just easier
  9. Alchemist Starter Giveaway

    Many entries yet? I'm thinking about working on something new
  10. simple question about Minx

    She brings two influence (rarely needs that much) shes hella fast and not bad at kicking furious speaks for otseld marked target is excellent for bringing slower players into play screeching banshee is a hindrance to the opponent she follows up after making parting blows All of her damage is momentous
  11. Harry the Hat role?

    Making him a better player for all guilds except union would still leave him short of his home guild
  12. Fillet... What!?

    Use the doges to stayunengaged as much as possible,
  13. Given the ruling that seperates an attack and a charge, does truffles hog wild character play only activate on an attack or play, but not on a charge?
  14. W- Union art cards

    Fingers crossed then
  15. W- Union art cards

    Hey, I'm looking for the union art cards that came with the Kickstarter if anyone has them gathering dust