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  1. Mezzek

    MaiquelPS' workshop

    Great it looks awesome
  2. Mezzek

    Sun Strike

    That make no sense for me, because in the official token set, there are 4 Sun Strike Tokens!!!! For what if your answer is correct?
  3. Mezzek

    Superior Strategy

    Hi! It make sense when you are nearby the opponent goal!!!!!
  4. Hi Is it possible to play this character play on Honour self? Mezzek
  5. Mezzek


    Hi! What happens at the end of a turn? Will it stay where it is or will it removed and i can used it again next turn? Mezzek
  6. Hi I have again some questions: What happens when i made this play? All friendly models in 4" around Theron became the Sun Strike effect? what happens if i made this play and move afterwards? Does the loose the sun Strike? Or does new models which are after the movement in the 4" become sun strike too? Mezzek
  7. But for the explanaition is not clear. A better one would be: The pinned model is only allowed to make his advanced action directly toward this model.
  8. Hi All! I have tonight my first play with my Hunters. And i have an question about pinned. What does it exactly mean? can only move directly towards this model during its advance? Does it mean that the pinned model can only walk or jog or does it mean that pinned model can also charge Theron? For me only a walk of jog is possible, because if a charge would be possible than the explanation of pinned is not correct. Mezzek
  9. Yep but there is now required order. So is it OK to do first the KD than scatter the ball as reaction on the KD and afterwards the push and the DMG?
  10. Mezzek

    Parting Blow and Tackle

    OK THX We have played it wrong.
  11. But than it´s not possible to use the Character Plays because. Kick Bolt 1 6” - - Target enemy model suffers a [3”] Push directly away from this model and [2] DMG. Floored Bolt 1 6” - - Target enemy model suffers [1] DMG and the knockeddown condition.
  12. Hi! The following situation. The opponent is possessing the ball. My Ballista shot a Deadbolt and strikes. What happens now? Deadbolt 2 8” - - Target enemy model suffers a [2”] Push directly away from this model, the knocked-down condition and [3] DMG. This Character Play may only be used once per turn. Is it sequenc pusch -> KD -> DMG -> Scattering of the Ball, or can i decide what happens? e.g KD -> Scattering -> push -> DMG Mezzek
  13. Hi! I have a question: What happens in the following Situation. Velocity is pocessing the ball and is engaged. It tries to get out of the melee zone of the other miniature. It gets a parting blow an gest the second tackel during this turn. So it loose the ball, but here is the question. The sentence in the rulebook says: After a Parting Blow is resolved the active model may continue its Advance if able to do so. But do i have the option to stay engaged with opponent? Because that would be the better option while i have lost the ball? Mezzek