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  1. Altros

    Corsair gets Hammered

    post images to a facebook folder and make sure the images and folder are set to public... right click on the image and select copy link address... paste into post where required. thats what i have done for the post i made just now. works well i think.
  2. So, the managers assemble their teams for what seems to be a thrilling game between the fishermen and the brewers. Martin Walters the Brewers manager selected the following lineup with the GIC of "Another Round":- C) Esters M) Scum friday, O.Spiggot, Mash and Stoker J.C (me) selected the Fish lineup as follows with the GIC of "Slippery Fishes" C) Shark M) Salt Greyscales, Sakana, Angel, Snakeskin The brewers won the dice off and chose to receive the ball from the fish, in turn the fish chose to kick with Snakeskin, who was making her debut under the manager... Turn one produced very little in the way of action but enough momentum was generated by the fish to win the initiative for turn 2.... ... where in the first activation, Shark scored a goal whilst kicking through mash having triggered his legendary play, then dodges to what he hoped would be some form of safety from the slow moving brewers... 4-0 to the fish... in return the Brewers focus their attention on snakeskin who is unable to take the beating and passes out 4-2 in the fish favour... the following round, greyscales, as old as he is shows just how nimble he can be and gets the ball, point blank range to the goal and goes for a tap in... SCREAMER! the crowd goes wild! Greyscales takes a break leaning against the opponents goal... clearly spent from the effort... 8-2 to the fish... going strong here.... The response was late coming but the brewers get the break away towards the fish goal with friday who knocks in a return goal 8-6 With the ball coming back out, shark goes to do his thing and retrieves the ball, goes for a long range shot and gets it! 12-6 to the fish, on the final whistle the brewers are saught out by their own fans and the words spoken will not lightly be repeated here, the fish however win the wager of a case of rum from the next brew... untill next game fish fans, remember, go fast or go home!
  3. Altros

    The Who Cares Who Wins Rusty Cup 2017

    ok so, despite my best efforts it seems i have a lot of family attending for my 30th birthday that weekend So i'm gunna have to drop out (James Coleman - Altros.Dages@Gmail.com) Also spoke to Brad Waite and apparently he never actualy paid and is also having to drop out with me not coming over now. Sorry guys Regards JC
  4. Thankyou, figured this was the case. JC
  5. Haya guys, Just a thought, is the fact you cannot be effected by the same skill/ability twice also including Football legend. (same as Mallet not being able to utilise the +2dmg and push from steamroller) I know no team has access to two players with this skill however, in doubles play there is access to double FL. Rules wise I believe the answer to be NO, However fluff wise and story wise it would make sense to be able to utilise both auras at the same time...
  6. Altros

    Shove The Boot In! - York - October 8th

    how many tickets sold so far?
  7. Will be there, just need to wait for cash before paying
  8. we'll keep an eye out for you guys on the way up there
  9. nope as far as I am aware the way it has been played (using the 5 then topping up for another two to use) is perfectly legal. It just cant be done while he is already holding 5 influence (thus taking him to 7). I think the confusion for you comes in the Allocation wording, whereby it states not "Old Jakes" but this is purely for going over the Maximum influence a player can hod at any one time.
  10. i believe this is the case yes as everything will have been on general release for a week except the two hunter models which are released in may (possibly after vengeance) The fact there may be a new Organised play document between now and then is what i would like to see
  11. As title suggests, Esters can do her singing three times per turn. do these have to be all at once? (eg sing, sing, sing, move,) or can other things be done between (eg sing, move, sing sing). I ask as i was certain they didn't have to be done all at once as it doesn't state they must be simultaneous, only, "three times per turn" which I think is a bit ambiguous.
  12. Altros

    Funded in 6 Minutes!

    Funded after just under 3 minutes in total
  13. Altros

    Leeds Spring Ball - 23rd April (30/32)

    really... did you see my results from my last event.... infact my last three events... LITERALLY the only highlight was Beating your sorry a$$ in the bradford one
  14. Altros

    Leeds Spring Ball - 23rd April (30/32)

    sure, theres the door... Bye