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  1. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    We’ve sold half the tickets! You won’t want to miss the chance to play in a 32 person event with a trip to Steamcon UK for worlds on the line!
  2. Organized Play Update

    I don’t like the cludge for minor guilds, and that’s not even my least favourite thing. Going back to the days of having to deal with asking “can I use this model in this event” sucks to the highest power.
  3. Parting Blow

    Let Pat Van Value teach YOU about Widgets and Proxy bases
  4. New Errata

    It's a little early to be drinking, even in Saskatchewan
  5. Future of the (UK) Masters

    I’m not from the UK but please don’t fracture the community with a second ratings system. Most are inherently flawed in some way. I think the idea of a qualifier series is great, they do something like that in NA for Warmachine Weekend and it’s turned into a series that people,e actually care about and travel around to try to win seats in.
  6. Guildball at Xplanet, Missisagua - Feb 17

    Create a Longshanks event here: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=825
  7. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    For some reason I haven't posted the Longshanks link yet, which is here: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=758
  8. DC area Guildball groups?

    @Maurice is a DC pundit (I think).
  9. @kryzak is the man to talk to for Bay Area (and adjacent) GB
  10. If you’re new to GB they aren’t a problem, as just starting out this game has a learning curve. The Farmers have eccentricities that mean you need some experience for them to shine. If they are the team that interests you most you should play them and ignore all the people whining about how broken they are. That being said they are also in line for a balance change so I suspect that they won’t even be overpowered for too much longer
  11. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    Forgot to post here: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=758 12 tickets sold, only 18 more and we'll be sending someone to SCUK on SFG's dime.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/events/1525842134179253/ Three rounds of GB on a Saturday afternoon. Come out and have a good time!
  13. It’s only once, let me look for a reference before typing one up edit: