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  1. Here's a better example: you get counter charged. You have up until the millisecond before your opponent engages you to shout "I'm dropping it now!" Since you can do so any time
  2. The only situation I can think of is if you have the ball, get countered by someone with a T<< and they choose to resolve the << before the T for some reason, then theoretically there's a gap where you are unengaged, and it's your activation but you are not the active model and could, in theory, drop the ball. I realize this is a huge edge case and extremely unlikely to be anything but a thought experiment.
  3. Is it safe to summarize that you may unsnap the ball at any time when you are the active model and it's during your activation? It seems like it might be easier to define when it's not ok to drop the ball
  4. Should A Missed Trigger Clear?

    Someone made an interesting comment recently: we play the game against each other, but we also play together. Both players should work to make sure declared effects are marked with a token, and in cases if things like Clone, Gluttonous Mass, or Unoredictable Movement both players need to accept responsibility for making sure that all abilities, optional or otherwise, are acknowledged and handled appropriately.
  5. Should A Missed Trigger Clear?

    Magic has Rules Enforcement Levels (REL) that define different standards of play, mostly in terms of penalties for making mistakes. I think this is massive overkill for GB. I brought up having a word with both players because I beleive that it's bin players responsibility to remember effects in play. I'd strongly argue that someone forgetting to trigger clone is much less of a problem than their opponent knowing they had clone, seeing them forget, and not saying anything. The best way to avoid having to interrogate people is hold both parties responsible and as that they both pay more attention to effects in play.
  6. Nice video. Ben missing the Calculus TO that was just sitting there waiting for him was rough, but long games breed those kinds of mistakes
  7. Should A Missed Trigger Clear?

    I'd say in this situation the best thing to do is to take clone away and act like no dodge was taken. Rewinding dice rolls is impossible and unfair, and hopefully that player never forgets their own abilities again. I'd also have a word with the other player asking that they also pay attention to effects in play. If the attacker came across as trying to pull a fast one it is borderline if not full blown cheating, so that might need to have more consequences. ultimately as a TO I'd apply the rule of least disturbance and maintain the current game state as best I could, in this case by simple declaring Clone to be missed and removing the effect
  8. The early morning dew still covered the secluded and overgrown pitch as Rage sauntered up to midfield to meet his latest foes. His "hosts" were allowing him and his fellow "guests" to fight for their freedom, and today it was Decimate's turn. From what he'd gathered the Inquisitor and her trained dog were shopping Svetlana to the Drunks and Hammer's pet Masons. It was shocking then to see the First Lady waiting for him, looking as she had before her "accident". Nonetheless Rage knew his place: Win and he'd pledge for Brewers, lose and Masons would gain his support. He lined up with Strongbox, the brute Benediction, the Pirate King's biggest fan Gutter, Mist and Decimate herself. Honour had brought Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Tower, and Minx, who had somehow eluded the Church thus far and appeared ready to bolt at a moment's notice. Winning the coin toss Rage decided to receive the ball; Mist could take care of that while he plied his bloody trade. Mist collected the ball which had been placed very well by Mallet, and was able to wriggle back close to the team and pass the ball to his teammates. Jockeying for position continued, until Honour showed her brilliance and lead Mallet on a blitzing move that reached Mist with a bare hairs breath to spare. Despite his best efforts Mist fell to Mallet's fury and the Masons were on the board first. The game continued apace, and once the lines engage Honour and Rage plied their bloody trade. Benediction fell below a hail of blows, Minx was sent off in a heap, Honour was given her licks by Rage and was avenged by her apprentice Tower. The game remained close until Mist put in a goal, bringing the score to 8-8. The ball was kicked out, and landed at Honour's feet as she came on the pitch. Despite desperately hacking down Tower the Union was unable to pin down Honour, who once again used her strategic genius to flash across the field and score a game winning goal. Dejected, Rage conceded defeat and Decimate seemed forlorn to be that much closer to joining the Masons. Honour, however, had other ideas, and decided to spit in Hammer's eye once more: seems like she also wanted to give the Brewers a new tool for the next season. Svetlana seemed relieved: maybe she'd be going home after all.
  9. SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    Curiosity: 108 people is 7 rounds, which will take up all the allotted time with 2 hour rounds. What's the plan for a food break? Asking for a friend (my stomach)
  10. Unloved models finding a new home

    Veteran Spigot to play the opposite flank to Flint. Double close control and easy balls gone. Can spend knock in an unexpected goal with Back to His Best. With Honour, Marbles, Brick, Harmony and Flint as the rest of the team there's nowhere on the pitch to put the ball and feel safe about it.
  11. You're welcome for all the free content I give you
  12. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1472264706142092/, tickets here: https://tabletop.events/conventions/skycon-2017/schedule/14 I'm not running this, but I thought I'd post it here if people are interested in an event in Southern Ontario later this month.
  13. GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    Cool, it just seemed to be taking it's time to show up as an available store. Silly Apple store!
  14. GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    As an app update does this have to go through Apple cert first?
  15. Guild Ball Tournament in Mississauga, September 30th

    Final results: http://longshanks.org/events/?event=403