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  1. GIC General Theory Thread 

    If Crushing Force read "the first time your opponent declares a counter attack each turn it costs 2 MP" it would still be worth 2HL IMO, and aside from Union getting the bonus MP for going second still says "if you go first enjoy going to town". AND your opponent still has to pay 2 MP eventually. Its pretty hard to see how this isn't too good
  2. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    We'll call it the Redtiger7 presents Eastern Canadian Championships, just for you
  3. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I like having alternate VP scoring opportunities in general, but the suite of cards is much more interesting now that they have been rotated out.
  4. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I mean the alternative is that whichever has to travel covers it, and it swaps back and forth every year, which is also awkward. Anyways, we'll figure out the details.
  5. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    We'll have to work out details but this only seems fair. That's just a detail to be worked out though, there are plenty of ways to handle this. I have to say I'm pretty excited for this
  6. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    If people genuinely like this idea I will approach the relevant people to make it happen
  7. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I was thinking the same thing actually. Whichever is "Nationals" is just whatever's second, and the winner of the first one gets some subsidy to travel to the other one and play that regions champion for the actual Worlds spot. If everyone who plays in both events is willing to pay $10 for the event then that gets you 75-90% to subsidizing the cross country flight for the winner. And means that the actual finals can be best 2 of 3 for extra drama. I know the German pundits were able to run their national champs as a multi event qualifier series, so outside of the logistics of setting up the flight I think we can pull it off in a way that everyone can enjoy and brings better cross Canada representation. I wouldn't be the slightest bit mad if this started next year as long as the details are hammered out such that neither region gets screwed over addendum: if you end up collecting more money than the flight costs then you can roll that into WTC subsidies
  8. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I think you'd have to have one at least in Canada to avoid disappointment, but also I'd be willing to bet that Canadians are far more able to travel to the US on average than vice versa (passports and all). the trick is that you'd really need to have representation from California and Texas as well under a scheme like that, not to mention the south-east. And at that point it starts to get expensive for SFG for flights. I think that you could have regional champs that got a flight to steamcon us, and then maybe have a separate US champs event and a NA champs event that got another world's seat, but this is both expensive and a lot of moving parts.
  9. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    It's also because it was a large event that was accessible to upstate NY and Michigan where there may not have been a larger US event.
  10. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    If the US is doing a regional qualifier system next year (not 100% sure it will) I would fully support that qualifier being in the Western provinces, and would help campaign on your behalf. I think that the player base is definitely better out West, but I also think that it's reasonable to say that the player base is at best 2:1 West to East, and as the first two nationals have been West it is most equitable to have it East next year, and then return to the West next year. I think that to do otherwise would kill any competitive play West of Saskatchewan, or at least create some deeply hurt feelings. I think that arguing about talent isn't especially germane to this discussion either, and would prefer to come up with a plan that doesn't fall into making snide remarks about people in various parts of the country. From my understanding of the process this hasn't been the case, but if it has it's been entirely secretive.
  11. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I think this is a bit of hyperbole around the fact that both Nationals so far have been in the westernmost two pronvinces
  12. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    Most of the people that care are already going, but I wouldn't be surprised if the US champ won airfare to next year's Steamcon or something. As for Canada I wouldn't want to see it happen on Vassal, but if Steamcon US continues to be a thing, as I'm sure it will, then having a best 2/3 or something would be a fun event, though then it's not actually happening *in* Canada, which is awkward
  13. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    America has one this year at Steamcon. We will never see east and west, unless we somehow as a community agree to have east and west champions and then find a way to have them meet for the finals (for the record I would 100% coordinate this if we were allowed to do it)
  14. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I feel like you support both the reasonable part AND telling us to go F ourselves, and I'm ok with that. I'll just have to qualify for US Nats, then win US Nats, then beat you at worlds, because honestly Toronto doesn't win enough as it is
  15. Attack-X Canadian National championship

    I had a half baked dream of a qualifying series, but the airfare is a major concern. Plus the apparent East/West animosity.