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  1. Hello from the frozen North!

    We (well, working on rebuilding the community) play on Mondays at the Sword and Board which is by Dufferin Mall. There’s a Facebook group here that is supposed to cover all of Toronto: https://www.facebook.com/groups/133321883719757/
  2. Hello from the frozen North!

    I’ve lived my entire life in Toronto and never heard of Schulich PS Hello I live in Toronto and we are always looking for new players
  3. Bags and Storage

    I’ve largely stopped using foam. At this point I magnetise my bases with rare earth magnets and then stick them to a toolbox. Works perfectly, I just need to get a smaller one for travel
  4. GB resolution for –18?

    I am only going to play guilds that start with F
  5. Save a swift strike?

    No because same named abilities don’t stack
  6. Blacksmith tourny 10

    I played the mirror with Burnish but it was against a Chicago local
  7. Beginners tips for Farmers?

    You know who has a 20" goal threat with no passes? ... Buckwheat
  8. 2018 Canadian Nationals x 2 ... Any Details Yet?

    In the process of being figured out. One will definitely be in the west (BC/AB/SK) and one in the east (ON/QC most likely). @CrazyBlaine had some ideas about the West but I think it's still in the early days of coordination.
  9. Beginners tips for Farmers?

    You know how people got all excited that Iron has a momentous 4 Damage on 4 hits and 7 on 7 with TAC 6? Under Honest Labour so does Buckwheat, and Millstone does it on 6. Pro tips: Grange is sick
  10. Who is your favourite ball handler?

    I think killing the ball with Smiths is generally a bad idea, so I usually have it on Alloy or Ferrite in hopes of getting something done. Otherwise it’s going to be on someone like Iron who will swing it out to a safer player for the 4” dodge
  11. Blacksmith tourny 10

    I don’t love Furnace in the Captain slot, but he feels like he’s always got some value to the team. Between Tooled Up, Searing Strike, and generally being good at playing the ball he feels like a strong midfield presence that can anchor a scrum. Ferrite is obviously great, but outside of Legendary turn I don’t think she brings much to the captain role
  12. Blacksmith tourny 10

    My current 10 is: Ferrite, Iron, Furnace, Cinder, Burnish, Cast, Hearth, Alloy, Farris and Bolt. Here's some reasoning: Anvil and Sledge - Anvil is largely setup for Sledge, and Sledge is somewhat redundant to Iron (especially with Hearth around). His fragility makes him a big target and I don't like him without Anvil despite liking him in general in the football game. Burnish - is a boss into other smiths. His legendary turn can Flame Belch an apprentice out of existence with relative ease. Cinder - don't love her, but she adds an element that is tough to deal with and can break up dead ball situations. Great with Hearth. Alloy - seriously, he's the best player on the team. I chose to kick most games over the Steamcon weekend because the pressure that Alloy provides is insane. Furnace - Is the best all around Master, and always seems to have a place. Ferrite - Great legendary when she's captain, but man, I want my captain to be more of an action piece.
  13. Regarding the new plot cards (from Keynote)

    The initiative value on a card is inversely proportional to its power. So if you have all low initiative cards you’ll be getting pow fil effects, but probably having less control over who activates first.
  14. GBKeeper 1.5 Released

    @DieselDM if you didn't see Farris, Bolt and Fallow are all in the resources section now
  15. Blacksmiths in Kick About

    As has been said many times it's two masters and one apprentice.