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  1. The goal line is infinitely thin; if you are within 6” of the back edge of the pitch with the ball then you generate no momentum.
  2. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    Air BNB basically. The Montreal Metro is pretty good, and the store is nearby a Metro station. There are lots of good, reasonably priced places. There are several people coming from out of town, so we can start asking if people don't have accommodation yet if you're looking for a roommate.
  3. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    More to come on official channels, but it looks like if you were waiting that you waited too long!
  4. Easy Pickings

    For Minerva's Easy Pickings When this model makes an Attack against a model with lower current HP than its Recovery Level, this model gains [+1] DMG to Playbook Damage Results The "its" is a bit ambiguous, but I think the intention is that if Minerva attacks say, Hearne, who is on 9 HP, which is less than his recovery level of 10, that Minerva would gain +1 DMG? As opposed to if Minerva makes an attack when her own HP is 5, which is lower than her recovery level, that she games [+1] DMG?
  5. If this model starts its activation within [6"] of the named friendly model, choose one of the following benefits. This model gains the chosen benefit for the remainder of the turn: Let’s say the Alloy player forgets the ability at the start of activation. Since this ability uses if instead of when, can this ability be used later in the turn, assuming both players agree that Alloy started his activation in range. Further, could a player knowingly wait to make the choice until later in the activation?
  6. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    And lest people are concerned: the performance prizes are all trophies and certificates. All other prizes will be awarded as door prizes that everyone will qualify for!
  7. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    5 more tickets left and just over a month!
  8. Confused by roster changes

    It’s fairly easy to write this off as an imposter that the fans can’t tell is an imposter
  9. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    Down to 7tickets left. 5 for the trip to Steamcon UK. Don’t miss out!
  10. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    10 tickets left! Don’t miss out!
  11. Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    I for one am thrilled we are talking about this again
  12. Canadian National (Eastern) Championship

    We’ve sold half the tickets! You won’t want to miss the chance to play in a 32 person event with a trip to Steamcon UK for worlds on the line!
  13. Organized Play Update

    I don’t like the cludge for minor guilds, and that’s not even my least favourite thing. Going back to the days of having to deal with asking “can I use this model in this event” sucks to the highest power.
  14. Parting Blow

    Let Pat Van Value teach YOU about Widgets and Proxy bases
  15. New Errata

    It's a little early to be drinking, even in Saskatchewan