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  1. Rowdy and Opponent's TAC

    yep, I was misremembering an older version of the rules...my bad!
  2. Flair and Fortune

    looks great!
  3. 10066 Wargaming League team

    my vote is for the Savage Retorts! but they are all sooooo good!!
  4. ok, so i know its short notice but there is a special tournament going on here in Essex at the end of this month. Chelmsford Bunker is one of the spiritual homes of Guild Ball, both Sherwin and myself play there regularly and mcuh of the development of the game and the world took place here at this club. We're putting on an event and want it to be a biggie...definitely looking to be a sanctioned event Details, sign-up, stuff here: https://www.facebook.com/events/955788487793310/ I can guarantee lots of time for GB chat, spoilers, sneak peeks at what Steamforged are up to etc. Don't miss this one guys...
  5. Ratty has been hard at work and has put a new module up here: http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Guild_Ball Contains Tenderiser, Sakana, Chisel and Compound...all fully playable with full cards/tokens etc. have at it!!
  6. Standings after Round 1

    shouldn't Bathoz be 4th in Div2?
  7. Division 2 - Fixtures

    hey hey... i'm free this Friday for a game...Bathoz, you good then too?
  8. @Rilkyn is correct
  9. simultaneous effects but for the purposes of resolving the action you must KD the model 1st and then push
  10. Sideline Repairs?

    you get to make a move as per a normal return to play...its just the starting position is different is all
  11. Kicking vs Knocked Down

    RAW - KD models count as intervening
  12. Jamie P's word/rulings are official Charge is a movement then an attack...there are two separate elements to the action...